Iconic Benzina will be forgotten, experts say. Changing the name emphasizes foreign origin

Familiar name, iconic horse logo, long tradition. It would be difficult to find a motorist on Czech roads who does not know the Benzina petrol station. Nevertheless, the Polish owner of PKN Orlen decided to unify his petrol stations under the name Orlen, not established in the Czech Republic. According to marketers, this is a … Read more

It’s clear that the toilet at the gas station is free, but why is there a money box? Pertamina Gives Explanation

Otomania.com – Clear Toilet from gas station Free, But Why There’s a Money Box? Pertamina Love Explanation. At the Public Refueling Station (gas station), generally provided facilities, one of which is a toilet. Usually in toilet facilities, especially Pertamina’s, there are officers on duty. In addition there is also a kind of money box that … Read more

How much petrol can a Czech and a Swiss buy from a salary? OVERVIEW – AutoTN.cz

The covidu-19 pandemic has made fuel cheaper. However, in 2021 fuel prices began to rise again. The largest year-on-year price fluctuations were recorded in Hungary (+ 20.2%), Turkey (+ 19.4%) and Luxembourg (+ 16.9%). It follows from the fuel index he is preparing Picodi company from 2019. In the Czech Republic, petrol prices rose by … Read more

Which is Better, Buy Gasoline Based on Liters or Amount of Money? Pertamina reveals its advantages Kelebihan

Otomania.com – Must know, buying gasoline should be the benchmark for the number of liters or money, Pertamina explain this. Vehicle users when in gas station some buy gasoline by mentioning the number of liters there are also those who mention the nominal amount of money. For example, someone bought BBM with a nominal value … Read more

Fact or just a myth, more public transportation stops by and fills up with fuel, a sign that the gas station is honest

Otomotifnet.com – There are several unique myths among the public regarding where to fill up fuel or gas station. One that quite a few believe to be the truth is how to determine gas station cheating or not. For some people, the easiest way to find out a gas station commit fraud or not, is … Read more

Gas Stations and LPG Agents All Over Indonesia Closed Until July 17, Pertamina Says

Suara.com – PT Pertamina (Persero) denied any information related to the closure gas station and LPG Agent throughout Indonesia on 12-17 July. According to management, the information is fake news or a hoax. Acting Corporate Secretary of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, SH C&T PT Pertamina (Persero) Irto Ginting ensured that all gas stations and LPG … Read more

Security officials checked more than 100 gas stations of the Glusco network

Photo: GFS Access to filling stations at Glusco gas stations is limited The pre-trial investigation of violations related to the sale of illegally imported oil products at Glusco filling stations continues. Employees of the State Fiscal Service and the Security Service of Ukraine carried out a set of simultaneous investigative actions at 106 facilities of … Read more

With the loosening of covid measures, some companies became more expensive. But there are also items that hold the price – ČT24 – Czech Television

The old pigsty in Písečná in the Jindřichův Hradec region was demolished and a new farm was built in its place, and six hundred sows are kept there. Every year, they have a total of over twenty thousand piglets and sell meat in their own shop to people from the area. For the most part, … Read more

Don’t just go to Pertamina gas stations, it turns out that there are red and blue colors, this is the difference

The difference between Pertamina gas stations is definitely fitting and definitely prime Otomania.com – confuse, Pertamina Gas Station there is red and there is also blue, this is the difference The nameplate in front of the Pertamina gas station is red, and some is blue. Red gas stations are easier to find than blue ones. … Read more

Want to have a BP-AKR gas station? Here’s the Capital

Jakarta – PT Aneka Petroindo Raya (APR), a joint venture between BP and AKR, opens up opportunities for cooperation to build public gas stations (SPBU). For those who are interested, you can prepare land and pocket around Rp. 500 million. Head of Network Planning and Acquisition BP-AKR Benny Oktaviano said, there are two concepts that … Read more