With Epic Games, badly rating a game will become much more difficult

Epic Games wants to abolish review bombing with this new, very selective rating system. PC gamers who go through the Epic Games Store will be able to experience two highly anticipated new features. On the store of the American giant, it was until now impossible to give a rating to a game, unlike its main … Read more

Confirmed: the sequel to a great adventure and puzzle game has a release date

Through a spectacular trailer, it was confirmed when the second part of a title that was a success will be released. A great game that was all the rage for its captivating story and gameplay will have a sequel. In an event of Focus Home Interactivethe developer company of the title, the release date of … Read more

Intel’s flower overclocking, easy for anyone! Intel Core i9-12900KF Overclock

Half of 2022 has already passed. The COVID-19 pandemic is also gradually coming to an end, and the graphic card crisis that has no end in sight is also entering a plateau. Intel’s 13th generation Raptor Lake is also scheduled to be released in conjunction with Nvidia’s RTX 40 series, which is scheduled to be … Read more

A man dreams of becoming a Zashiki boy and peeping at the girl’s private life “Peeping Your Future” will be available on Steam in July – Hong Kong mobile game network GameApps.hk

“Peek into Your Future” is an ADV game that is intervening in life on the Switch platform. The player turns into a Zashiki boy living in an apartment, while peeping at the private life of the resident – Usui Saki (as a last resort), and slightly intervenes in her life , with the aim of … Read more

Rina Fujisawa vs. Aisaki Ueno in the 3rd game of the Women’s Likui Cup Three-Face Chess_Go_Sina Sports Storm_Sina.com

(Transfer from “Finding an Excuse to Be Quiet” WeChat public account) The Likui Cup once again entered the tiebreaker, and the last time it was traced back to the peak duel between Fujisawa Rina and Xie Yimin in 2018. In the first game, Aisaki Ueno defeated Rina Fujisawa with a hand, preventing her opponent from … Read more

[Game Hot Talk]Nintendo Switch Online App stops supporting iOS13, many iPhones are affected-Hong Kong Economic Times-Instant News Channel- Technology

▲ Nintendo announced earlier that it will update the iOS version of Switch Online this summer, and it is expected that the new version will no longer support the iOS 13 system. Some Switch players like to play online games or play against friends with the Switch Online App on their iPhone or iPad. However, … Read more

Intel’s first Arc graphics card, workstations in Korea first?

Intel’s first Arc graphics card to be launched in the Korean market is highly likely to be a workstation model. According to foreign media reports yesterday, a product called ‘Intel Arc Pro graphics card’ was confirmed to have passed the domestic radio certification as of June 22, and it is said that this product is … Read more

How do we view the game now?

It was the big game during the last Xbox & Bethesda presentation. The gameplay trailer was the most watched (along with that of the Minecraft RTS) of all that was shown and social media was full of comments. Positive, but in many cases also extremely critical and sometimes even downright negative. We are of course … Read more

Is the graphics card still available? EVGA removed from waiting list for RTX 3080

As demand surges due to the corona pandemic and the booming cryptocurrency mining market overlap, graphic cards that boasted high ransom prices are now finding their place. EVGA, which had been given a waiting order due to insufficient supply as much as demand, also decided to exclude the GeForce RTX 3080 model from this system. … Read more

2022 Steam Summer Sale Game Deals Lazy Pack!The Evil Spirit Castle 8. Two people make a trip to offer the lowest price in history | Marie Claire beautiful woman

2022 Steam Summer Sale Offer Lazy Pack once! Well-known masterpieces such as “Evil Castle 8”, “Two of Two”, “Titans 2”, etc. have all had historically low prices, and many popular games have offered super-kill discounts, so hurry up and start now! “2022 Steam Summer Sale” Many well-known masterpieces offer ultra-low prices (6/24~7/8) It’s time for … Read more