CSAPLÁR’S GLOSSARY: There is a total degradation of the football craft in the Czech Republic!

“Last week, Sparta, Slavia and Jablonec presented themselves for the fifth time in their European Cup groups. I will not evaluate their performance. The crucial thing, and sad at the same time, is that we fall with a coefficient lower and lower. We will be happy for the Conference League in the coming seasons. And … Read more

Glossary: ​​Eraser is good, or Pelt’s play on the grant god is heading for bars

Let’s face it – only one person on the planet can come to a court where you have almost everything and answer a “question with Alkmaar, good” to a journalistic question about current feelings. A few tens of minutes later, however, Miroslav Pelta definitely did not have the UEFA Conference League table with his FK … Read more

CSAPLÁR’S GLOSSARY: Deciding on trust in Šilhavý? Like in Kocourkov. Jardo, you’re not solving it!

“I do not like the situation around the coach of the Czech national team, Jarda Šilhavý, and his implementation team. The new head of the FACR, Petr Fousek, stated that the executive committee will evaluate the just-completed qualification with the coaches. God, where do we want to belong? To where we were, ie to the … Read more

The fragile charm and timidness spread the trained professional on the hooves. Do we prefer Hussites than tennis players? TV glossary by Ely Nováková

22.11.2021 Photo: Courtesy of Czech Television Description: Tereza Černochová never ceases to be surprised and is the embodiment of the claim that some extra pounds do not have to be an obstacle on the dance floor. In the arms of the four-time vice-champion of the Czech Republic in Latin American and standard dances Dominika Vodička, … Read more

Glossary: ​​November 17 celebrations? OK Boomer

The November celebrations are beginning to have an awkward taste of a constantly recurring story. As if they were written by Havel himself… I am more or less a child of the Velvet Revolution. A generation of my parents were beaten up on Národní třída, founded Civic Forums and rang the keys in the squares. … Read more

CSAPLÁR’S GLOSSARY: Does Sparta run to Europe? If they evaluated it that way at Letná in the cabin, please, God forbid!

Sparta captain David Pavelka (left) after a collected goal with Lyon. Vlastimil Vacek, Right “After six years, I was in the Czech Television studio as a guest during the Sparta Cup match with Lyon. I have nice memories of the French team from working in Liberec, we defeated Olympique four and one at Letná almost … Read more

Glossary: ​​Slavia limps as Liverpool after the title, Sparta is liberated by Prince Adam

From the imaginary race behind the title, announced for 30 + 5 laps, a large part of the starting field has 12 items. Viktoria Plzeň is leading 33 points ahead of Sparta (29) and agile Slovácko (28), while the reigning champion from Eden has so far had to settle for 26 points. But we have … Read more

CSAPLÁR’S GLOSSARY: Gentlemen, when you’re going to a meeting, go, for God’s sake, at least play!

Tomas Soucek (22) and Belarusian Vitaly Lisakovich. Roman Kruchinin, ČTK / AP “The national team played two qualifying matches in the last event. The first with Wales was much criticized. I will not be among the people who rate players. The reason is simple. When I was a club coach, I did not do any … Read more

Glossary: ​​Performance against Wales terrified. Only Vaclík deserves two thumbs up

A ticket dated March 30, 2021 hung on the calendar. And the Czech footballers could hardly bite that they lost 0: 1 in Cardiff, although they lost the home team for almost the entire match, even in the period when they played numerically weakened after Schick’s disqualification. Undoubtedly, this also led to optimism about the … Read more

Glossary: ​​Cup Week elevated the King and tormented Czech favorites

I like Vladimír Mišík and the songs sung by him set to music by Czech poets. I don’t know how Alex the King is doing in this point. But after Wednesday, one sentence from the song Stříhali doholo little little boy applies to him. Specifically: It’s already started for him. Of course, the Czech midfielder … Read more