Norway exported 13 billion euros worth of gas in July, a new record

New record for Norway. Thanks to soaring natural gas prices caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Scandinavian country has more than quadrupled its exports year on year, according to official statistics released on Monday. In July alone, it sold 128.4 billion crowns of gas, or more than 13 billion euros, and thus broke the … Read more

AS 209 gas found in disk around planets in solar system – Sciencetimes

Recently, an astronomy team led by Prof. Jaehan Bae at the University of Florida reported that they had discovered the youngest exoplanet ever discovered. Not only this. The research team discovered a Circumplanetary disk around the planet, and found gas in the disk. Astronomers have long suspected the existence of a periplanetary disk around exoplanets, … Read more

Russia’s blackmail turned against itself? Named the reason why gas is being supplied to Latvia again

Earlier there were reports that the Russians were simply burning them. “Information has arrived that Gazprom was forced not only to reduce gas production, but for several days in a row it burned it – simply into the air, even though it stopped the supply itself. And now they are trying to return to the … Read more

Germany introduces tax on gas consumption, families will have to pay 500 euros extra

© Hollandse Hoogte / Harold Versteeg Germany will introduce an additional tax on gas consumption from October. Trading Hub Europe, the umbrella organization responsible for the German gas market, announced this on Monday. The tax would amount to 500 euros per year for a standard family of four. ltoBron: BELGIAN Monday, August 15, 2022 at … Read more

Gazprom increased gas supplies to Hungary

Through the TurkStream gas pipeline, Gazprom has increased supplies to Hungary by 2.6 million cubic meters per day since Friday. “This will last until the end of August, and negotiations are underway to increase deliveries in September as well,” he said. Hungary is trying to get another 700 million cubic meters. Orbán’s government asked for … Read more

Huge discoveries.. Egypt’s natural gas reserves rise to 63 trillion feet

A study prepared by the Egyptian Observatory of the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies stated that Egypt possesses 63 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves starting from January 2021, and Egypt’s production of natural gas has increased significantly as a result of the large discoveries of natural gas. The increase in … Read more

Talks with “Gazprom” – next week at the earliest and if necessary

They will be led next week at the earliest talks with Gazpromif necessary. This was stated by Energy Minister Rosen Hristov during a visit to the “Mini Maritsa-Iztok” complex, Nova TV reports. He emphasized that it is a priority to procure quantities of gas that people can afford to buy. Hristov explained that it will … Read more

Who will lose gas? The cookie maker does, the dairy doesn’t. And companies don’t like that

You can also listen to the article in audio version. Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation. In winter, Russian gas will stop flowing to the Czech Republic. The rationing system will begin according to crisis scenarios. What will happen if the current legislation is not changed? The gas will continue to flow to dairies, sausage and … Read more

The European country that is earning billions with the war in Ukraine

It borders on Russia, but unlike its Scandinavian “sisters” Sweden and Finland it is already part of NATO. Moreover, with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, it is becoming one of Moscow’s main competitors in supplying Europe with gas. And it is thanks to the blue gold that Norway has been able to record … Read more

German gas stocks replenished to required level ahead of schedule | NOW

The German stock of natural gas was replenished to the required 75 percent of normal levels about two weeks ahead of schedule. This is reported by watchdog Bundesnetzagentur, which oversees Germany’s energy supply. The deadline for replenishment was September 1. The largest economy in the eurozone was struggling with a small gas supply as a … Read more