The three competencies that Bill Gates considers essential to find a job

For Bill Gates, the most immediate problem is finding a vaccine for Covid-19: since last April, the founder of Microsoft has started spending billions of euros to help prevent infections and help find a solution to the global crisis current. In fact, to date he has participated in seven major projects in this regard. However, … Read more

Coronavirus | Bill Gates’ IHM predicts Spain’s death toll from COVID-19 through February

He mask use, hand washing, and social distancing have become the three basic measures to deal with the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. When these are not enough to stop the contagions, they have other stricter tools such as localized confinements according to the incidence of the virus. With these same variables, and … Read more

“The visionary” Bill Gates came out in defense of the WHO against Trump’s attack

Donald Trump’s decision to suspend US funding to the World Health Organization amid the COVID-19 pandemic drew criticism not only from world leaders but also from personalities like Bill Gates. The Microsoft co-founder reacted to the president’s announcement via Twitter with a strong and clear message: “The world needs @WHO (WHO) now more than ever,” … Read more

Bill Gates reveals the best drug to treat COVID-19

The president of United States, Donald Trump, He received a monoclonal antibody treatment for the coronavirus disease last Friday that prevented him from continuing to work in public events during the election campaign. The biotechnology company Regeneron was commissioned to produce the drug that has had admirers such as billionaire Bill Gates. The founder of … Read more

They filter more than 25 thousand emails that would belong to organizations such as the WHO and the Gates Foundation

More than 25 thousand emails and passwords that would belong to different organizations that are fighting the coronavirus, such as the World Health Organization, and the Gates Foundation, were recently leaked. The leak was released by the site SITE, an intelligence group that is in charge of monitoring extremist and terrorist groups on the web. … Read more

Request for the removal of gates in Pasaje de Puente Alto causes annoyance in the community

Concern has caused in the Puente Alto commune and throughout the country an increase in door slamming and robberies with intimidation. Therefore, Mayor Germán Codina announced a month ago a bill so that municipalities can authorize the closure of streets and passages when neighbors reach an agreement, among other conditions. However, to date this request … Read more

Coronavirus | The effective anti-COVID treatment that gives Bill Gates hope

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Bill Gates has ruled on different occasions about a hypothetical date for the end of it or when will there be a vaccine against the coronavirus. On this occasion, at a summit organized by the Wall Street Journal, has discussed the novel treatment Donald Trump received after testing positive. … Read more

Vaccines, treatments and a return to normality: Bill Gates’ predictions for the future

“We still don’t know if these vaccines will be successful,” Gates said. “Now, the volume will take time to increase. Therefore, the allocation within the United States and between the United States and other countries will be a very important point of discussion.” The vaccines developed by Pfizer / BioNTech and AstraZeneca / Oxford are … Read more

Bill Gates anticipated when to end the pandemic in the US and the world

Bill Gates I talked about him new treatment to which the President of the United States submitted, Donald Trump, to face the coronavirus that consisted of monoclonal antibodies, antivirals and dexamethasone. The treatment in question has shown promise in patients in early stage of the illness. “The reduction in the death rate could be quite high and … Read more

Bill Gates predicted when normalcy will return and what therapy could reduce the death rate of COVID-19

Bill Gates with a representation of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19 (Gates Foundation) Bill Gates He referred this Tuesday to the new treatment that the President of the United States underwent, Donald Trump, to tackle the coronavirus, and said that drugs with antibodies could dramatically reduce the death rate from the pandemic. The therapy … Read more