French physicists have created a gas bubble that could last more than a year before it erupts

PRIANGAN ZONE – A team French physicist announced that they could blow the bubble endure During 465 days before erupt. The University of Lille team, whose findings were published in the journal Physical Review Fluids, said their research on bubbles found that soap bubbles tended to burst after a while due to “gravity-induced drainage and/or … Read more

What is a Nebula? Gas and Dust Clouds That Are Where Stars Form in Space

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The following is the meaning of Nebula and various knowledge about Nebula. according to NASA, Nebula is a giant cloud of dust and gas in outer space. A number of nebula (more than one nebula) comes from the gas and dust ejected by the explosion of a dying star, such as a supernova. … Read more

Russian astronomers take clear photographs of a double black hole

The first photographs of the emissions of the black hole OJ287 taken by the Russian “Radio Astron” laboratory confirmed the dual nature of this cosmic space object. Russian scientists have clarified an important role played by magnetic fields in shaping the streams of matter emitted by black holes. This was announced by a spokesman for … Read more

List of Planets Made up of Gas and Ice All – Some planets are dubbed “Giant Planets” because they are much larger than other planets. The four giants are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The giant planets are also known as “Jovian planets”. The term Jovian comes from Jove, the king of the gods in Roman mythology and also the initial name of Jupiter. … Read more

Gas prices will suffer mixed variation from this Thursday

What happened? The price of gasoline will suffer a mixed variation as of this Thursday, January 20, according to the calculations provided by the National Oil Company (ENAP). The variations according to the weekly report prepared by the agency are: 93 gasoline: +$0.4 per liter. 97 gasoline: -$0.1 per liter. Diesel: +$6.5 per liter. Liquefied … Read more

Gasoline prices: at $1.80 before Saint-Jean

If the temperature has been plummeting for a few days, it’s quite the opposite with the price of gasoline, which once again crossed the $1.50 per liter mark this week. And Quebecers should expect to pay $1.80 by the end of June, unheard of. The price of regular unleaded is on the rise across the … Read more

Rutte: we cannot brush away extra gas demand from Germany | Inland

Groningen therefore has to supply more gas than expected, while the province is already suffering from gas extraction. That gas demand has been ‘totally misjudged’, the Prime Minister admits. “I want to be honest, I cannot guarantee that the German question will disappear,” he said in the House of Representatives. A final decision on gas … Read more

Russian gas fuels Germany

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in Kiev on Monday. AP/NTB UKRAINE: Germany raises its voice against Russia, but is completely dependent on buying Russian gas. Published: Published: 18 january Read the whole case with subscription Already a subscriber? sign in

American gas instead of Russian? The US is preparing for a conflict in Ukraine

The US fears that tensions in eastern Ukraine will escalate into a war between Ukraine and Russia. If this were to happen, the United States would impose sanctions on Russia, which could further disrupt Russian gas supplies to Europe and further fuel the current energy crisis. The European Union is dependent on Russia for about … Read more