It’s official: Mobil gasoline will multiply its presence in the local market as of September 1

As anticipated The new day In the month of April, the company Sol Puerto Rico Limited (Sol) confirmed today, Wednesday, that it formalized an agreement with ExxonMobil for the use of the Mobil brand in its network of stations in Puerto Rico. The agreement is long-term and will take effect on September 1 of this … Read more

Wuling New Cortez Invited to Drag Race, Grab this Time, Consumption of Gasoline in the City Not bad! – Some time ago we had the opportunity to do test drive Cortez facelift is the highest variant, New Cortez type EX 1.5 Lux+ for Rp 310.650 million on the road DKI Jakarta. Oh yes, the most striking change from the latest New Cortez EX 1.5 Lux+ type is in the cabin area and … Read more

The four most reliable gasoline engines that you can buy cheaply

Even among modern engines, there are those that, despite the superstitions about the unreliability of everything modern, can pleasantly surprise. Here are four of them, widespread even on our roads. Although we are often inclined to the opinion that modern engines are already complicated enough with regard to sometimes unnecessarily complex technologies aimed at at … Read more

The summer of price increases: 2,300 euros more for shopping, bills and gasoline, Italian holidays at risk

It will be the summer of price increases: after the dear energy e the expensive fuels, inflation is growing on the holidays this year. A summer storm that will therefore hit the shopping cart: Assoutenti estimates that the price of food could grow up to +30%. The association, using Istat data, has identified the products … Read more

When Elon Musk Joins in Spreading Misinformation on Gasoline Prices at 7-Eleven… – CEO Tesla Elon Musk participated in spreading misinformation about the price of fuel oil (BBM) at a 7-Eleven outlet in the United States. In June 2022, fuel prices worldwide has increased due to various factors. On social media, photos circulated showing the price of fuel at a 7-Eleven outlet in the United States … Read more

ISP with a drop of 22.2 cents in diesel and 25.9 in gasoline – Energia

“Given the perspective of price developments next week, the ISP discount [Imposto sobre Produtos Petrol√≠feros] currently in force for diesel will remain unchanged. In the case of gasoline, there is a reduction in the discount of 0.4 cents (VAT+ISP)”, reads a statement from the Ministry of Finance. In total, considering the relief of the tax … Read more

Gasoline | Do you want to spend less on fuel? 10 practical tips to save | Electromobility | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | TECHNOLOGY

the price of the Gasoline has increased throughout the world for various reasons. However, drivers can reduce their expenses if they follow a few tips and apply them to their combustion or hybrid cars. Although it is not a noticeable saving at first glance, the user will be able to realize this in the long … Read more

Gasoline and heating oil prices will finally drop this Friday

According to a report by the FPS Economy, Energy Department, refueling will become cheaper tomorrow/Friday. The maximum price of gasoline 95 (E10) will then be 2.0370 euros per liter, or 6.5 cents less than today. For petrol 98 (E5), the maximum price will be 2.2880, also a reduction of 6.5 euro cents per litre. Heating … Read more

Oil is getting cheaper, Biden plans to temporarily abolish the tax on gasoline

The White House wants to abolish the federal tax for three months, which in the case of gasoline is 18.4 cents (approximately 4.30 CZK) per gallon (3.78 liters). Biden also asked leaders of several major oil companies to meet to discuss, among other things, refinery capacity building this week, Reuters reported. “Another of a long … Read more