Here, New Evidence of the Russo-Ukrainian War Eats ‘Sacrifices’!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – World economic growth is predicted to slow down this year. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) forecasts world economic growth to be 3% in 2022. This figure is lower than the December projection of 4.5%. For 2023, it is projected that the world economy will grow 2.75%. Meanwhile, projected … Read more

Brexite and covid reduced British GDP by 5.2% / Article

Brexite and covid reduce British GDP by 5.2% Although it is difficult to distinguish precisely between the economic effects of brexite and covidium, it is clear that, at least so far, the withdrawal has not brought the promised benefits to Britain, but significant economic losses. Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union is the main reason … Read more

GDP increased by almost 2% between January and March

(Ecofin Agency) – After a decline in GDP growth in the third quarter of 2021, South Africa rebounded the following quarter, reaching a growth rate of 1.2%. For the first quarter of this year, this positive growth tends to stabilize. South Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP) recorded a growth of 1.9% in the first quarter … Read more

Istat corrects GDP for the first quarter: + 0.1%. Inflation runs: + 6.9% on an annual basis

Listen to the audio version of the article The specter of the third recession for the Italian economy in ten years is gone. In the survey on the quarterly income statements, Istat has corrected upwards the preliminary estimate on the trend of GDP in the first three months of this year. From an economic slowdown … Read more

Brazilian GDP in the 1st quarter, payroll and Eletrobras offer: what to watch this week

May ends and June begins in a week with an agenda full of relevant indicators, although with some holidays around the world. This Monday (30), the New York Stock Exchanges will be closed due to the Memorial Day, a date that honors United States Armed Forces officers killed in combat. On Thursday and Friday (June … Read more

UAE GDP growth to exceed 5% in 2022

The UAE Minister of Economy, Abdullah Al-Marri, expected the UAE economy to grow by more than 5% this year, compared to 3.8% in the previous year, higher than the expectations of the International Monetary Fund, which expects growth by more than 4%. In an interview with Al Arabiya on the sidelines of the activities of … Read more

GDP in Colombia first quarter: risks and optimism it generates | Finance | Economy

The result left by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the first quarter, which grew 8.5%, was not only higher than what the government and analysts expected, but also set the tone for expectations for the rest of the year to begin to rise. But although the perspectives are positive, the economy will have several challenges … Read more

Latvia’s GDP growth is faster than the European average

Compared to the same period in 2021, Latvia’s GDP in the first quarter of 2022 turned out to be faster than the EU average, according to data published by Eurostat. According to seasonally adjusted data, Latvia’s GDP increased by 5.6% compared to the first quarter of 2021. Economic growth in the first quarter was observed … Read more

Before the impending recession, the Hungarian economy was last cosmeticized by the post-epidemic restart and the election campaign.

The CSO published one last excellent GDP data today, it turned out that the Hungarian economy expanded by 8.2 percent in the first three months of 2022. Compared to the previous quarter, the performance of the economy increased by 2.1 percent. All analysts predicted an increase of at least 7-9 percent, with the macroeconomist we … Read more

EC again lowers Latvia’s GDP growth forecast for this year / Article

The EC has already reduced Latvia’s GDP growth forecast from 5% to 4.4% this year, but now Latvia’s economic growth is forecast to be even lower at 2%. However, it will be faster than in the neighboring countries of Estonia and Lithuania, where according to the EC spring forecast, the economy will grow by 1% … Read more