The pre-sale of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 began in Peru – Samsung Newsroom Peru

As part of the new Galaxy ecosystem, Samsung launched the new Galaxy Z Fold 2, thus revolutionizing the category of folding smartphones thanks to its innovative design. Samsung’s new flagship combines the portability and flexibility of a smartphone with the power and screen of a tablet. In this way, you will have the ideal partner … Read more

Samsung Peru starts the pre-sale of the Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition – Samsung Newsroom Peru

A new iconic purple heart design for the Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy Buds + reflecting the strong connection between BTS and their global fans. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., in collaboration with BTS, introduced the Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition and the Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition, providing an exclusive opportunity for fans around the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Buds + arrive in Chile to perfect the way you experience sound – Samsung Newsroom Chile

The latest high-end wireless headphones are AKG sound equalized, equipped with three microphones and a fast-charging battery that deliver 60 minutes of continuous playback on just 3 minutes of charging. Designed for those looking to enjoy superior sound when playing their favorite music, the Samsung Galaxy Buds + arrive on the Chilean market after their … Read more

All Original Accessories for Samsung S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra 5G

* All specifications and descriptions provided in this document may differ from actual product specifications and descriptions. Samsung reserves the right to make changes to this document and the product described in this document, at any time, without obligation for Samsung to notify such change. All functionality, features, specifications, GUI, and other product information provided … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, analysis: price, opinion and features

Image: Sam Rutherford There are four – terrible – words that friends, family and acquaintances repeat to all of us in the technological “world” continually: “What mobile do you recommend?” When I listen to them, a chill runs up my spine from end to end. I begin to mentally list the 124,912 phones that have … Read more