The Volkswagen Golf will continue to live in the electric age as well

The management of Volkswagen has confirmed that the legend of the group, the compact class model Golf, will continue to live in the electric age, moving into its ninth generation. Thomas Schaefer, head of Volkswagen, disclosed this information to the journalists of the Spanish edition of Autobild, stressing that in the middle of 2024, the … Read more

Skoda Octavia hatchback? The unusual vision could compete with the Golf and the Scala

The third body version of the Mladá Boleslav bestseller is very unlikely, but it wouldn’t look bad at all. Since time immemorial, Škoda Octavia has been offered in two body styles: liftback and combi. But have you ever wondered what it would look like as a hatchback? At, this idea has not been alien … Read more

Nazrin, young Malaysian Outstanding Golf Champion Boonchu Ruangkit

Amir Nazrin is a 25-year-old golfer from Malaysia. Became the first foreign golfer to win the Boonchu Rueangkit Championship to win the professional golf tournament, the opening match of the All Thailand Golf Tour 2023 season, the “Boonchu Rueangkit Championship No. 9” contest. Total prize money of 5 million baht at Rancho Charnvee Resort and … Read more

Molinari and Migliozzi are fighting for the title in Abu DhabiGolfando, the golf blog

The blue dream continues in the United Arab Emirates: after three laps Francesco Molinari is still on top of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. And just two shots away is Guido Migliozzi. In the first race valid for the Rolex Series, the Turinese, with a total of 203 (67 67 69, -13) shots, after the … Read more

L. Fruhvirtová – Vondroušová | ONLINE tennis | 21/1/2023 04:30

Online magazine of the daily Právo & Copyright ©, a.s., Borgis, a.s., CTK, DPA, Reuters, Profimedia photobanks. Audiovisual media services. Publishing or further dissemination of the contents of the server is prohibited without the written consent of Borgis, as. RSS channels of the server are intended for personal use only. Any … Read more

Paid fan site opened social media golf star spiranic… Estimated income alone is 5.4 billion won per year

11 million followers ‘Influencer’There are more than ‘Golf Emperor’ WoodsAnnual income of 4.4 million won even if you pay only 1%Bigger than the total prize money of Lydia Go Spiranic (30, USA, photo), a ‘golf influencer’ page with more SNS followers than ‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods (48, USA), created a paid site. Locally, he, the … Read more

Manchester City’s remarks after the Derby were accused of dark-inch C Lang Bruno Fernandes’ counterattack/Football Hot Talk

The remarks made by Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes (Bruno Fernandes) after the derby in Manchester City were widely interpreted as the individualism of the superstar C Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo, also translated as Ronaldo), who has left the team. Nu immediately responded with a long post on social media, criticizing the media for misinterpreting his … Read more

Word of the year to look forward to in 2023, from golf to army

This browser does not support sharing function.Address copied. 15 words I picked up while anticipating this year. What expectations, concerns, and changes are there? golfGolf, do you really play everything but me? Shall we answer with numbers only? The size of the golf wear market in 2020, disclosed by the Korea Leisure Industry Research Institute, … Read more