Because of the climate crisis – IOC thinks about winter games in the rotation system – Sport

contents Because of the climate crisis, the Winter Olympics could be held more often in the same places in the future. Legend: A conceivable scenario In the future, fewer hosts when hosting the Olympic Winter Games. Keystone/EPA/Martin Divisek Think about a rotation system, said Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), on the … Read more

Soft-modified Steam Deck becomes the king of handhelds: play thousands of games on the emulator #EmuDeck (188024) – Cool3c

In addition to being the king of handheld consoles in 2022, Steam Deck has unexpectedly become the king of very powerful emulator handhelds because of its high-performance hardware, good scalability, and Linux-based operating system. We have also written before how to greatly increase the storage space by modifying the machine. It can even be larger … Read more

Betta Fish Are Trained to Play Streaming Games, Even Accidentally Broadcast Owner’s Credit Card Info

TOKYO, – A Japanese YouTuber made a special arrangement allowing his pet fish to play Pokemon on his Nintendo Switch. But that was the start of the disaster. The fish instead spent money on the eShop and revealed the owner’s credit card information on the live stream. YouTuber Mutekimaru alias Maurice, runs a channel … Read more

Su Yiming and Cai Xuetong, finalists of the World Extreme Games, won a bronze each_Zhejiang Online

Su Yiming and Cai Xuetong, finalists of the World Extreme Games, won a bronze each 2023-01-31 14:05:27 Source: Beijing Youth Daily Reporter Chu Peng On January 30, the World Extreme Games came to an end at the Aspen Ski Resort in the United States. Su Yiming, the snowboard men’s large platform champion of the Beijing … Read more

DLSS 3 Expands and Comes to HITMAN 3, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and Many Other Games

DLSS 3 continues to expand January has marked another historic month in DLSS 3 adoption, with the two big additions of Marvel’s Midnight Suns y HITMAN 3which have received updates that allow this technology to be activated. The list is completed with Dakar Desert Rally (already available) and Dying Light 2 Stay Human (arriving on … Read more

The Thai government reveals “Kun Khmer” in the SEA Games, organizing free competitions. No International Sports Organization Certification

On 31 Jan. 23, after host Cambodia SEA Games 2023 use the right to host Bring the martial arts “Kun Khmer” to the 2023 SEA Games, replacing “Muay Thai” sport, with the reason that the “Kun Khmer” competition is the origin of “Thai boxingand to show that they own the culture of such martial arts … Read more