WHO urges manufacturers and governments to act after warnings over contaminated cough syrups – Endpoints News

After issuing several alerts about tainted cough syrups, the World Health Organization (WHO) is now stepping up pressure on manufacturers and governments to prevent further cases of harm. The WHO has published a statement Monday, issuing an “urgent call to action” for countries and manufacturers to prevent and respond to issues of substandard and falsified … Read more

Expert: the government’s planned changes to improve pension accumulation are not enough

Residents under the age of 40 are automatically included in the accumulation of Tier II pensions, opting out of the accumulation is possible only by expressing an objection, but even in this case, accumulation in pension funds is offered anew every three years. “Some people don’t look, they don’t take care to cross out,” noted … Read more

H-IIA Rocket No. 46 Successfully Launches Government’s “Information Gathering Satellite Radar No. 7” Used for Security and Disaster Countermeasures | sorae Space Portal Site

On January 26, 2023, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.Launch of “H-IIA” Rocket No. 46Did. The rocket hasInformation gathering satellite radar No.7” is installed, and the launch was successful. [▲ Launch of H-IIA No. 46 released by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Credit: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Launch Service)] At 10:50 on January 26, 2023 Japan time, H-IIA Launch Vehicle … Read more

The government’s call for a “national truce” collides with more protests in Peru | International

Lima turned into a massive exchange of pellets, tear gas, stones, sticks and paint on Tuesday. The Police suspected it and that is why they arranged 6,800 agents guarding the center of the capital, the main focus of the mobilizations. That is where the presidential palace, Congress, the headquarters of the judiciary and other institutions … Read more

Internet blocking by governments is more common than you think worldwide – Podcasts

Let’s talk about a delicate topic on the podcast today. The company 10 VPN, focused on internet security, launched a study called Internet Shutdowns: Economic Impact 2022trying to calculate the economic impacts of internet blocking worldwide. This has happened a few times with WhatsApp here in our country, but blocking the network or apps is … Read more

Three-year epidemic prevention costs are high, local governments in China are financially tight

washington — Although China has abandoned the new crown eradication policy, the accumulated economic costs of large-scale epidemic prevention and control over the past three years have shaken the financial foundation of local governments. Experts say the fiscal burden will affect the government’s ability to provide public services and drag on China’s economic recovery. Local … Read more

There are protests in Israel against the government’s planned reforms of the judicial system

About 100,000 people protested in Tel Aviv on Saturday against Israel to the judicial reforms planned by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government, which Netanyahu’s opponents believe threaten the country’s democratic foundations. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Also last week, tens of thousands of people protested against the plans of the new government. … Read more

South Holland doubts whether it can meet the government’s order for extra asylum seekers’ centres

ANP NOS News•yesterday, 11:45 The South Holland Commissioner of the King Jaap Smit doubts whether his province will succeed in realizing the 16,754 extra reception places for asylum seekers within a year, as the cabinet requires. “The most densely populated area will face a huge challenge,” he said in the NOS Radio 1 Journal. “And … Read more

Kupang-Karang Taruna City Government’s Smart Action, Preventing Dengue Fever Through Fogging and Abatement

Kupang, KN – Kupang City Government has a strategy to prevent Dengue Fever (DHF). Not only mobilizing all forces to clean up trash as a nesting place for Aedes Aegepty mosquitoes in all corners of the city. Instead, the Health Service conducts fogging (fogging) in the red zone area of ​​DHF. Even areas that in … Read more

The Chinese Government’s Ultimate Revenge For Jack Ma

Jakarta – Since criticizing the financial system the Chinese government towards the end of 2020, life Jack Ma not the same anymore. His wealth plummeted, he never made public appearances, and he was often outside of China. The business has been messed around a lot. As quoted detikINET from AFP, the Chinese government seemed to … Read more