Severe weather ravages the Netherlands: 10 injured and 7 gas leaks

Eight people were injured in the severe weather in Leersum on Friday evening. Six of them are slightly injured, two are seriously injured, says a spokesperson for the Utrecht Security Region. The enormous gust of wind that went over the village and surroundings caused seven gas leaks. The nature of the injuries of the injured … Read more

Good News Amid a Pandemic, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Drop 17 Percent

Illustration of Earth’s atmosphere. (pexels/Jaymantri) – So good news in the middle of time pandemic, in research the latest by para scientist, it was revealed that currently greenhouse gas emissions dropped dramatically by 17 percent. When humans are threatened by the deadly corona virus, governments in other countries have decided to do a lockdown … Read more

laughing gas as an alternative to conventional treatments?

Much criticized for its recreational use in recent months, nitrous oxide could be of interest in the treatment of depression in patients who cannot stand “classic” treatments. While many drug treatments exist today to help people with depression, many of them have side effects that are sometimes difficult to manage on a daily basis. Worse, … Read more

Humanity is still hooked on oil, natural gas and coal | Climate change | Climate and Environment

The previous decade was another lost decade for humanity in the fight against climate change and, therefore, against fossil fuels, which are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gases that human activity expels. Because, despite the expansion of renewables, the share of energy generated with natural gas, oil and coal in the world has not … Read more

President China wants thorough investigation into gas explosion; death toll rises to 25 | Abroad

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for a thorough investigation into the cause of the massive gas explosion in the city of Shiyan, in central China’s Hubei province. The death toll from the explosion has risen to 25. More than 100 people were injured, 30 of whom are said to be in serious condition. On … Read more

Amber Grid: Biomethane market activity shows need to expand | Business

It is estimated that if the businesses applying for the connection of power plants to the gas transmission system would implement their projects and continuously use the maximum capacity, the amount of green gas transported by them would be about 0.7-0.8 terawatt hours (TWh) or 2-3 percent. of the total annual gas consumption in Lithuania. … Read more

A gas pipeline was broken in the boiler house in Iecava; evacuated residents

At 17.04, SFRS received a call to Count’s Square in Iecava, where it was necessary to prevent gas leakage. It was established at the scene that the boiler house building was dismantled with a front loader, as a result of which the gas supply was cut off and gas leaked. Enclosed area at the scene. … Read more

Already water in the gas between Israel and the Emirates because of the F-35

Just days after Israel and the Emirates announced a historic normalization deal, tensions already seem to be emerging between them over Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition to Abu Dhabi’s bid to acquire the F-35 , the most advanced fighter in the American arsenal only Israel has in the region The United Arab Emirates last Friday canceled a … Read more