Foreign news agency hints that “players’ favorite EA game” is about to return, and the voice of “Death to Different Dimension” is super loud | 4Gamers

If you let an EA game return, who would you think of? Recently, rumors pointed out that EA expects such a “player favorite game” in the “EA Play Live” to be held in July to revive again; the most popular one is “Dead Space” (Dead Space). It happened like this. Media VentureBeat author Jeff Grubb … Read more

“2020 Tokyo Olympics The Official Video Game” is released!Can also be transformed into a “Sonic” competition | Game

“2020 Tokyo Olympics The Official Video Game” adds a “Sonic” doll outfit to the virtual characters in the game. Players can wear “hedgehog skin” to participate in multiple sports competitions.Picture: Provided by SOGA Japanese game maker SOGA Saya Yule announced today that “The Official Video Game of the Tokyo Olympics 2020” was officially released on … Read more

“Phantom Abyss” Temple Door Opens Open Steam Early Access-Technology

“Phantom Abyss” Temple gate opens open, Steam Early Access [Devolver Digital Press Release]The multiplayer online asynchronous competitive game “Phantom Abyss”, launched by the world-renowned independent game developer Devolver Digital and the Australian game developer WIBY, will be available for early access on Steam today (22). To celebrate the launch of the game, a 20% discount … Read more

Former Valve game producer Kim Swift joined Microsoft in charge of the cloud game business and produced games such as “Portal” and “Evil Force” #xbox (162474)

With the cloud streaming game mode, Microsoft can even slow down the timetable for Xbox One series models to fade out of market competition, thereby filling the shortage of Xbox Series X|S supplies, and even allowing users of existing Xbox One series models to still borrow By cloud streaming, the game was originally limited to … Read more

The trailer of “Starry Sky” is too beautiful to be scientific? Developers exposed all in-game screens | Game | New head shell Newtalk

The Bethesda Games game studio released the latest promotional video of the space science fiction masterpiece “Starfield” after a live event co-organized with Microsoft Xbox during the E3 video game exhibition. The exquisiteness of the preview screen surprised many players. In this regard,“Starry Sky” senior lighting art designer Keith Beltramin released relevant graphics and texts … Read more

NVIDIA DLSS technology will support SteamOS’s Proton emulator Linux platform to greatly enhance the game screen effect#Engine (162466)

Based on the current design principles of DLSS technology, it is mainly through the Tensor Core of the RTX series graphics card, combined with artificial intelligence deep learning applications, so that game players only need to add the corresponding DLSS technology coding description in the game, and then quickly apply the DLSS technology effect. As … Read more

Microsoft wants to make the discontinued Xbox One a new machine?Behind it is a game of chess | TechNews

For players, the game is too big. At the just-concluded E3 2021 game show, Microsoft seemed to have learned the mind-reading technique, serving players one plate after another delicious meal, most of which will be synchronized to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription on the release day. Started in service. This is undoubtedly a great gift … Read more

Interview with Chen Xuyuan: Li Tie does not have a contract renewal issue, the national football qualifying process is thrilling

Original title: Interview with Chen Xuyuan: Li Tie does not have a contract renewal issue, the national football team’s qualifying process is thrilling On the evening of May 30th, at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, when the Chinese team led Guam by 2:0 and entered the intermission, the Chinese Football Association team received a … Read more

The new round strategy game “Project Haven” releases a trial version of the actual game screens revealed | XFastest News

The developer of the new turn-based strategy “Project Haven”, Code Three Fifty One, recently released the actual game screen of this game, showing two tasks in the game. This game has now participated in the Steam New Product Festival. Players can go to the Steam platform to directly download the game demo version for experience. … Read more

NVIDIA DLSS expands support for Unreal Engine 5, Valkan, Steam Proton and more game engines

DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is a self-developed image quality enhancement mode developed by NVIDIA, and currently supports more than 100 games. In the future, NVIDIA will continue to expand cooperation to support game engine/API/system platforms including Unreal Engine 5, Valkan, and Steam Proton. DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling, Deep Learning Super Sampling) uses artificial … Read more