Musk warns Apple and Google of banning Twitter.. I will make a new smartphone

He said Businessman and owner of “Twitter” He would make his own smartphone if Google and Apple banned Twitter from their app stores. Musk said in a tweet in response to conservative broadcaster Liz Wheeler that he hopes the situation does not reach that point, but that he will make this decision if necessary. “I … Read more

Google Pixel Watch, transportation card support notice through update

It is known that Google’s first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, will support transportation cards. According to foreign media on the 24th (local time), Google announced on its support page that “Pixel Watch users will be able to use transportation cards stored in their Wallet through future software updates. However, the specific timing of support was … Read more

In detail, a new secret project from Google is ready to launch, “Pitchfork”, to lay off employees

In conjunction with the fact that this period witnesses work to focus on a number of projects that focus on artificial intelligence, the global Google company has worked on launching a new secret project, which is the huge project whose effects are scheduled to reach in order to work through the advancement of the company’s … Read more

Report: Google is working on a wearable device to improve teens’ relationship with their phones

Google is developing a new teen wearable device as part of its Fitbit family of devices, as it tries to capture a growing segment of younger wearable users, three employees familiar with the project told Businessinsider. Two employees said the wearable device, codenamed Project Eleven – a reference to a Stranger Things character – is … Read more

Durham, Google OS TV launch event through Naver Shopping Live

DUHAM (The Bao Partners CEO: Seungjin Kim) will hold a Naver Shopping Live on November 16th to commemorate the launch of Google OS TV. At the Shopping Live, which will be held for 1 hour from 11 am on November 16, you can find all models of Plus Google OS TV (UHD/QLED) at up to … Read more

November 2022 security update plugs zero-day vulnerability

Just in time for Microsoft Patchday, always on the second Tuesday of the month, there are new updates for the Microsoft Exchange Server. This one has it all again – it’s about six security gaps. All three versions 2013, 2016 and 2019 have an update which, among other things, closes the critical zero-day vulnerability from … Read more

Vivo X80 Lite Review: Good front camera, but…

With the Vivo X80 Lite, the Chinese manufacturer presented a cheaper Lite version of the X series for the first time. It is offered in Austria for a recommended retail price of 449 euros, which already suggests that it has absolutely nothing to do with the X80 Pro. According to Vivo, it is more of … Read more

Google launches a new app that allows you to play mobile games on your PC

More posts d b a Published in: Sunday 6 November 2022 – 10:51 AM | Last updated: Sunday 6 November 2022 – 10:51 AM The American technology and Internet services company, Google, has launched the beta version of the Google Play Games application in the United States, which allows the user who has an account … Read more

New technology from Google inspires authors to write

Google has revealed a new technology based on artificial intelligence to edit texts, which it called “WordCraft”, and it inspires writers when writing new stories. Despite the remarkable development of the new technology, it is unlikely that it will stand alone, and will replace professional writers, at least for the time being. The company used … Read more