The Fast and the Furious: When Paul Walker fought for Tyrese Gibson to return as Roman Pearce to the Fast and Furious movies | FAME

After the premiere of “Fast and furious 9“(” F9 “or” Fast and Furious 9 “in its original language), more than one has started to evoke and connect each event reported by the franchise so far. After all, it’s 20 years of Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner, Letty, Mia and company. And there are still more titles … Read more

From Superman to Suicidal Mel Gibson – Five Movies We’ll Remember Richard Donner

Omen (1976) He was born in 1930 Richard Donner it belonged to the film generation that had already begun their careers on television. Donner moved from the Bronx to Los Angeles, where he hoped for an acting career Martin Ritt director (Skin, The reputable no one) took it under its wings. He suggested he try … Read more

Chilean creator of “Gibson Honey” increased sales after threats from the actor’s lawyers

The threat to Yohana Agurto unleashed great solidarity in social networks from people who offered to make a new image. Yohana Agurtos, a Chilean educator, raised the sales of her “Gibson Honey” after the actor’s lawyers warned her for advertising with the image of Mel Gibson. Although he suspended the advertising of his product, the … Read more

Yohana Agurto’s expert and advisor on a new fight for “Miel Gibson”: “We have reasons that the other party wants to take advantage of a news that went around the world”

A new battle for the brand “Honey Gibson” face the teacher Yohana Agurto, who raised his business in the middle of the pandemic. After being forced to change your product label for image rights issues of actor Mel Gibson, now faces a struggle to properly register the brand in our country, after the businesswoman Paula … Read more

Owner of “Miel Gibson”: “It was difficult for me to get money to pay for electricity and basic supplies” | Society

The Chilean teacher Yohana Agurto it is the living expression that every crisis can become an opportunity. With no income from the pandemic, he decided to pack honey to sell it under the pun “Gibson Honey” without thinking that the very Hollywood actor whose name he wanted to emulate would complicate his SME. Warned by … Read more

The discreet way in which Mel Gibson has overcome the coronavirus

Mel Gibson, 64, was admitted to the hospital in Los Angeles (California) for a week last April after becoming infected with Covid-19, but it was only now that it was revealed that the actor had overcome the disease, such and as confirmed by The Guardian newspaper, being fully recovered. Gibson has been treated with the … Read more

Mel Gibson was admitted for coronavirus and treated with remdesivir

Although still in the experimental phase, the remdesivir with which Gibson, 64, was treated, is one of the medications that have been shown to be effective in speeding up the recovery of covid-19 in some tests. By: EFE 01:49 PM / 24/07/2020 Actor Mel Gibson was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles (USA) for … Read more

COVID-19: Mel Gibson hospitalized in April

American actor Mel Gibson had to be hospitalized for almost a week last April after being tested positive for COVID-19. • Read also: Personalities contaminated or deceased as a result of COVID-19 • Read also: Tom Hanks and his wife with coronavirus Its manager confirmed the news Thursday to People magazine. “He tested positive and … Read more

Mel Gibson hospitalized for coronavirus in April – La Stampa

Actor Mel Gibson was hospitalized in April for coronavirus. Gibson, 64, was taken to a medical facility in Los Angeles after accusing Covid’s symptoms and tested positive, but fully recovered after being treated with an antiviral drug. Coronavirus, Trump: “The US is in great shape, problems in the South and East” This was confirmed by … Read more