Suzuki Regarding Viral Thunder Rejected Pertalite Content at Gas Stations: Thank You

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) responded to the viral response of one of its two-wheeled products, Thunder, which was rejected Pertalite by Pertamina gas stations. Andita W Wiwaha, 2W Digital Marketing SIS, said that his party is grateful because this viral video will remind people of Thunder, which has long been sold … Read more

Gasoline and diesel prices are falling too little and too slowly, analysts warn. Pumpers defend themselves — ČT24 — Czech television

“Currently, fuel prices do not fully correspond to the development of the oil market. In the last, let’s say, six weeks, there has been a significant reduction in prices,” pointed out Petr Zajíc, an analyst at Amundi Asset Management. The price of Brent oil alone, which is one of the components of the fuel, fell … Read more

“Today’s Petrol Price” Latest 22 July 2022 This morning, gasoline, gasohol, diesel from 4 pumps.

Update”oil price today” Latest on July 22, 2022 at 7:00 a.m. benzene, gasohol group anddiesel From the 4 famous pumps consisting of PTT Bangchak Shell and PT by oil price This does not include local maintenance tax. Read related news – West Texas Crude Oil fell $3.53 after higher-than-expected gasoline inventories – “Tomorrow Oil Price … Read more

MyPertamina Trial Extended to DKI Jakarta and Bekasi, Here’s How to Register All – PT Pertamina (Persero) began to expand the scope of the application trial area MyPertamina into 50 cities/districts in 27 provinces including Bekasi and DKI Jakarta. Previously, the MyPertamina application trial was only for 13 regions in Indonesia in the first stage. PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Corporate Secretary, Irto Ginting, said that the expansion … Read more

Don’t just enter, recognize the difference between red, blue and green Pertamina gas stations

Jakarta – PT Pertamina (Persero) generally provides three types of General Fuel Filling Stations (gas station) for motorists. These three types of gas stations are distinguished by the dominant color in the gas station. Currently, there are 3 types of Pertamina gas stations, which are distinguished by colors, namely red, blue and green. Already know … Read more

Shocking Video of Fire at Gas Station July 1, 2022 Pay-to-Use HP Effect, Here’s Pertamina’s Explanation

Kolase The video of the fire at the gas station on July 1, 2022, the effect of paying with cellphones, said Pertamina. MOTOR – Viral on social media fire from gas station July 1, 2022 the effect of paying with HP, Pertamina immediately give an explanation. Wide circulation fire from gas station which … Read more

Circle K: Lithuania will “electrify” in the automotive sector at the earliest in 10 years

Ignas Klimaitis, director of the sales department of Circle K gas station network, which is installing its own electric car charging network EV Charging Station, says that Lithuania is still among outsiders in terms of the level of infrastructure adapted to electric cars, which does not help increase the popularity of electric vehicles themselves. “We … Read more

The Reason Why Buses Rarely Turn Off the Engine When Filling Diesel

JAKARTA, – Bus have different habits while being fill in fuel compared to normal vehicles. If the car must turn off the engine when fill fuelmost of the bus leave the engine running. But there is a reason why buses rarely turn off machine while charging solar. The reason is for the convenience of … Read more

Cheating the dose, the gas station in Serang was only sanctioned, closed for 6 months, the suspect was not detained – PT Pertamina (Persero) through Pertamina Patra Niaga Subholding West Java Region imposed a six-month closure sanction for the Public Fuel Filling Station (gas station) 3442117 in Kibin, District attackBanten, who committed fraud by selling fuel that was not in accordance with the dose. Area Manager Communication, Relations & CSR for the West Java … Read more

Slovnaft’s new hi-tech ‘pump’ for R1: CNG directly in dispensers – Magazine – Auto

The new service station has the largest covered area, a green roof and a cash register adapted for the disabled. You can add CNG and LPG on it and recharge your electric car. Photo: Pravda, Martin Domček CNG can be replenished at the new filling station directly in the dispenser. The new Slovnaft gas station … Read more