“You live here?” Wonder Girls’ Hyerim Kang Joo-eun lost words after going to her newlywed house (+Photo)

The neat newlywed house of Hyerim Woo, a former member of the group Wonder Girls, was released. Below is KBS 2TV’s ‘New Family Relations Certificate, Godfather’ On KBS 2TV’s ‘New Family Relations Certificate, Godfather’ (hereafter ‘Godfather’), which was broadcast on the 19th, the scene where Kang Joo-eun visited Hye-rim Woo’s newlywed house for the first … Read more

Former Playboy girls reveal hidden

“He really believed he owned these women.” As Hugh Hefner demanded orgies five nights a week, intoxicated women with drugs, and hosted “Pig Nights” with “ugly” prostitutes each week, Hugh Hefner’s hidden life will be revealed. A new documentary series, Secrets of Playboy, will reveal the darkest corners of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. The documentary, … Read more

Jai-Phum-D Gerrard invades “Couple or Not?” opens the game to reveal the heroic deeds of the girl’s specs.

Considering that they are really strong, overtaking every curve for 3 young men, different styles, bad boy looks, the most fierce, unique, ready to crush the hearts of girls to the details. Jay-Ichanakorn rely on honors lead singer Taitosmith, Phum Rangsithananon and D Gerrard (Big-Ukrit, Willey Broad, Don Gabriel) actor from movie 4Kings has invaded … Read more

Did Melissa Paredes send a missile to Janet Barboza?: “The touch-ups must be done well because there are girls who look bad”

Strong declarations! During the last broadcast of the magazine program that she hosts now in the morning, the beautiful and popular Melissa Paredes He surprised everyone by talking about the “arrangements” that various television figures usually make. It all started when the model invited to the program, Leysi Suárez, recounted her indignation at the women … Read more

Robert was killed by a single person, the girl’s position is also being examined

The 17-year-old Robert Trajkovic, found dead in the basement of street 13 in via Rittmeyer in Trieste, was killed by 21-year-old Alì Kashim without the help of any accomplice. The news was given by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Julian capital after this morning the young man of Moroccan origin was questioned by the … Read more

Wonder Girls Sunye explains why she has three children… Hong Jin-kyung “It’s too naughty”

Hong Jin-kyung, a broadcaster, left an unexpected answer to the words of Sunye, a former member of Wonder Girls. Hereinafter, tvN’s mother is an idol’ In the tvN entertainment program ‘Mom is an Idol’, which was broadcast on the 7th, a scene was drawn where the members and Hong Jin-kyung of the comeback summoning team … Read more

90 percent of this city is inhabited by women, many beautiful girls are single, still virgins & want a husband

BANGKAPOS.COM — Of city In this, many beautiful girls and most want a husband. Yes, in city Almost 90 percent of the population is inhabited by woman. Is City bride of the lamb. This city is located in a remote area city Belo Vale, in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais Brazil. Noiva do Cordeiro … Read more

“I went back to Afghanistan, I saw little girls carrying beams on their heads …”

January 03, 2022, 7:59 am An official who could not resist the call from Kabul speaks to Tgcom24: “Despair and resignation are everywhere but someone says ‘we will do it again because we are Afghans’” Less than five months have passed since the Taliban took power. It was the days of August when the fundamentalists … Read more

26 girls “Last Idol Family” ready!! Invite fans to join hands – take pictures

Thai Rath Edition 29 Dec 2021 07:01 “Last Idol Family” (Last Idol Family) released behind-the-scenes photos of the commemorative photo shoot which will be packed on CD. “Last Idol 1st Single Band wagon” (Last Idol First Single Bandwagon) of 7 girls “Protea (Protea)” including Tonnam-Bantita, Manmuk-Chadathan, Mimi-Pimma Da, Ranma-Tantaya, Simone-Punnasa, Kae-Pannipa and Highway-Siraprapha. To make … Read more