Love and fire announced ampay of Janick Maceta and Andrés Wiese, but broadcast was suspended | Rodrigo Gonzalez | Instagram | shows

love and fire did not go on the air this Thursday, January 13, because it was detected a positive case of coronavirus in a member of. In social networks, the message of the channel was spread in the absence of the show program. This situation left the thousands of viewers of the program by Rodrigo … Read more

Eiza González surprises fans at Christmas with a tiny bikini

Eiza Gonzalez surprised fans in Christmas, publishing a story in which he is seen with tiny bikini. Photos: Cuartoscuro. Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez surprised to his Instagram fans, sharing in Christmas a story in which he was seen with tiny bikini: “Merry Christmas”, wrote the artist in black and white photo. With a … Read more

Transfer market, Godin’s farewell could open the doors to Daniel Gonzalez

The Chilean club of Santiago Wanderers has confirmed that they have come into contact with Cagliari. Does Godin’s farewell open the doors to Daniel Gonzalez? The farewell of Diego Godin could open the doors of the Cagliari to the defender of Santiago Wanderers Daniel Gonzalez. To confirm that he has been in contact with the … Read more

Rosángela Espinoza surprised by revealing that she wants to host “Amor y Fuego” with Rodrigo González | celebrity NNDC | SHOWS

Updated on 12/08/2021 07:28 pm After leaving “This is war”, Rosángela Espinoza He confessed that he plans to return to television, but what attracted the most attention was that he said that he would like to return to the small screen as a television host and with Rodrigo gonzalez. The model gave a brief interview … Read more

Italian: “Gonzalez more decisive on the right, he must understand”

The words of Vincenzo Italiano, approaching the match against Salernitana on Saturday. The coach prods Nico Gonzalez Vincenzo Italiano spoke today in a live broadcast organized by the official media of Fiorentina: Spring – Good luck to the guys from Aquilani. It is a very important trophy, I hope they can bring home a victory. … Read more

Eiza González shows that sequined shorts are what is today

6/6 The beauty look of the famous also enhanced her femininity, by leaving her loose hair with soft waves, in addition to focusing all attention on their lips that he painted with a rose very subtle and natural. Yes indeed; the bermuda was the garment that dazzled the most, standing out as a piece that … Read more

Josimar explodes against Rodrigo González and clarifies that he will no longer declare for Amor y Fuego: “They were banned with me”

The US warned that China has economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to challenge the international system US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin affirmed that Washington does not want a new Cold War, “nor a world divided into rigid blocks.”

ATP> Gonzalez: “Djokovic never misses a ball, Nadal is running everywhere with pain all over his body, it’s hard to say who is the biggest”

Fernando Gonzalez was invited by Tennis 365 to give his opinion on the famous debate of GOAT (the greatest player of all time). The old 5e world player admits that Novak Djokovic has the numbers for him, but he still prefers Roger Federer: “Novak is breaking all records and it looks like he will continue … Read more

Rodrigo González criticizes Fiorella Méndez for not talking about Pedro Loli | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 11/26/2021 12:00 pm The program ‘Amor y Fuego’ contacted Fiorella Mendez to give details about his recent statement against Pedro Loli, after confirming that they had definitively separated. SIGHT: Pedro Loli after separating definitively from Fiorella Méndez: “it’s the best for us” However, Méndez ‘chot’ the reporter and replied: “Anything, talk about it … Read more

Rodrigo González Peluchín responds to Magaly Medina mocking LIVE: “Envy what? Your penguin?”, Love and fire

They don’t come loose at all. Rodrigo gonzalez launched a tremendous missile against Magaly medina LIVE today in response to the message that the Urraca had in his program and made it clear to him that he has nothing to envy her. It is so in Love and Fire, the popular Peluchín said that the … Read more