The human genome mainly overlaps with Neanderthals and other human ancestors

Humans like to think they’re special, but our genes suggest that’s far from true. No more than 7% of the human genome is unique to Homo sapiens, according to a study It was published Friday in the journal Science Advances. We share the remaining pieces of our genetic material with other human ancestors, or hominids, … Read more

Only 7% of the modern human genome is unique

Washington. What makes human beings unique? Scientists took a new step toward solving that old mystery with a tool that could allow accurate comparisons between the DNA of modern humans and that of our extinct ancestors. Only 7% of our genome is shared exclusively with other humans and not shared with our ancestors, according to … Read more

They find the genome of a human from an unknown population

The cave in questionPicture: Anna Belfer-Cohen As the researchers have described, a clay cup buried for millennia under the floor of a cave in Satsurblia, in Georgia, has revealed a mind-boggling finding: the genome of an ancient human whose population is unknown by science. What is known so far: that it is a woman who … Read more

Astronaut Demonstrates CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing in Space

NASA astronaut Christina Koch performs an experimental procedure on the International Space Station. Credit: Sebastian Craves Researchers have developed and successfully demonstrated a new method for studying how cells repair damaged DNA in space. Sarah Stahl-Rommel of Genes in Space and colleagues present the new technology in the open access journal ADD ONE On June … Read more

Workshop to introduce the Emirati Genome Program at Sharjah Policeشرطة

Sharjah (Union) The Human Resources Department of Sharjah Police and the Department of Competency Development at the Academy of Police Sciences organized a video-conferencing workshop on the Emirati Genome Program, presented by Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadi, Director of the Community Communication Department at G42 Healthcare.He addressed the program, which aims to develop the Emirati medical genome … Read more

Scientists plan to treat herpes by editing the genome –

Reportedthat scientists conducted a study aimed at finding a method of treating rodents for herpes simplex virus, which resulted in stable improvements in results. It is noted that 90% of cases of successful disposal of the virus were achieved by scientists through gene therapy or genome editing. In particular, specialists in their work exploited tiny … Read more

They discover in the genome of modern humans the footprint of an enigmatic archaic ancestor ›Mundo› Granma

Some humans carry genes from an unknown “super archaic” hominin, whose genome has never been sequenced from remains. This is the conclusion reached by a team of American geneticists and computer scientists who have studied gene flow between different populations of modern man and their ancestors, reported RT. A new algorithm, which the researchers describe … Read more

The newly developed high-performance data network will allow scientists to transfer one Covid-19 genome in three minutes / Day

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In the midst of a resurgence , China reveals the genome of the Covid-19: “Come to Europe”

Beijing, 19 Jun 2020 (AFP) – China said on Friday of 25 new cases of covid-19 in Beijing, and published the genome of the coronavirus detected in a recent focus of infection in the city, which presents similarities with a strain european.The chinese capital had returned to a certain normality after two months without infecting … Read more

new evidence of the natural origin of SARS-Cov-2

The coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 – the one responsible for this disease that the world now knows as Covid-19 – first emerged in China several months ago. But its origin continues to be debated. Today, researchers say that there is nothing to assume that it is not of natural origin. “Since the discovery of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 … Read more