Giorgia Meloni: «The maneuver keeps its commitments, the income can help undeclared work. The lawsuit against Saviano? I don’t pick it up”

The first Giorgia Meloni give an interview to Corriere della Sera to talk about Budget Lawof Basic incomeof the Ong and also of the lawsuit towards Roberto Saviano. According to the tenant of Palazzo Chigi with the manoeuvre, the government «has given clear signals with the taxation of productivity bonuses, the tax authorities for the … Read more

“We need a Me too in defense of Giorgia” – Il Tempo

Leo Pietro November 28, 2022 A few days ago, speaking in the Chamber on the issue of violence against women, the Senator of Coraggio Italia-Civici per l’Italia, Michaela Biancofiore had railed against those political, cultural and journalism exponents who, despite being women, foment violence with personal offenses against Giorgia Meloni, also entering her private life. … Read more

Polls, the mystery of Giorgia Meloni’s consent: is it growing or falling? Escape from Pd, voters prefer M5s to Renzi and Calenda

Consent for Giorgia MeloniIs it uphill or downhill for your party and your government? A legitimate question for anyone who has read the main Italian newspapers today. According to the latest Ipsos survey for the Corriere della Sera il 49% of the interviewees gives a positive opinion on the prime minister, 46 on the government, … Read more

Giorgia, Ivanka and the representation of institutional puccettonism

Who is, today, the most plastic representation of contemporary puccettonismo? Who, among the cases recounted on the pages of the newspapers these days, lends itself better to telling us what a disaster the intersection between family and work is for women of my age? Giorgia Meloni and Ivanka Trump are of the same generation, one … Read more

Marcello Gemmato, the resignation hypothesis after the sentences on vaccines: «I don’t even think about it. But if Giorgia asks me…”

“I will never leave” the position of Undersecretary of Health. Indeed, yes, “if Giorgia asks me”. Marcello Gemmato seems to still be dazed by controversy which overwhelmed him yesterday, due to some of his dubious statements regarding the effectiveness of vaccines. Interviewed by Corriere della Serahe complains that he was misunderstood. When to Aldo Cazzullo, … Read more

Marine Le Pen is with Giorgia Meloni: “Macron is hypocritical and NGOs advertise the crossings”

The deputy of National Gathering Marine Le Pen he is with Giorgia Meloni. And on the NGOs a Catania criticism Emmanuel Macron and the ships, which would be «a spot for crossings». In an interview given to Corriere della Sera the former presidential candidate says that the French government’s accusations in Rome “reveal a rejection … Read more

“Giorgia Meloni was right on the Ocean Viking”

Yesterday evening Nicola Porro interviewed Jordan Bardella, the very young leader of the Rassemblement National, the French lepenist party, in the Fourth Republic. Bardella, who recently took over from Marine at the helm of the political formation, also has Italian origins. On the table, needless to say, the issue of managing migratory phenomena, with the … Read more

Giorgia Meloni’s puppet hanging upside down, what happened yesterday in Bologna

In Bologna, during a demonstration, a puppet with the likeness of Giorgia Meloni was hung upside down: “She is not welcome here”, say the antagonistic collectives. And mannequin with the features of Giorgia Meloni, dressed as a military man, was hung upside down yesterday in Bologna during a demonstration. The puppet was lowered under the … Read more