VIDEO. The goalkeeper of the Polish national team ended the interview with the words “Glory to Ukraine”

Poland goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny in an interview after the 2022 World Cup match with Saudi Arabia, he supported Ukraine. When the questions from the journalists were exhausted, the Pole said as parting words: “Glory to Ukraine!”. Note that the match of the 2nd round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in group C between the … Read more

Gotham Knights cheaper than ever so you can recover the glory of Batman at half price

Gotham Knigts It arrived on our computers and consoles on October 21. After a long wait and a series of delays under the umbrella of Warner Bros., the bat-family’s commitment to a cooperative world behind the long shadow of Batman had many doubtful eyes on it. Even so, the game enjoys some Mostly positive reviews … Read more

Understand the importance of vitamins and minerals for children’s nutrition | Glory

Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency is one of the most common nutritional disorders in the world. In Brazil, although the majority of the population lives in regions with adequate sun exposure, hypovitaminosis D persists as a public health problem and is not restricted to the elderly and women during menopause, but also affects pregnant women, … Read more

Love, Glory and Beauty – Top Models, episode broadcast on November 23, 2022 on cbs in the USA

At Villa Forrester, Taylor, Steffy et Thomas continue their conversation in the bedroom Douglas. Taylor does not understand why his two children are arguing on the day of his remarriage with Ridge. She is sure that nothing will be able to disturb this magnificent day… Thomas agrees with her: Steffy and he himself are going … Read more

Glory | Gloria buys Soprole in Chile: what comes for the Peruvian holding company with this acquisition? | Blow | Chile | dairy| acquisitions | ECONOMY

The transaction for the dairy giant will be for US$210 million as the value of the shares- as reported Gloriathrough Gloria Foods, to the Superintendency of the Stock Market- plus the cancellation of a debt to Fonterra and other transactions in the process, which will lead to the final amount being around 591.07 billion Chilean … Read more

Glory | purchase | Blow | Chile | Peru | purchase | acquisitions | dairy market |Grupo Gloria agrees to purchase Soprole de Chile for US$ 640.27 million | ECONOMY

It took 14 months for the closing of the agreement for Grupo Gloria to acquire Soprole de Chile, for the sum of US$ 640.27 million. The operation not only involves the acquisition of 100% of the company valued at US$210 million, which Grupo Gloria reported in the stock market, but also the debts that add … Read more

Love, Glory and Beauty – Top Models, episode broadcast on November 16, 2022 on cbs in the USA

In his father’s office, Ridge looks back on a few contracts with the help of Justin and of Carter. By the way, Carter don’t hesitate to tease Ridge : They all know how Ridge likes to take the time to do things… Mockery does not escape Justinwho immediately makes the connection with her recent marriage … Read more

Love, Glory and Beauty – Top Models, episode broadcast on November 15, 2022 on cbs in the USA

After insisting for weeks that his parents get back together, it’s only natural that Steffy jumps for joy when her mother shows her the ring on her finger. Steffy is enchanted, and takes Taylor in her arms to congratulate her. She’s been waiting for this moment for so long that she doesn’t even know if … Read more

Love, Glory and Beauty – Top Models, episode broadcast on November 14, 2022 on cbs in the USA

In the office ofEric, Taylor just learned that Brooke just signed the annulment papers of his marriage with Ridge. She suspects that it must not be easy for Ridge, but in the end it’s a good thing. It had to happen… Seeing him all upset, Taylor speaks to him and would like him to confide … Read more