Huawei Unveils ‘Smart Vision VR Glasses’ with Micro-OLED Panel

Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications equipment company, unveiled ‘Smart Vision VR Glasses’ at the 2022 World Virtual Reality (VR) Industry Event. The Smart Vision VR glasses feature a micro-OLED display that resembles a 120-inch virtual screen. ▲Binoculars 1080P resolution ▲Full HD ▲480 nit maximum brightness. In addition, the VR glasses have 90% DCI-P3 color gamut and … Read more

Tried Meta Quest Pro: What are Zuckerberg’s new VR glasses good for? – Social media

The marketing buzzword “Metaversum” has been causing eyes to roll for about a year now, Meta’s share price has been falling for weeks, and according to media reports, not even Meta’s own developers want to dive into virtual worlds like “Horizon Worlds”. In view of these meta-discussions, however, it is often overlooked that the hardware … Read more

The product with which you will stop cleaning your glasses over and over again

Those who are regular users of glasses, both eyeglasses and sunglasses, know perfectly how frustrating it can be keep windows clean to be able to observe the world without interference. Cleaning them by hand is easier and more immediate solution, but it can also get a little desperate, which explains why many people turn to … Read more

New virtual reality glasses for PlayStation 5 will be more expensive than the game console itself | Tech

02 nov 2022 om 16:02Update: een dag geleden The new virtual reality glasses for the PlayStation 5 will be released on February 22, 2023 and will cost 599 euros, reports Sony. This makes the headset more expensive than the game console itself, which is available from 450 euros. Sony announced the VR2 headset at the … Read more

He sleeps like a baby! When you drink two glasses a day, it ends insomnia

LETTUCE Lettuce, of which we are not so aware of its benefits while being consumed often, may actually be one of the best remedies for insomnia. In a study, it was revealed that the vegetable increased sleep time in mice and protected cells against the problem of inflammation that causes sleep deprivation. YOGURT Yogurt, which … Read more

Portaltic.-The Meta Quest Pro mixed reality glasses arrive in Spain for 1,799 euros – Publimetro Perú

By Europa Press October 26, 2022 at 06:43 a.m. MADRID, 26 (Portaltic/EP) The company presented this product within the framework of Meta Connect 2022, an event in which it also announced its collaboration with Microsoft and news about its avatars, among other details. Meta Quest Pro is the company’s commitment to the union of virtual … Read more

Google to test AR glasses in everyday life… Expands to US -> Canada

Google expands daily life testing using augmented reality (AR) glasses from the U.S. to Canada. The test has been conducted on a small scale in an open environment since August, with dozens of Google employees wearing AR glasses prototypes. In November, small-scale tests will be expanded to select Google employees in Waterloo and Toronto, Canada. … Read more

Myopia, by 2050 half of the world population will have to wear glasses: how to fight it –

from Cristina Marrone The paradox of education and the aggravation of the situation due to the lockdowns. The trend can be reversed in three ways (to be implemented immediately) Between the 80s and 90s the parents of Singapore they began to notice a disturbing change in their children. Overall, the lives of the people in … Read more

You are wearing glasses? In autumn, it is necessary to coat the glasses with this product and you will forget about the troublesome problem

Casual wearers glasses they realize that it is not always comfortable. The problem is when you walk from a cold courtyard into a warm apartment, or when a hot oven and dishwasher are opened and the steam rises from them. Doing so quickly fogs up the lenses, so you have to take your glasses off … Read more