Viral NU Girls Student Association Congress is Chaotic, Participants Throw Chairs

Jakarta – A video showing the chaos of a group of women leading to the throwing of chairs has gone viral on social media. It is known, the riot occurred at the XIX congress Nahdatul Ulama Women’s Student Association (IPPNU). From the video circulating as seen on Tuesday (16/8/2022), it appears that a number of … Read more

The maniac who harasses girls outside the gym: arrested and released

He annoys girls and injures a local police officer in Desio, in Brianza, but after a few hours he is already at liberty. It happened on Tuesday in the area of ​​the federal center for artistic gymnastics near the Paladesio. The author of the gesture is a young Nigerian, who has harassed some young people, … Read more

Videos | Two girls and a woman die from heavy rains in Nogales, Sonora

Two girls and a woman died when they were swept away by the heavy rains that occurred this Saturday in Nogales, Sonora. According to the Nogales Civil Protection Unit, the first victim was a 56 year old woman, who was dragged aboard his Chevrolet Trail Blazer vehicle in the stream of Technological Avenue, same that … Read more

The page is loud, the talk shows up, another celebrity breaks up silently. Drop a hint of a pair of chic girls.

This event, netizens did not delay. Come in, they comment a lot, for example, is it really a chic girl? It means that Ying + Ying asks you not to be crooked with Pam, a chic girl with a four-king boy? When hinting that the chic-chic girl thinks of this one first, but I don’t … Read more

In Saudi Arabia: The girls of the Kingdom prefer to marry the children of this Arab nationality.. Reasons that you will not think of!! (exciting surprise)

A psychological and family consultant said that it is not surprising that some Saudi women marry foreigners, revealing that Egyptians have given preference to women who interacted with them. The psychological and family consultant, Dr. Zahra Al-Moabi, indicated that she encourages the marriage of Saudi women to foreigners, especially in light of the new regulations, … Read more

Launch of the national vaccination campaign against Covid-19 for girls and boys from 6 months to 3 years

The national government will officially launch this Thursday the campaign to vaccination against COVID-19 for girls and boys from 6 months to 3 years. The strategy was agreed upon by the Federal Health Council (Cofesa), based on the recommendation of the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) and the National Immunization Commission … Read more

Led by Jocytė, Lithuanian 18-year-old girls advanced to the semi-finals of the European Championship

The price of victory in this duel is not only a ticket to the semi-finals of the tournament, but also a guaranteed place in next year’s U19 World Championship. Lithuania will play in the semi-finals on Saturday against the representatives of Germany, who defeated the Polish national team 53:43 in the quarter-finals. Spain and France … Read more

So beautiful, tear the look! Picture 4 girls BLACKPINK come back with a new song, this set is hot around the world.

Come back to create a buzz for fans around the world again for 4 girls BLACKPINK previously announced their comeback in 2 years away as a group. (because during that period (Each member is working separately) BLACKPINK will release a pre-release single in August, release a new album in September. and performed a World Tour … Read more

Exercise has completely different effects on girls and boys in childhood and adolescence

A completely different relationship between physical activity and body fat in boys than in girls. The researchers were a little surprised that there were such marked differences in terms of activity and BMI for girls and boys. Illustration photo: Shutterstock How is the activity level of children and young people related to the proportion of … Read more