NHL | The Czech goalkeeper is now catching like Brodeur. Even Eliáš has a follower at the Devils

According to general manager Tom Fitzgerald, the 26-year-old reinforcement from Washington was supposed to stabilize the Devils’ goaltending. But this was not expected. In Montreal, Vaněček picked up his seventh win (5:1) in a row! Something similar happened to Brodeur in the 2010-11 season in a club that would like to return to the playoffs. … Read more

Video – The goalkeeper decides the match and scores from 90 meters!!

After Angel Motzenzi scored (32) for Club Desportivo Trovenzi, and Miguel Santos (65) for Benfica B, and the match in the youth league was heading to a draw, Luis Semedo shot the ball from about 90 meters, penetrating the opponent’s goalkeeper’s net… Except for the goalkeeper. Benfica is ranked third in the Portuguese youth league … Read more

Wow! Benfica’s talented goalkeeper scored almost across the pitch, but the goal was scored as his own. Check out the sensational shot

Source: SK Slavia Prague While last season there was speculation in all transfer periods about two or three Slavia stars who could leave, this year no name is being offered for the first time. The staples have had their weakest cup half-year in recent years, but after failing to advance to the knockout stage of … Read more

An incredible goal by the Benfica goalkeeper. He hit literally all over the field

The 20-year-old goalkeeper of the B team of Benfica Lisbon, Samuel Soares, scored an unprecedented goal in the Portuguese third league match on Monday. He made his mark with an artillery attempt from behind his own goal. “I saw that their goalkeeper was not standing in the goal, and since the wind was blowing in … Read more

The lob of the year: a Benfica goalkeeper scores an incredible goal from 70 meters (video)

Benfica reserve goalkeeper Samuel Soares scored one of the goals of the year. While his team were led by CD Trofense, the goalkeeper restored equality with a superb goal. By clearing from outside its rectangle, the ball will fly up until it touches the crossbar of its opposing counterpart and then enters the goal. Eventually, … Read more

Benfica goalkeeper creates an own goal against the opponent in Portugal

Benfica goalkeeper Samuel Soares excels with a special goal (Galter Fatia Getty) The young Portuguese goalkeeper, Samuel Soares, managed to score a special goal, with a missile, after leaving his line by about 30 meters, bypassing everyone and settling in the opponent’s goal. Portuguese Miguel Santos. Suarez’s goal came in the match that brought together … Read more

The sensational goal from 90 meters of the Messina goalkeeper, the prank of Lewandowski to the distracted colleague – The video

A punishment almost like a banal long postponement, indeed very long, that of Michal Lewandowski goalkeeper of Messina, and today a bomber like his namesake of Barcelona. Self Messina won 3-2 against Monterosi in Series C, it is also thanks to the goalkeeper who with a 90-meter raise mocked the Lazio team’s goalkeeper, who saw … Read more

A goalkeeper with a big heart: Thibaut Courtois makes a young boy’s dream come true (photos)

Real Madrid ended their Champions League group stage perfectly by winning 5-1 against Celtic Glasgow. Thibaut Courtois distinguished himself by stopping a penalty. After the encounter, the Red Devil went to find a little boy who was carrying a large sign, asking him to please give him his gloves. The doorman saw the request of … Read more

World Cup 1938 .. A goalkeeper saves 11 Italians from Mussolini’s brutality

France hosted the third edition of the FIFA World Cup in 1938, when the drums of World War II were beating in Europe and Germany swallowed Austria with “Anschluss” and two years after the Berlin Summer Olympics, which Hitler used for Nazi propaganda. Under the leadership of the shrewd coach Vittorio Pozzo, Italy became the … Read more

German goalkeeper Neuer announces he has skin cancer

Bayern Munich and Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has confirmed that he has skin cancer. Sharjah 24- Asaad Khalil: Bayern Munich and Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer announced, through his official account on Instagram, that he suffers from skin cancer. The veteran German goalkeeper confirmed that he underwent 3 successful surgeries on the face, after it was … Read more