Result of the Red Cross Lottery for Tuesday, January 25, 2022 | gambling

On Tuesday, January 25, the draw 2929 from red cross lottery, in which was played jackpot of 5,000 million pesos. The winning number was 2091 series 174. Know all the results of the Red Cross Lottery, which plays every Tuesday (not holidays) at 10:30 at night. January 25 chance results: golden morning: 6563 Late Gold: … Read more

“Thought in Russian, wrote in English” – an interview with the developers of Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem – Gambling

We talked with the head of the Russian studio that created a new chapter of the adventures of Serious Sam. After passing Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem we talked to her level designer and team leader Timelock Studio Evgeny Yagudin on how the game was developed. Beware, the interview contains spoilers: If you don’t want to … Read more

Gambling Suspicion|The FA investigates Arsenal players receiving a yellow card for suspected unusually large bets (15:11) – 20220120 – Sports – Instant News

The FA was informed by the bookmaker that in an Arsenal Premier League match this season, someone placed a huge bet on a player to receive a yellow card, thinking the incident was unusual. The FA said it was aware of the incident, but stressed that it was not a formal investigation and that due … Read more

lol! Malaysian Gambling King Threatened to Bankrupt, His Debt Piles Up

Jakarta – Billionaire and King of gambling Malaysia, Lim Kok Thay is currently in danger of going bankrupt. This was because a subsidiary of his casino company, Genting, which operates cruise ship services, failed to get an injection of funds. A subsidiary of Genting, is currently building a cruise ship dubbed the Global Dream. Unfortunately, … Read more

first screenshots of unannounced Armored Core 6 – Gambling addiction

User Resetera reportedwho took part in a survey conducted by the studio FromSoftware… And in it, he discovered the first information about an unannounced new game featuring Battle Mechs. Presumably this Armored Core 6: Back in 2016, the studio announced that it was working on a new game in the series, although no official announcement … Read more

Elden Ring rated 17+ – Gambling addiction

RPG premiere is approaching Elden Ring, which is confirmed by the rating commission ESRB… She is already gave out age rating of creation FromSoftware, Hidetaki Miyazaki and George Martin. And the game was recommended to an adult audience: 17+. In the description, the choice of the audience is explained by the fact that in battle … Read more

Zhang Xinzhe wants to roll over?Was reported to endorsement gambling platform issued a long apology review | Sing Tao Canadian Metropolis Network Toronto

[Canadian Metropolis Network]On the 30th local time, after the company responded that Zhang Xinzhe was reported to endorse the gambling platform, Zhang Xinzhe spoke again. He said that when he signed the contract with the company, the contract was in compliance with local laws and was limited to local use during the contract period. In … Read more

Zhang Xinzhe was reported to endorse the gambling platform and he

On December 30, Zhang Xinzhe himself issued a statement in response to being reported by netizens to endorse a gambling platform, stating that the endorsement contract involved in the incident was signed in March 2020 by Chaoshui Music Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) and an entertainment company Philippine company. This contract is in line with the local … Read more

The authors of Dishonored and Prey showed the gameplay of Weird West – Gambling addiction

Publisher Return Digital and studio WolfEyewhere the creators work Dishonored and Prey, released a gameplay trailer for an atmospheric action RPG Weird West… It showed the main capabilities of our future heroes: exploration, dialogues, skirmishes, stealth. Players will find themselves in a dark mystical version of the Wild West, where fantastic creatures live along with … Read more