President of Al-Obour Club: Our goal is to go up to the league… and the Football Association did us justice

Counselor Tariq Rabie, President of the El-Obour Club, said that the Football Association did justice to the team after the federation decided that El-Obour Club was entitled to the second division, after the complaint submitted by some clubs against the club for including a forged player in the date of his birth. He said, during … Read more

Facebook introduces new audio channels similar to those of Discord | Goal | Metaverse | TECHNOLOGY

Meta is testing a number of features intended for groups of Facebook and has presented a section in which it is already possible to create audio channels with a style very similar to that presented by the Discord platform. In March of last year, Facebook announced that it had been developing a product similar to … Read more

Inflation, the restrictive measures of the central banks? Dictated by a neoliberal dogma. The real goal is to keep wages in check

The response of the central banks the inflationary wave is causing many perplexity in the financial world and in a part of the economic observatories. Under accusation is the ancient monetarist recipe:se i prices rise rapidly central banks unleash the usual package of measures restrictive based on rapid increases in interest rates e reduction of … Read more

Marcelo’s son nets goal with Real Madrid youngsters and mimics Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration

Left Real Madrid four years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo is always talked about in the Spanish capital. As he evolves with the youngsters of the Spanish club, Enzoson of the left side Marcelo, jumps higher than everyone on a corner to deceive the goalkeeper with a header. Happy, the thirteen-year-old celebrates his goal by performing the … Read more

Origi forever a Liverpool legend: his goal against Barca named the most beautiful in the history of the club

This summer, Divock Origi should close behind him an eight-year chapter in Liverpool. The Red Devil should indeed sign with AC Milan in the next few years, he who was crossed out by Mo Salah, Sadio Mané or even Roberto Firmino and more recently Luis Diaz with the Reds. With Liverpool, Origi scored 41 goals … Read more

Saudi victory retracts the Abu Jabal deal and kidnaps Real Madrid’s goal

Board of Directors decided Al Nassr FC Headed by Musali Al Muammar, he retracted the idea of ​​including the Egyptian international goalkeeper, Muhammad Abu Jabal, after the end of his contract with Zamalek at the end of the current season, due to the harsh public objections. The Al-Nasr administration decided to switch to another idea … Read more

Soccer hockey place. Ovechkin played for Dynamo Moscow and with a goal helped to win

“The dream came true. Of course I dreamed of scoring a goal. I had one more chance, but I tried to find Smolov with a pass,” said Ovechkin, who wore the Dynamo Moscow hockey jersey before leaving for the NHL. The 36-year-old three-time world champion scored a goal after receiving a pass with a heel … Read more

Guizhou Juyuan Chengda 1-0 vertical and horizontal Liu Sheng scored the only goal of the game_TOM Sports

At 17:20 on June 25th, the 21st Guiyang Amateur Football D-level League, hosted by Guizhou Sports Online, guided by the Guiyang Olympic Sports Center, and co-organized by the Guiyang Olympic Event Operation Center, was held in the Olympic Sports South. The side new stadium ended the fifth game of the fifth round, Guizhou Juyuan Chengda … Read more

Opportunity for Persis Solo to qualify for the President’s Cup, mandatory goal party for the hope of continuing the top 8

Tribunnews/Muhammad Nursina Persis Solo defender Fabiano Beltrame (second right) celebrates after scoring his team’s equalizer against PSIS Semarang for the 2022 Presidential Cup at Manahan Stadium, Solo, Central Java, Tuesday (21/6/2022) – Persis Solo still has a chance to qualify for the final. 2022 President’s Cup quarter-finals, but with a lot of possibilities to wait … Read more

Video – Nuns score a goal and celebrate it…

Because football is a sport that has attracted the hearts of everyone, regardless of their sects, affiliations, and inclinations.Some nuns appeared playing football in one of the small stadiums in Italy, and they succeeded in scoring a goal, and they celebrated it with joy and love for this sport. Who said that football is the … Read more