Welcome summer! ROAV Folding Tech folding glasses new collection Gradient Series

Sunglasses, one of the chic items that must be carried with you. Because even more in the summer. Many people need sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun. and completes the wearer’s style It can be said that it is a must have item that must have for sure! Change the style of wearing … Read more

Pay attention to the potential to lead the future of AI and AR glasses |

Overseas tech news platform United.ai reported the view that artificial intelligence (AI) will drive the pace of creation of augmented reality (AR) glasses and 3D worlds. AI is already starting to be used to enable immersive AR experiences, especially in AR mobile apps. Cases of combining AI and AR have been observed to realize a … Read more

ZTE Nubia Enters the AR Market Smart AR Neovision Smart Glasses Launched in China

Nubia, a brand of Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer ZTE, recently released an AR smart glasses Neovision Glass at the mobile phone Z50 Ultra conference. The manufacturer claims that it is specially designed to meet the market’s increasing demand for 5G plus XR technology. Nubia Neovision Glass features a lightweight and stylish design, weighing only 79g, … Read more

ZTE Nubia Neovision Glass: technical characteristics, functions and more about augmented reality glasses | Mexico | Spain | MX | DEPOR-PLAY

The manufacturer ZTE presented at the Mobile World Congress 2023 the Nubia Neovision Glass augmented reality glasses with a light and modern design, and weighing only 79 grams. Learn about the main technical details of the gadget that insists on the standardization of AR glasses in the market. These lenses support myopia adjustment from 0-500°, … Read more

First ZTE Nubia 3D AI tablet offers immersive 3D experiences even without special glasses…

BARCELONA, Spain, March 3, 2023 (Reuters) /PRNewswire/ ZTE has partnered with Leia Inc. to jointly to introduce Nubia’s first glasses-free 3D AI tablet at MWC 2023 Nubia has introduced the world’s first 3D AI tablet, offering natural-looking 3D experiences, content sharing and content creation applications ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leader in information … Read more

Meta claims to have sold nearly 20 million Quest VR glasses

We just wrote about Meta’s plans to release full-fledged augmented reality glasses in 2027, which, according to the company, “will shake up the entire industry and become as popular as the iPhone”. In parallel, Meta is actively working on the development of virtual reality (VR) glasses, which is apparently one of the few areas where … Read more

Meta is planning a smartphone replacement with AR glasses

March 3, 2023 – Meta presented the long-term development plan of AR and VR glasses. The company has nothing less in mind than establishing the successor to the smartphone. Meta not only has big plans for the Metaverse, but also for the AR and VR glasses that are currently being developed. Like The Verge writes, … Read more

Meta marks 2027 for augmented reality glasses

Meta plans to launch its augmented and virtual reality glasses in 2027. Mark Zuckerberg thinks his new technology could be as popular as the iPhone. While the glasses will reportedly have the ability to project avatars as high-quality holograms onto the real world, they are expected to be quite expensive in price. The devices are … Read more