There are rivers of blood in Iran, and mostly the victims are young people. Russia is not in the foreground for them / GORDON

“I think Iran is now afraid of all the same relations with Russia. The first reason is internal. The revolutionary guard and law enforcement forces, the so-called behave very cruelly. There is a huge number of dead, rivers of blood. And most of the victims are young people. They don’t really have Russia in the … Read more

Mizulina, Simonyan, Skabeeva, rubber Valya Matvienko – these are absolutely fascist, ruthless aunts / GORDON

Speaking about Russian propagandists, in particular about Olga Skabeeva and Margarita Simonyan, Batsman noted that they even cause more disgust than the male propagandists. “Skabeeva, Simonyan – there are several of them, but these two are the brightest – they do such vile, disgusting things that, it would seem, by their nature, a woman as … Read more

Activists occupied Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin restaurant – VG

The restaurant closed after the performance. – Deeply disrespectful, says a spokesperson for the restaurant. On Saturday evening, activists from the climate and animal protection group Animal Rebellion entered a restaurant in Chelsea, London. The protesters marched into the three-star Gordon Ramsay restaurant and sat down at reserved tables. They held up fake menus detailing … Read more

Why didn’t Putin go to the G20 summit? He was smart enough to figure out that the proverb “Affectionate calf sucks at two tigers” would have been played there. In the role of tigers – Xi and Biden / GORDON

“Why didn’t he go to the summit in Indonesia, Bali? He had the sense to figure out that if he came, the old proverb “Affectionate calf sucks two tigers” would be played out in their faces. It is clear that the role of tigers would be “Chinese Chairman and American President. Putin is no longer … Read more

Gordon Ramsay offers Christmas dinner for an impressive sum: the new feasts would have to be laid much more

Famous chef Gordon Ramsay is offering just such an expensive dinner at one of its restaurants in London this Christmas. It was already in the limelight last year when it first offered such a luxury option. And these offer a luxurious gastronomic experience that costs more than some families spend on an entire holiday table. … Read more

Kherson collaborator Stremousov died in an accident – Russian media / GORDON

The propaganda agency also wrote about Stremousov’s death “RIA Novosti”referring to the “administration” of the region. Russian edition Readovka, referring to sources, wrote that the collaborator died in an accident. It did not provide any other details of the death.

Xi Jinping did not congratulate Putin on his 70th birthday, but two days later congratulated Rahmon on his 70th. How much clearer? / GORDON

He believes that now China’s support for Russia is “very indirect.” “China is also analyzing the situation. And it is clear that Xi Jinping was waiting for a success that would allow him – I don’t know – to immediately attack Taiwan. In any case, would give him confidence that the Taiwan problem can be … Read more

Military exercises on the border of Ukraine and Romania were held with the participation of the US Airborne Division “Screaming Eagles”. It stunned the Europeans / GORDON

“Last week, military exercises were held on the border of Ukraine and Romania, in which the brigade of the 101st divisions US airborne troops. This American division is called the Screaming Eagles. For the first time since 1945, after the Second World War in Europe, this division returned to our territory. This news stunned many … Read more

the country “will not remain indifferent” if it is proved that the Russian Federation uses Iranian drones in Ukraine / GORDON

He reiterated Tehran’s position that Iran did not supply Russia with “any weapons or drones for use in the war with Ukraine,” but stressed that cooperation between Russia and Iran will continue “away from the war in Ukraine,” the agency reported. IRNA. The diplomat also said that Iran is ready to send a group of … Read more

I think the FSB under the leadership of Patrushev is slowly rocking Putin’s boat / GORDON

“This is the FSB line, which I have been following for about a year and a half or two. And they never had anything for it. That is, they have been sitting there for a long time, they have already spoken for 20 years according to Russian laws. stated, and nothing needs to be invented … Read more