3 grains of asteroid dust reveal its secrets

Despite their small size and being smaller than the thickness of a hair, three grains of dust carry a history of billions of years for an asteroid, and store many of its secrets. The three particles from the “Itokawa” asteroid revealed that this type of space object is much older than thought, and is much … Read more

Angle: Missing grains and oil seeds, food inflation that will continue in 2023 | Reuters

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – The war in Ukraine and the resulting fuel price hikes are expected to hold back global agricultural production in 2023, weather permitting. Supplies are likely to remain tight, even as higher prices give farmers a boost in production. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The war in Ukraine and associated fuel prices are expected to … Read more

Focus: Dry land, lost soil Climate change threatens global agricultural production | Reuters

WINNIPEG, CANADA/NAIROBI/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Midwestern United States. Springs in the Corn Belt, where corn is the main crop, are usually dusty and dry. But this spring, the area was flooded. In China, meanwhile, farmland in the Yangtze River basin has dried up. In both countries, farmers are fighting a losing battle to save the soil … Read more

What should the child’s school package contain. Fruits and vegetables instead of grains and chips

Doctors claim that vegetables and fruits should not be missing from our daily diet. In the same way, pediatricians support the importance of introducing fruits and vegetables into the child’s diet. In our country, the number of obese children is increasing, which should be a source of concern primarily for parents. For this reason, both … Read more

What the world is writing: due to the export of grain, Russia has set a trap for itself

The New York Times: Good news for Ukraine Russia itself asserts that it has received guarantees from Ukraine that the waters and ports used by the grain ships will not be used for “military operations against the Russian Federation.” Ukraine claims that the Russians backed down when others did not give in to its blackmail. … Read more

Russia Threatens to Quit Black Sea Grains Deal

loading… Farmers harvest wheat in the Donbass region, July 13, 2022. Photo/REUTERS/Gleb Garanich GENEVA – Russia may withdraw from the UN-brokered Ukraine grain deal if its provisions on facilitating the export of Russian food and fertilizer products are not implemented. The threat was expressed by the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Gennady Gatilov in … Read more

World food price falls, but remains at record levels – 10/10/2022 – Vaivém

Even with the drops in world food prices in recent months, the current level still surpasses the records recorded in 2008 and 2011. According to FAO, food prices fell for the sixth consecutive month, accumulating a 15% reduction. Despite these drops, they continue to put pressure on consumers’ pockets around the world. In 2008, the … Read more

Difference between Whole and Processed Grains, Must Know for Your Health

PEOPLE’S MIND – Many are misunderstood about seedswhole grains because they are considered the healthiest for health consumption, especially heart. Even though not all seeds-grain is healthy, moreover seedsgrains that have gone through a processing process so that a lot of the husks have been wasted, something that is important for heart. Moreover, on the … Read more

Find out which grains can be as bad for your heart as sugars

In one of the first studies to examine the relationship between different types of grain intake and cardiovascular disease in the Middle East, researchers found that a higher intake of refined grains is associated with a higher risk of developing premature coronary artery disease – unlike those whole grains, which have been associated with a … Read more