The governor of Ulaanbaatar ordered to disperse the demonstrations

Demonstrations broke out on Sunday due to dissatisfaction with the investigation into the scandal surrounding the export of coal to China with the omission of customs formalities. The protesters demanded that the names of the suspects be revealed. They suspect that high-ranking politicians are among them. On Monday, the protesters gathered again. They set fire … Read more

Cook Says Fed’s Fed Governor ‘Wise’ to Hike Smaller Rates, Consider Policy Lag – Bloomberg

U.S. Federal Reserve Governor Cook said on Wednesday that it would be prudent to increase interest rates more moderately as he assesses how high interest rates should be raised to keep inflation under control. rice field. The final level of interest rates will depend on progress in curbing inflation. Cook speaks at an event at … Read more

The Governor of West Java Ensures UMP West Java 2023 Increases, Labor 12 Percent and Entrepreneurs 6 Percent

MAJALENGKA PORTAL – Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil ensure that Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) West Java 2023 is higher than the previous year. provincial government West Java previously raised the nominal UMP in 2022 by 1.72 percent from 2021. However, Ridwan Kamil himself has not been able to determine the nominal increase … Read more

The level of the base interest rate is already dampening economic activity, the CNB governor said

Michl pointed out that monetary policy affects economic activity with a delay of more than a year. “The economically incorrect approach of raising rates until cost inflation turns around leads to overshooting. The resulting recession will be deeper than absolutely necessary,” he said. Even under the leadership of former governor Jiří Rusnok, the CNB sharply … Read more

Governor Arif Muhammad Khan will not resign as chancellor

Governor Arif Muhammad Khan will not resign as chancellor. Since before the birth of Kerala, the governor has been the chancellor of the universities. The Governor also criticized the Chief Minister. Trying to make illegal appointment from Chief Minister’s office. If the Chief Minister does not know this, the Governor criticized him for his inefficiency. … Read more

It’s not that you can’t raise rates, it’s appropriate to continue easing now-BoJ governor – Bloomberg

On the 18th, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said, “The Bank of Japan is not at all unable to raise interest rates.” I think it is appropriate,” he said. He spoke before the House of Representatives Committee on Finance and Financial Affairs. Most of the 3% rise in consumer prices is due to rising … Read more

‘Governor of the Bank of Thailand’ reiterates that the global economy is still at high risk from Market Dysfunction, concerned about Thailand’s improper use of policies.

The Governor of the Bank of Thailand reiterated that the global economy is still at high risk from Market Dysfunction, concerned about Thailand’s improper use of policies, stating that “leaders who use the wrong policies will be punished” and advised Thai entrepreneurs to always be resilient to crises. Dr. Sethaput Suthiwatnarueput The Governor of the … Read more

Arizona, Hobbs governor, Trump defeat Lake-

from Viviana Mazza Another electoral slap in the face for the Republicans and Donald Trump: the denial candidate Kari Lake has lost the race for governor of Arizona. At the end of a week-long and balanced count, Democrat Katie Hobbs won From our New York correspondent – The night before the election, Kari Lake, the … Read more

Governor: Four killed, 38 injured in explosion in Istanbul

The explosion, the cause of which is unknown, occurred at 4 p.m. 20 minutes local time (15:20 Lithuanian time) on the famous pedestrian Istiklal (Independence) shopping avenue, which is popular with locals and tourists. Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya tweeted that four people had been killed according to initial reports. Police cordoned off the area, which … Read more

An investigation reveals the size of the wealth of the assistant governor of the Banque du Liban.. How much is it? …The Middle East

Economy Press B.. Arabi21 Witness an investigation that reveals the size of the wealth of the assistant governor of the Banque du Liban.. How much is it? Now see the details. A French police investigation revealed that the fortune of Marianne Howayek, assistant governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, amounted to 14 million … Read more