Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs begins full-fledged research and development (R&D) business on 10 key technologies of food tech – Press release | briefing room | news

In accordance with the policy briefing post operating principles, the following posts may be deleted. 1. In the case of posting personal information such as other person’s e-mail address, phone number, resident registration number, etc. or the relevant information 2. In case of damaging the reputation of others with unconfirmed content 3. Distributing or linking … Read more

“Austria” boss Niki Fellner wants to be measured by deeds

December 13, 2022 “Austria” boss Niki Fellner wants more positive news © APA/HANS KLAUS TECHT Niki Fellner, head of Mediengruppe Österreich, has successively taken over day-to-day operations from father Wolfgang Fellner in the current year. After the debt haircut with financial partners, the group should be economically well positioned in the future. The 37-year-old is … Read more

28GHz band allocation, promoted based on demand from the 3 telecommunications companies – the facts are like this | news

The Ministry of Science and ICT said, “The allocation of the 28GHz band was promoted based on the demand of the three telecommunication companies.” [기사 내용] ㅇ At the time of the 5G frequency allocation four years ago, the three telecommunications companies were not interested in the 28GHz band, which is expected to have limited … Read more

Technology Commercialization, Utilize Public Procurement – Press Release | briefing room | news

technology commercialization, Take advantage of public procurement – Enterprise, local government, Innovation procurement for public institutions R&D Accepting demand □ Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(Minister Lee Chang-yang, below the Ministry of Industry)is targeting companies promoting technology commercialization. Supporting research and development in connection with public procurement “Commercialization of innovative products linked to demand-based procurement”receive … Read more

Prohibition of product purchase (‘22.11.28. ~ ‘22.12.02.) Bidding Trends – Press Release | briefing room | news

Prohibition of product purchase (‘22.11.28. ~ ‘22.12.02.) Bidding TrendExpected bidding worth KRW 239.7 billion, including ‘Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Advanced Type Installation and Delivery’ for Demand at Armed Forces Capital Hospital □ The Public Procurement Service is ‘22.11.28. ~ ‘22.12.02. During the period, a total of 319 cases, including the installation and delivery of high-end … Read more

Mid-sized companies find a way to innovate amidst the global economic crisis – Press release | briefing room | news

midsize company, Finding a way to innovate amidst the global economic crisis – 「Midsize Enterprise Innovation Conference」 Hold – – 2022lighthouse company 10company selection – □ Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(Minister Lee Chang-yang, below ‘Ministry of Industry’)Is 11.17Work(neck), Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology(Director Byungju Min)with 「Midsize Enterprise Innovation Conference」was held. ㅇ The event … Read more

‘Second Middle East Boom’ Expectations… Korean companies and Saudi Arabia’s large-scale projects start at the same time – Policy News | news

In line with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to Korea, major Korean companies and the Saudi government, institutions, and companies have simultaneously signed multiple memorandums of understanding (MoUs), such as cooperation on super-large projects worth tens of trillions of dollars. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced that the Korea-Saudi Arabia … Read more

Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Meets with CEO of Airbus D&S (Defense&Space) – Press Release | briefing room | news

Minister of Industry, airbus D&S(Defense&Space) CEO interview – airbus R&DAttracting the center in Korea, Discussions on cooperation to expand exports of domestic aircraft to Western Europe – □ Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(below ‘Ministry of Industry’), Minister Lee Chang-yangsilver ’22.11.16.(number) afternoon, airbus D&Sfrom Michael Schilhorn(Michael Schoellhorn) CEO party interview(Seouloffice reception room)do, Measures to revitalize … Read more

‘Korea Sale Festa’ opens on November 1, with over 2300 companies participating – TOP50 | news

The ‘2022 Korea Sale Festa’, which promotes the coexistence of large distribution companies and medium-term products and promotes stability in living and dining prices, will open on November 1st. The Korea Sale Festa Promotion Committee confirmed on the 26th the promotion plan for the 7th ‘Korea Sale Festa’ (hereinafter ‘Cosepe’), and announced that about 2,300 … Read more

NASA concludes DART’s asteroid strike had three times the anticipated impact

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A spacecraft that plowed into a small, harmless asteroid millions of miles away succeeded in shifting its orbit, NASA said Tuesday in announcing the results of its save-the-world test. The space agency attempted the test two weeks ago to see if in the future a killer rock could be nudged … Read more