The first-generation “Pokémon” interview revealed that he originally wanted to randomly generate more than 60,000 game versions and only distinguish them by color #Game Freak (178606) – Cool3c

The “Pokémon” series developed by Game Freak has always been one of Nintendo’s most representative brands. It has a history of more than 25 years, extending countless animations, card games, movies and peripherals. Commodities, and the “Pokémon Red/Green” version of the pioneering work of the entire series is a classic in the minds of many … Read more

“It is a situation that should not be alarming or generate other types of attitudes”

A rise in transaminases after covid-19 vaccination may indicate the onset or exacerbation of autoimmune hepatitis, according to a national multicenter study that was presented at the 47th Congress of the Spanish Association for the Study of the Liver (AEEH). Behind him is the doctor Magdalena Salcedo, Head of the Hepatology and Liver Transplantation Section … Read more

Proposed a way for companies to generate higher profits: the numbers are eloquent

Better performance and higher profits are the goal of every company. It turns out the path to the desired results can be extremely simple, but not every guide thinks about this method. At the largest conference of technology, innovation and progress in the Baltic States LOGIN Lithuanian business leaders discussed the importance of greater empowerment … Read more

YPF Agro, the key to stabilize farm prices and generate income in dollars?

The paradigmatic case is YPF Agro. There is still no complete and convincing explanation as to why the firm, of enormous weight in the market, does not take control of the marketing of grains and the export of farm products, with the aim of intervening in the local market and stabilizing food prices of all … Read more

Renewables, the last frontier comes from the depths of the sea. The case of Japan: “Here the Kuroshio current could generate 60% of the current capacity of the country”

A submarine turbine gigantic, which looks like an airplane, to be anchored on the seabed to exploit the energy of the second current most powerful in the world, that of Kuroshiowhich runs along the east coast of the Japan. The plan is this and the energy produced by the turbine Giant Deep Oceancontrary to what … Read more

Jaime Bayly: what is his book “Don’t tell anyone” about and why did it generate so much scandal in Peru | Diego Bertie | entertainment

“In Peru you can be a drug addict, a thief and a womanizer, but not homosexual”wrote Jaime Bayly in her first novel, “Don’t tell anyone”, published in 1994 by the Seix Barral publishing house (Spain), a country where it was very well received, while in her homeland it was described as scandalous, frivolous and provocative. … Read more

PTT discusses the ERC to stock up on LNG to generate electricity

Thai Rath Edition 20 May 2022 5:15 a.m. Mr. Wuttikorn Sitithit, Executive Vice President, Natural Gas Business Unit, PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), revealed that PTT has assessed the demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) this year is expected to grow from the previous year. After the first quarter of this year, average LNG demand … Read more

Harvard experts explained how vaccines generate multiple mechanisms to protect against COVID-19

Antibodies are released that bind to coronaviruses and mark them. In this way, the virus cannot penetrate its target cells and they are destroyed by a macrophage (Juan Gaertner) The coronavirus pandemic is still going on. During the last week reported by the World Health Organization, An increase in the number of new weekly cases … Read more

Lunar soil can be used to generate oxygen and fuel for astronauts on the moon

An artist’s rendering of the shape of the lunar base. Scientists studying whether lunar resources could be used to facilitate human exploration on the moon and beyond have reported that lunar soil contains active compounds that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and fuel. Photo credit: ESA – P. Carril Soil on the Moon contains … Read more