First discovery of new regulators of autophagy using single cell genome technique

[이데일리 이순용 기자] In the process of treating diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases, a new factor that regulates a system called ‘autophagy’, which is essential to maintain cellular homeostasis in our body, was discovered for the first time in the world. Professor Dong-Ha Kim’s team from the Department of Anatomy of the Catholic University of … Read more

Scientists unlock the secret of ‘immortal jellyfish’, and possibly human aging

©Dr. A.S. Karen J. Osborn / Wikimedia Commons Future advances? Spanish scientists hope mapping the genome of Turritopsis dohrnii, known for its ability to be reborn, could lead to discoveries that could improve human life expectancy Atlantico: A species of jellyfish, Turritopsis dohrnii, nicknamed the “immortal jellyfish”, is known to reverse its biological clock and … Read more

Accelerating evolution at the genome level through an alternative configuration of chromosomes

A research team led by André Marques at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne, Germany, has discovered the profound effects of an atypical mode of chromosomal arrangement on the organization and evolution of the genome. Their findings are published in the journal Cells. In each individual cell of our body, our … Read more

The Mystery of the 100,000 Year Old Polar Bear Genome, Shocking!

The mystery of the polar bear genome that scientists are researching has been identified. The research through their DNA examination. The mystery of the mysterious beast in the Himalayas, the Yeti is about to be revealed. Through DNA testing, the researchers will try to uncover the genome of the polar bear. There are a total … Read more

Unraveling the Mystery of the 100,000-Year-Old Polar Bear Genome

Nicholas D /iStockphoto Polar bear walks o Loss of sea ice means polar bears are spending more time in Arctic coastal areas where they may encounter brown bears.ver tundra in sunshine—A new study led by scientists at the University of California has analyzed DNA purba a 100,000 year old polar bear. The DNA was … Read more

The human genome has been sequenced from A to Z for the very first time

Researchers from the American National Human Genome Research Institute have succeeded in carrying out the very first complete, end-to-end sequencing of the human genome. A great accomplishment that will weigh heavily in research and medicine. In 2003, research was changed forever by the very first sequencing of the human genome. A resounding scientific feat, and … Read more

Publication of the first complete sequence of the human genome

The genome is the complete set of genes existing in an organism or the set of diploid chromosomes in eukaryotic species. For the first time, the first actually complete sequence of the human genome has been published. To read a human genome, scientists cut all the DNA Recently, scientists released the first actually complete sequence … Read more

Meteor about the Vikings in America, reading the genome and the cradle of the Sun.

All parts of Meteor can be found at Twins website or in the mobile application mujRozhlas. Do we know when the Vikings discovered America? <!– Christian Krohg: Leif Eriksson discovers America|Photo:Profimedia For almost 500 years, textbooks said that the first European to come to America to discover it was Christopher Columbus. But have you wondered … Read more

For the first time, scientists have deciphered the complete human genome. They added 400 million letters

Reading the remaining eight percent of the human genome (ie, the set of genes that make up DNA) has bothered researchers for a long time; The second reads “only” 20,000 at a time, but with an accuracy of 99.9 percent. “This complete information will allow us to better understand how we form as an individual … Read more