Our test of the “Steelrising” video game: the French Revolution revisited by the mind

What if King Louis XVI had had an army of automatons at his service to stifle the beginnings of the French Revolution of 1789? It is in this context that immerses you Steelrising, the latest from the French studio Spiders. Here you are yourself a machine, sent by the queen, to put an end to … Read more

SEGA bets on blockchain and reveals its first video game with this technology

Blockchain technology continues to be talked about despite the drop in popularity it has had and to test the next gaming project by SEGA. Sega has announced a partnership for the development of the first blockchain game using one of its IPs. As reported by 4Gamerthe deal with Japanese blockchain company Double Jump Tokyo will … Read more

Fantasy hunting game Wild Hearts coming in February

Article: Ben Lyons – Gamereactor.cn EA and Koei Tecmo officially release fantasy hunting gameWild Hearts. Coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox series consoles on February 17, 2023, the game asks players to travel around a game based on feudal Japan in search of a huge and powerful beast infused by nature – Kemono. The game … Read more

Everyday video conferencing environment, easy-to-use ultra cost-effective webcam, Abco APC 850

The world has changed a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of them is a change in the work environment. Face-to-face conversations at work have decreased, and online conversations are becoming more frequent. In addition, more and more meetings, conferences, and conferences are now conducted online or via video, and some companies have … Read more

The Premier League’s crazy new project: Host an ‘All-Star Game’ with the world’s best players

Football is constantly seeking to reinvent itself: between technological revolutions (VAR, goal line technology, offside automation) and the redesigns of certain competitions such as the Champions League or the World Cup (not to mention the shelved project of the Super League), the king sport in Europe wants to modernize. And this quest for renewal does … Read more

Djokovic won 7 games in a row and made a strong return to the tour to play a long game with 28 points in a single game.

Original title: Djokovic won 7 games in a row and made a strong return to the tour to play a long game with 28 points in a single game CCTV News: In the early morning of September 30, Beijing time, the 2022 ATP250 Tel Aviv Station will continue to launch the second round of men’s … Read more

Sega announces its first video game with controversial blockchain technology

Sega has recently announced a new partnership with Double Jump Tokyo, a Japanese company specialized in blockchain technology, to begin the development of a new installment of Sega. Sangokushi Taisena real-time strategy saga that is very popular in arcades in Japan due to its peculiar gameplay that invites players to collect a series of physical … Read more

[Video Game Crazy]616 episodes of PSVR2 real machine play “Evil Castle 8: Village”, “Wild Heart” and other game information

Bahamut Game Madness this week introduces the TV animation “SQUARE ENIX” adapted from the popular SQUARE ENIX video gameNier: Automata Ver1.1a“Scheduled to be broadcast in January 2023; PSVR2’s first real machine trial “Evil Castle 8: Village》VR version experience, EA × KOEI TECMO’s new hunting game 《》wild heart Wild Hearts》、《Powerrunner Traitor: Edgewalker“After the broadcast, “Electric Driver … Read more

“Village Romance”: A game like a holiday in the mountains – indie games

Gentle clarinet tones caress the auditory canal, while a small ship sails along a winding river and the blades of a windmill turn slowly, almost meditatively, in front of the picturesque landscape. “Village romance” is the video game equivalent of a relaxing vacation in the country. If you leave the stress caused by games to … Read more

PS5 debut game “Little Big Adventures” will land on the PC platform on October 27

PS5 debut“Little Big Adventure”(Sackboy: A Big Adventure) has just joined the PlayStation Portfolio of PC games, and will hit both Steam and the Epic Games Store on October 27th. Sony said that the PC version of “Little Big Adventure” supports up to 4K 120FPS, provides a variable refresh rate, and also adds a 21:9 aspect … Read more