Coming soon! “Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus” Final Trailer Released! – funglr Games

The latest work in the Pokémon series “Pokémon LEGENDS ArceusThere is only one day left for the release of ”! And today, the official also broadcast the latest pre-release notice and released new news. Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus’ latest video & TV commercial released! Will also participate in the TETRIS King Cup! Adventure stage “Xizui place” … Read more

“The Master of Taiko Drum Master! ” Digital Edition Releases Today, Enjoy Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master! with Xbox Game Pass

《The master of the drum, the master of drumming!》Game Introduction This is as “Master of Taiko“For the first time in the Xbox series, it also supports Xbox Game Pass. Players need to match the rhythm and beat 2 different notes “dong” and “click” to clear the level and get high scores. The music covers a … Read more

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection, analysis and opinions of the game for PS5

The two PlayStation 4 Uncharted arrive in an indivisible collection that allows us to enjoy them like never before. That, as we’ll see, doesn’t mean that Iron Galaxy couldn’t have made this treasure shine brighter. It is curious how the transfer of the great Sony games on PlayStation 4 to its new machine is being. … Read more

A great game of Lublin basketball players in France. The Polish Sugar Bee in the top eight of EuroCup

The Lublin players had the opportunity to start the match with a high “C”, but their game was full of simple mistakes. The housewives, just like the day before, slept through the first minutes. So green and white may wish they had used it. However, they could not be denied the will to fight, because … Read more

Activision Blizzard refuses to recognize the new video game union, and insists on a vote

All employees will have to participate in the decision to create the union or scrap the idea. While Activision Blizzard continues to dominate the news with historical operations Y mystery games, its employees have not stopped mobilizing to form a video game syndicate in the USA. This odyssey began after a wave of layoffs in … Read more

Xbox “rear bar on fire”, Apple suspected of poaching its engineers to develop its own game console – Qooah

Recently, the news that Microsoft announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard for US$68.7 billion has attracted the attention of the majority of netizens. However, while Microsoft continued to acquire, the “back column was on fire”! Windows Central reporter Jez Corden revealed on a recent episode of The Xbox Two podcast that he heard from Apple … Read more

Genshin Impact: January 26 codes to get free protogems | miHoYo | Video game

MiHoYo, the developer studio of Genshin Impact, published the list with the Genshin Impact codes for today, Wednesday January 26. As usual from the studio, a series of free prizes are now available for thousands of fans who enjoy their juego RPG free to play open world If you are one of them, we will … Read more

Game Love, Vengeful Game: Drama Synopsis Game Rak Game Vengeance Episode 16 | Broadcast 26 January 2021 : PPTVHD36

“Tin” (Om-Atcha Nampan) and “Tai” (Sun-Pracha Piyasakulkaew) wonder about the past of “Kat” (Kwan-Usamanee Waithayanon) that she is Athitaya, the daughter of the former. Partner “Uakarn” (Tai-Penpak Sirikul) who comes back to take more and more revenge on his family and also knows that Wit (Asanai Thianthong) is a worm in the company. Tri urged … Read more

The action dungeon adventure game “Nigate Tale” meets the monster girl Baru and Muke “Nigate Tale” – Bahamut

The action dungeon adventure game “Nigate Tale” (tentative translation, original name: Nigate Tale), which is currently on the Steam platform, has been updated to version 0.4 today, from the comprehensive renovation of the castle scene to the comprehensive upgrade of the level, as well as weapon modification, the mark of the monster girl, etc. and … Read more

Blizzard is working on a survival video game set in a new universe

The title is focused on the PC and console ecosystems, although it has not given more details. Of course, 2022 is being a roller coaster for Blizzard. Just a week ago we knew one of the most notorious purchases in the industry by Microsoft, something that has left many unknowns and theories in the air. … Read more