Deep geothermal energy, a new energy Eldorado for Wallonia?

While soaring gas and electricity prices demonstrate the urgency of building European energy sovereignty and the need to diversify sources of supply, an alternative could benefit from the current context and develop in Wallonia: deep geothermal energy, in other words the exploitation of underground water heated naturally by the Earth. A source of energy that … Read more

Drawing heat from the earth to heat and cool buildings: geothermal energy, a green and economical solution?

What if we were warmed by the heat of the earth? 150 meters underground, there are rock extracts from another time. “These rocks are more than 510 to 520 million years old. It’s very hard rock. It’s old sand that is really compacted. It’s in the small fractures that the water passes”, explains Koen Van … Read more

Geothermal and air-to-water heat pumps: when is it more beneficial to choose one and when to choose the other

Lithuanian heat pump manufacturer UAB “IGLU TECH” is introducing a new series of air-water pumps “IGLU Inuit” to the market this fall. Having until now only offered the innovative IGLU Aleut geothermal heat pumps to the market, today the company is happy to have succeeded in adapting to the needs of consumers and offering an … Read more

Work more efficiently and communicate better with your…

In short, users of the new apps can work more efficiently and communicate better with their sales partners.Developed for fitters, buyers, back office and of course also for the boss, users always have their mobile tool at hand. In The catalogue searching was yesterday. Complaining about information that you cannot access on a construction site … Read more

Geyser operates geothermal power plant for Quartier Bleu in Hasselt: “I don’t look at a shower more or less” (Hasselt)

Hasselaar Paul Kenens is enthusiastic about the heat network in the Broeker Winning. — © Sven Dillen Hasselt/Beringen – ‘Geiser’ was presented at Quartier Bleu in Hasselt, a collaboration between De Watergroep, IFTech and Matexi. Geiser starts as a network company for heat networks with the operation of the geothermal power plant for Quartier Bleu. … Read more

RI has the world’s top 2 treasures, but they are slow to work on

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia is blessed with abundant natural resources, including a “treasure” of energy. Not only in the mining sector, Indonesia is also blessed with a “treasure” in the field of new and renewable energy (EBT). In fact, Indonesia is listed as the owner of the second largest geothermal resource in the world … Read more

Exclusive! Pertamina Geothermal to IPO in October

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) said that a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero), PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) will conduct an initial public offering (IPO) in October 2022. The PGE IPO plan was conveyed by the Deputy Minister of BUMN I Pahala Mansury while talking to CNBC Indonesia, Monday (12/9/2022). … Read more

Geothermal lithium, huge reserves in Italy will offer opportunities

Italy is rich in lithium deposits, an essential metal destined to support the energy transition. Specifically, our country would have huge reserves of geothermal lithium. This, show a multitude of studies, would allow Italy to enjoy a double advantage, environmental and economic, because the extraction could be combined with the production of geothermal energy. The … Read more

New edition of the KSP to-go catalog | HVAC

Die KSP-to-goelements offer the user many advantages, in new buildings as well as in existing buildings, for example when air heaters, radiators or gas radiant heaters are to be replaced. They deliver high energy savings, are comfortable, safe and durable. The new edition of the catalog is characterized by extensive help for the calculation and … Read more

Geothermal lithium near Rome, Enel Green Power and Vulcan Energy move

The transition towards electric cars and the ever more decisive shift towards renewable energies are closely related and from this assumption the research on geothermal lithium that will take place in Cesano, on the outskirts of Romethanks to’agreement signed by Enel Green Power e Vulcan Energy. The agreement aims at join the respective compein geothermal … Read more