What was shown at the gamescom 2020 opening ceremony? – Gambling addiction

The opening ceremony was held gamescom 2020, which showed the video of the second season Fall Guys, fresh gameplay Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, новый plot trailer remake “Mafia” and much more. Collected the main announcements and impressions. A new video was shown at the pre-show role-playing action movie Scarlet Nexusdedicated … Read more

Netflix shut down Altered Carbon – Gambling addiction

Netflix closed extremely interesting series “Altered carbon“After the second season. The reasons are standard: they watch too little, they cost too much. Premiere Altered Carbon took place in 2018, and then the series was recognized as one of the best shows in cyberpunk style. Moreover, the rating on imdb exceeded eight points. At the beginning … Read more

Gotham Knights announced by the authors of Arkham Origins – Gambling addiction

Authors project Batman: Arkham Originsas expected, got the name Gotham Knights – “Knights of Gotham” is an action RPG. According to the plot, the Bat cave is blown up, and Bruce Wayne supposedly dies – other heroes will have to take his place. By the way, the trailer mentions that he died in the universe … Read more

Microsoft showed a new dashboard Xbox Series X – Gambling

Microsoft demonstrated what the dashboard will look like Xbox Series X – it will become available with the launch of the console in November. The change will also affect Xbox One, mobile apps and Xbox Game Pass on PC. The studio paid particular attention to the speed of work, which increased compared to the previous … Read more

The Great Danger Behind Game Addiction and Online Gambling

Liputan6.com, Jakarta In 2018 WHO placed 2 classifications mental disorders that is related to addiction or behavioral addiction viz gambling disorder (gambling disorders) and gaming disorder (gym disruption). This classification is listed in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) 11 which will take effect in 2022. “Why does the WHO … Read more

The authors of Halo Infinite about dissatisfaction with the graphics of the shooter – Gambling addiction

Command 343 Industries in the latest publication on the site Halo Waypoint commented on “The Elephant in the Room” – a graphic that the Internet has been discussing for more than a week. The developers even managed to get acquainted with two videos Digital Foundrywhere lighting was blamed for a similar level of visual presentation. … Read more

Gabe Newell thinks Xbox Series X is better than PlayStation 5 – Gambling addiction

Founder and Manager Valve Gabe Newell continues to attend New Zealand programs, where he talks about preparation free festival We Love Aotearoa in gratitude to the people of the country for their hospitality. Visiting the show The Project Newell was asked about the next generation consoles – which he himself considers the best. He called … Read more

Microsoft SMM unsuccessfully compares Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X – Gambling

British unit Xbox published on Twitter a graph for different generations of consoles, trying to advertise one of the features Xbox Series X – Support for 120 frames per second. However, witty SMM, as many readers note, rather confused people and “obviously does not work as intended.” The graph for the two previous generations of … Read more