RANKINGS: The Bastards Defeated the Angry Gods

Triumph of the Bastards follows on from the successful titles of director Tomáš Magnusko. In it, teacher Majer is released from prison on amnesty. His classmate from elementary school Ivan (Zdeněk Godla), who lives in a Roma ghetto, takes him into his house. Majer has no family. He has no one left, so he accepts … Read more

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods” Will Include Gay Superhero Characters In Team – JEDIYUTH

image via Warner Bros. If there’s a superhero movie that has the most representation from all walks of life, it’s probably “Shazam! Fury of the Gods.” There will also be representation from the LGBTQ community. In an interview to Dorkholics Chris Morgan and Henry Gayden, writers of the film. Tells about what the movie fans … Read more

Pope to St. Joseph: Put God’s love first – Vatican News

The Order of St. Joseph, founded by Father San Mugliardo, celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. On this occasion, the Pope received the members of the congregation. He underlined three priorities of their apostolic work: the primacy of God’s love, attention to a changing world and the paternal tenderness of charity. (Vatican News Network)Pope Francis … Read more

Pope: Confession is not a human court, but God’s comforting embrace – Vatican News

Pope Francis presides over the liturgy of confession at the Church of Our Lady of Grace in Rome, kicking off the Lent “24 Hours to the Lord” event. The encounter with God through the sacrament of confession, the Pope noted, “heals the heart and brings peace”. (Vatican News Network)Pope Francis invites the faithful to meet … Read more

Mayan Al-Sayed, on her role in “1000 Hamdallah, may God’s peace be upon her”: a different personality and her blood is light

The young artist, Mayan Al-Sayed, revealed the details of the character that she presents during the events of the series “1000, Praise be to God, may God bless him and grant him peace,” which is scheduled to be shown next Ramadan. Mayan said: “I will play the role of (Samah Jalal), and this is a … Read more

Unbelievers and God’s People in Psalms – Vatican News

Word Path: The Fourteenth Psalm – A Contemplative Reading. The Fourteenth Psalm – A Reflection – Soundtrack Monsignor Joji Vadakara, Vatican City In the 14th Psalm, we see David calling out the hypocrisy of people who live without God and the error of people who place themselves above God without seeking God’s will. These verses … Read more

Papa: Listen to God’s voice, walk together, bear witness

Receiving the group from St. Mary’s Seminary in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) at the Vatican on March 6, the Pope encouraged them to pay attention to listening to God, walking together and giving witness to the faith, which are important elements of their formation and the synodal journey of the Church. C. Roubini CTC, Vatican News … Read more

Pre-registration for the cross-platform RPG Dragonheir: Silent Gods has opened

Publisher Nuverse and studio SgraStudio have announced the opening of pre-registration for the cross-platform RPG Dragonheir: Silent Gods. You can pass it on official website of the game. For reaching a certain number of pre-registrations, players will receive various gifts at the start. In honor of this event, the developer has released a new cinematic … Read more

Coach ban accepts the condition of the thunder castle superior, causing the gods to fall to the Revo Cup – fresh news

Coach Ban Thachtawan Sripan, head coach of True Bangkok United, admitted that Buriram United had clearly superior quality and lost to the Revo Cup 2022/23 round. Coach Ban Thachatawan Sripan, head coach of “The Gods” True Bangkok United, just led the team to open the house to lose. “Prasat Thunder” Buriram United overwhelmingly 0-3 round … Read more

The next game from the developer of Curse of the Dead Gods is a cooperative roguelike. -Ravenswatch

Passtech Games, the developer behind Curse of the Dead Gods, has finally pulled the curtain on its next project. Dubbed Ravenswatch, the title is a co-op roguelike in which players assume the role of one of multiple characters from fables and legends. Designed as a group game for up to four players, Ravenswatch challenges players … Read more