Intel raises Moore from the dead with Arc A770 GPU launch plans.

Intel concretizes the launch of its Arc A770 GPU. The chip specialist draws the price for this, in stark contrast to previous claims from Nvidia. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang claimed with the launch of the RTX 40 series that building modern chips today is simply more expensive than it used to be. Moore is dead, … Read more

Nvidia GPU performance degradation after Windows 11 update

Nvidia GPU performance degradation after Windows 11 update On September 20, Microsoft released the Windows 11 2022 Update, a major update for Windows 11. However, there have been many reports of reduced Nvidia GPU performance from users who have installed the Windows 11 2022 update. Nvidia is also aware of the GPU slowdown issue and … Read more

Makes it painful, this is the process of cleaning used mining GPUs

Jakarta – Change “The Merge” done for Ethereum make a graphics card or GPU become unprofitable for mining crypto-. In the video posted by @I_Leak_VN, it is shown that crypto miners are allegedly cleaning up their row of graphics cards for later resale. This GPU was sold as a result of “The Merge” which made … Read more

Windows 11 22H2 update issue, NVIDIA GPU game performance drop confirmed

The Windows 11 22H2 feature update has confirmed that gaming performance has declined among NVIDIA GPU users. ▲ Photo = from the Microsoft forum page Among users who applied the latest 22H2 feature update of Windows 11, users using NVIDIA GPUs suddenly dropped game frames or decreased CPU usage. Users who experienced the symptoms complained … Read more

GPU Manufacturer Cancels Production of New Models After Ethereum Merge

EVGA, a well-known manufacturer of PC parts, announced that it will not launch new lines of graphics cards (GPUs) just days after the Ethereum Merge. The proximity between the company’s announcement and the event that eradicated the mining of the native ether (ETH) network suggests that there could be a cause-consequence relationship between them. Nevertheless, … Read more

AnTuTu benchmarks reveal the gap between Apple’s A16 Bionic and the previous generation, GPU performance is the main growth project-Mobile Phone Brand News

The iPhone 14 series is about to go on sale, and various tests have also been lifted in the past two days. The well-known performance testing platform AnTuTu has recently announced the benchmark scores of the iPhone 14 Pro series and revealed the Apple A16 Bionic processor. How much has it grown compared to the … Read more