Audi SQ8 test: It replaced diesel with gasoline, it does not abandon its exceptional role

Turbulent times await the car company with the four circles in its emblem, in 2026 it will present the last car with a combustion engine, in the spirit of the times it is chasing electromobility. After all, even the name Q8 has already been adapted by an electric car, only with the addition of e-tron. … Read more

dozens of liters of gasoline spilled…

It was around 9:30 a.m. this Wednesday morning when the Marcinelle firefighters intervened at the Shell gas station, rue de la Station in Montigny-le-Tilleul. of videos They were needed there for a large amount of gasoline that was spilled there. Under the orders of Lieutenant Anthony Vannieuwenhoven and Sergeant Henin, the firefighters spread absorbent product … Read more

The latest battle of internal combustion engines: Germans try to fight back the EU ban with synthetic gasoline

Internal combustion engines do not need to be banned because synthetic fuels, also called e. fuel, will give them a second life, the Free Democratic Party (FDP), which defends German business interests, argues in the debate. Supporters assure that e. the fuel would be produced using “green” electricity, so the existing vehicle fleet could be … Read more

Gasoline and diesel are getting cheaper, does it make sense to stock up for worse times?

Does it make sense to speculate if it is profitable to buy into stock at low fuel prices? Yes, if the driver has the correct storage conditions. After long months when the price of petrol and diesel was extremely high, the unpleasant pricing policy has shifted from fuel to grapes and cauliflower. Vegetables are extremely … Read more

GENERAL ALERT for all gasoline car drivers in the country

General Alert for all gasoline car drivers in the country | Gasoline cars are one of the most common forms of transportation across the country, and many drivers rely on them for their daily activities. However, there is one general caveat that all gasoline car drivers should be aware of. after announcing the reduction in … Read more

Driver defends himself from a fight by throwing gasoline at the Antofagasta service center

In the middle of a service center in the Antofagasta region, An unusual moment was lived between two drivers of private vehicles after they began to launch gasoline. I agree with you videosthat have gone viral in the social networksa violent fight was recorded between two people, specifically between drivers who ended up throwing the … Read more

Does an electric car pollute more than conventional vehicles? – MonitorR7

Fiat president even said that ‘the Brazilian does not need an electric car’Volvo Disclosure It is possible to say that there is a consensus among most scientists that the electric car (EV) emits less polluting gases than the combustion vehicle. But the assertion circulates on the internet that the EV pollutes more than the vehicle … Read more

Electric cars continue to push diesels and gasoline out of the market

The car market has undergone a number of changes over the past few years. Electric cars are gaining more and more popularity, and many manufacturers are already focusing on such cars. The European car market is growing, and more than 910 thousand were registered in January. of new cars, which shows 11 percent. annual growth. … Read more

BMW is developing a new generation of gasoline and diesel engines

Despite the European Union’s decision to ban the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines from 2035, BMW is still not giving up this type of engine and continues its development. The transition to electric drive in Europe seems inevitable. The media writes about it, the plans adopted by politicians and the plans decided … Read more

Slovaks will see another drop in prices at the pumps, analyst: Diesel and gasoline will go down!

In the coming days, Slovak motorists can count on another slight drop in the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel at gas stations. Based on the development of world oil prices, analyst Jana Glasová predicts this. “Oil prices on the world commodity market were falling in the previous week. As for the prices of … Read more