How Germany rebelled against the monopoly of technology giants

In an effort to rein in the tech giants, Brussels is setting antitrust rules across the European Union (EU). And Germany has adopted a much superior Competition Law for two years, able to overtake the technological giants. However, the latter do not give up so easily, according to the Financial Times (FT). Entrepreneur Patrick Andrae … Read more

As crypto giants continue to fall, Genesis has also filed for bankruptcy

Cryptocurrency exchanges The fall of FTX, was without a doubt the loudest event of 2022 in the cryptocurrency industry. As a result, not only ordinary investors suffered big losses, but also FTX partners who kept part of their funds there. Soon after FTX filed for bankruptcy, crypto lender “BlockFi“. It looks like another major player … Read more

Who the Blue Jays are getting in Brandon Belt, told by San Francisco Giants writers

Brandon Beltone of the newest members of the Toronto Blue Jays, will be suiting up for a non-San Francisco Giants club for the first time in his 12-year big league career in 2023. Belt, 34, signed a one-year, $9.3M contract with the Blue Jays on January 10th and is leaving behind a fanbase that adores … Read more

Start of CES 2023: low points and trends: tech giants between dismantling and awakening

Almost 10,000 jobs at Amazon, 11,000 jobs at Facebook parent Meta, 1000 jobs at Microsoft, 6000 at HP. It is large and still unusual numbers that are spilling out of Silicon Valley into the world these days. Unusual because they come from dismantling instead of building plans. While the growth barometer for the large technology … Read more

Brentford’s revolutionary move works! A modest club from the outskirts of London defeats the giants

The rise of Brentford is directly behind the revolutionary project from the summer of 2016. The impetus for it was the loss of talented footballers who were being dragged by elite English clubs for minimal compensation. When two 13-year-old hopefuls left for Manchester City and Manchester United seven years ago, Brentford’s owner, British businessman Matthew … Read more

“Barcelona” basketball players triumph in El Clásico, Milan destroys Serie A giants in a duel – Basketball –

• In the repeat of last season’s final of the Spanish league, “Barcelona” successfully played the second half, the Catalan super club being superior with an 11-point lead (45:34). 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊𝗠𝗔𝗔𝗔𝗔𝗔𝗔𝗡𝗔𝗥𝗥 📺 @let’s go | @23Llull #LigaEndesa | #ChristmasACB #ReadyToRomperla — Endesa League (@ACBCOM) January 2, 2023 • The success of “Barcelona” was forged by … Read more

NFL week 17: Tom Brady makes play-offs with Buccaneers, Giants end post-season drought

Aaron Rodgers (12) really got a tune out of the Green Bay Packers Tom Brady produced a classic fourth-quarter comeback against the Carolina Panthers to secure back-to-back NFC South titles for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In a must-win situation, Brady came up with a huge game to secure his 14th straight play-off appearance and the … Read more

“This is a form of competition distortion”: disbelief at Telenet Giants Antwerp after American center Royce Hamm wants to force departure

Royce Hamm not returning to the Giants. — © BELGIUM The American center Royce Hamm did not return from America this morning and informed the management of Telenet Giants Antwerp through his agent Pete Mickeal that he will no longer play for the Sinjoren. Pete Mickeal is CEO of Mickeal Sports Group. A firm with … Read more