The Government’s explanation for deconfining 10 municipalities of the RM: today the cases touched 3 thousand | National

On the afternoon of this Thursday, during the press point of the authorities of the Ministry of Health, they announced the parameters which govern the changes in the Step by Step plan specifically in the Metropolitan region. The question arises after this Thursday 10 communes of the Metropolitan region advanced to phase 2 of the … Read more

This is the only way governments can destroy Bitcoin

“If the US stopped all Americans minerov and Kazakhstan of all local minerals, this would mean a suspension of 80 to 90% hashing speed, “He said Curtis Spencer. The functioning and continued existence of the world of cryptocurrencies will depend mainly on the grace of world governments. Curtis Spencer, co-founder and partner of the company, … Read more

The government’s gigantic investment can get the green light

Fidesz announced its plan to build a super hospital in Budapest six years ago, and Prime Minister Róbert J. Bedros promised to lay the foundation stone in a few months in January 2019, but it has not happened since. Bedros has already said this year that they will start next spring and the hospital will … Read more

Soros’ partner Jim Rogers insists governments can easily ban Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to maintain a monopoly

Veteran investor Jim Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum Fund with billionaire investor George Soros, believes that governments can ban cryptocurrencies. Rogers believes in banning cryptocurrencies Renowned investor and former business partner George Soros, who co-founded Quantum Fund and Soros Fund Management, Jim Rogers still believes that the US government (as well as other countries) can … Read more

Before this territorial reform, local governments spend more wisely, supervision is also stricter / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio

Prior to the forthcoming territorial reform this summer, local governments are no longer as reluctant to spend recklessly as they were before the previous reform, when the parishes were merged into counties. The auditors of the State Audit Office are now unaware of the sudden construction of houses of culture and swimming pools anywhere, and … Read more

What about the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccines that some governments choose not to use?

Drafting BBC World News April 20, 2021 Image source, Getty Images Caption, Covid-19 vaccines are limited globally, but doses have been piling up in some countries. While some countries struggle to get more vaccines, others wonder what to do with the doses they asked for but will no longer use, due to concerns about their … Read more

Students approve of the government’s turnaround: 6 out of ten opposed to reopening

The showdown with the profs is also frightening At the base of the strong doubts about the definitive resumption of the ‘normal’ school of such a large number of children there are various reasons, above all fear. Of the contagion? Not really: for 1 out of 3 the greatest fear is that teachers decide to … Read more

Chinese state media repeatedly bombarded Tesla for a weak attitude: firmly obey the government’s decision | China | 新头壳 Newtalk

A Chinese woman stood in protest at the Tesla booth.Picture: Reversed from Weibo On the first day of the Shanghai Auto Show on the 19th, a female Tesla owner in China stood on the roof of a Model 3 at the Tesla booth to protest. She kept yelling “Tesla brake failure”, and she also wore … Read more

This is the government’s COVID vaccination schedule – El Financiero

The Government of Mexico presented this Friday the calendar of COVID-19 vaccination for educational staff in general of the country, which will start next Tuesday, April 20. The vaccination will be for both public and private educational personnel. We tell you in detail which are the states where the vaccination will take place and on … Read more

Tlalpan and Coyoacán will be the next municipal governments to have a COVID vaccine for older adults: this is how vaccination will work

CDMX is about to vaccinate 50% of the elderly. With the new vaccination in Tlalpan and Coyoacán, 779,136 older adults will already be vaccinated, 47% of the total in the capital.

The new stage in vaccination will start this March 24. In the case of Coyoacán, they will be Pfizer vaccines, and they will be applied in three locations: Center for Higher Studies in Health Sciences, Exhibition Center of Ciudad Universitaria and Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco unit.

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