QS: “Jovic, goodbye in January? The three points that deny this scenario “

From Spain there are rumors of a possible farewell of Luka Jovic as early as January. The Nation highlights three reasons why this would be unlikely The nation dwells on the rumors bouncing from Spain, who would see Luka Jovic away from Florence as early as January. A truly absurd scenario, given what little the … Read more

Shock after the death of a couple of Poles in the Tatra Mountains. Justyna Kowalczyk’s husband says goodbye to their friends

The bodies of Poles will be brought down by Slovak rescuers only on Thursday. The weather did not allow it on Wednesday The deceased came from Lower Silesia and both were closely related to the mountains. Andrzej Sokołowski was a mountain guide and GOPR rescuer. His wife also led tourists in the mountains and worked … Read more

Goodbye fruit flies. This is the trick you really need to know

Aappear out of nowhere and can stay around the house for several days. Fruit flies are more common in the kitchen area. No matter how hard you try to kill them, they always end up showing up more. The solution is much simpler than you might think and you only need to have two ingredients … Read more

Pandev says goodbye to football

Goran Pandev and the kiss after a goal (photo by Genoa CFC Tanopress) “I look back and it still doesn’t seem real. It has been an incredible journey. He brought so many emotions inside and I know I share them with gloves have accompanied me along this path ». With a message on Instagram, Goran … Read more

Katalin’s 67-year-old mother said goodbye to the queen in such a dignified way: Carole supports her daughter in everything – Világstzár

Carole Middleton also attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, which was held on Monday. The 67-year-old woman has proven several times in recent years that she is the main supporter of her daughter, Princess Katalin. Carole Middleton at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral The very day after the Queen’s death, Carole said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth on her business’s … Read more

Funeral of Elizabeth II: the whole world says goodbye to the queen

The British capital is under glass. After ten days of national mourning decreed since the disappearance of Elizabeth II at the age of 96, a grandiose funeral took place in London, yesterday Monday, September 19. For several days, the British were able to meditate in front of the queen’s coffin. Since the sad announcement of … Read more

Farewell forever.. Seeing the clip, tears flow along mother saying goodbye to son after cancer Can’t give chemo – fresh news

Farewell forever.. Seeing the clip, tears flow along mother saying goodbye to son after terminal cancer I can’t give chemo because I’m too skinny. Netizens flock to cheer Follow the news, press follow, live news On 20 Sep. 65 members TikTok @jdaotaem.me Post a heart-wrenching clip. After losing her beloved mother, she will never return. … Read more

Gisela Valcárcel says goodbye to ‘The Big Star’: “We did everything to make it happen”

Gisela Valcarcel will say goodbye to his new singing reality show ‘the big star‘. The presenter announced on Instagram that the saturday september 24 He will say goodbye to his show, after spending eight weeks on the air. “I want to thank every partner, actor, singer, dancer, music producer who joined this challenge and wanted … Read more

Goodbye Putin! Russia Loses Again, Ukraine Wins Here

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ukraine begins to report back on victory over Russia in the war-frontier region of the East of the country. Quotes CNN InternationalKyiv stated that the Bilohorivka region in Luhansk is now fully under Ukrainian control. The announcement was made by the head of the Luhansk regional military administration on Telegram, Sehiy … Read more