Universally designed parking at Ånderdalen National Park at Senja is more expensive than at Gardermoen – NRK Troms and Finnmark

Many hikers in Troms have had a surprise on arrival at the popular hiking destination Ånderdalen National Park. At one of the entrance gates to the national park in Tranøybotn on Senja, it has suddenly become expensive to park. The new car park has been paved, toilets and rubbish bins have been put up, and … Read more

Major investment at Gardermoen: They have never done this before

Porsche is experiencing tremendous growth in Norway. It is, of course, primarily about electrification. Taycan, the brand’s first electric car, has been joined by Taycan Cross Turismo and Taycan Sport Turismo. The result has been record sales. Several years in a row. That is why the focus is also on expanding the dealer network. The … Read more

The busiest day in two years at Gardermoen – NRK Oslo and Viken – Local news, TV and radio

More than 87,000 travelers are expected at Gardermoen today, and at Flesland they expect more than 20,000 departures during the day. That’s mostly in over two years. The greatest pressure will be around the fifties, predicted airport director Stine Ramstad Westby at Oslo Airport. – Listen to the airline, they know best. They state times … Read more

Jump, Medicine / Health | Corona trouble for the national team manager before the jumping week – stopped at Gardermoen

The jumpers’ national team manager Clas Brede Bråthen did not come with the rest of the Norwegian jumping team on the plane to Munich on Monday. The reason was a misunderstanding at Gardermoen. – It is good to have a perspective on things, but there is no doubt that it is boring, Bråthen says to … Read more

News, Gardermoen | Locks passengers at Gardermoen to avoid test queues

Queues of air passengers in test queues began to pile up at Gardermoen on Friday afternoon. Some are sent on with home tests. Travelers from abroad had to take a corona test on their way into Norway from midnight, night until Friday. At Oslo Airport Gardermoen, which is located in Ullensaker municipality, the health service … Read more

News, Oslo Airport | Stopped drunk pilot at Gardermoen – will not be prosecuted

06.11.21 17:20 06.11.21 21:33 The man must not have been at work in connection with the incident. At 12 o’clock on Saturday, the police received a report of a drunk person wearing a uniform at Oslo Airport. – When the police contacted the man, he acted and set himself up against the police. He was … Read more