Marcelo Tinelli’s family is growing! Famous was a grandfather for the second time

“Welcome Emma, ​​my second granddaughter… We are very happy!!! Full of love!!” were the words of the star producer of Marcelo Tinelli where he congratulated his daughter, his son-in-law and the couple’s first daughter from his Instagram account where he has almost a million and a half followers. I post Chato Prada granddaughter Emma birth.jpg … Read more

From “Grandfather zadolbal” to “Still time will pull, well done.” Russians answer how and when Putin will cease to be president

Residents of Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Voronezh and other cities of Russia were asked how and when Putin would leave the presidency and what he personally did for them. “Everything has become better: the sky above your head and so on. Will you have a penny to eat to buy?” – answered one of … Read more

Newly grandfather, Dan Bigras shares a first photo of his grandson

Dan Bigras is a happy new grandfather, and he announced the good news with a first photo of his grandson. • Read also: Dan Bigras announces that he is releasing his last career album • Read also: Dan Bigras and his shelter show raise a record amount to help young people Last June, the singer … Read more

US Fisherman Claims to Catch 100-Year-Old Lobster His Grandfather Once Caught All – One fisherman in the United States recently caught a lobsterwhich he claims is 100 years old, and may also have been captured by his ancestors. Reported NDTVvia Instagram, Jacob Knowles shared footage of the giant lobster. In the clip, he said, “This is very likely (is) the biggest lobster we’ve ever caught.” Read … Read more

Róbert Rátonyi’s 15-year-old granddaughter is so beautiful and talented: Laura’s grandfather followed in the footsteps – Hungarian star

Róbert Rátonyi granddaughter Laura he was born into a real family of artists. Both children of his legendary grandfather went on that line. Hajni Rátonyi became an actress, Róbert Rátonyi Jr. became a pianist, arranger and composer. The latter had two children: Peter and his sister Laura, who inherited a sensitivity to music from his … Read more

Stepping into Dangerous Towers for Resurrection of Grandfather Timothy and the Tower of Mu Announces August Release of Timothy and the Tower of Mu

Used by the independent game development team Kibou EntertainmenPixel game maker MV》Developed 2D action game 《》Tower of Timothy and Mu(Timothy and the Tower of Mu)”, announced that it will be available on the Steam platform on August 9 this year, and the trial version has been made public. Officially, “Tower of Timothy and Mu》 is … Read more

7 Interesting Facts about Haji Sondani, Grandfather in Cirebon Marries a 19-Year-Old Girl

Monday, 23 May 2022 – 09:31 WIB VIVA – Recently, the public has been shocked by the marriage of a grandfather named Haji Sondani with a girl beautiful 19 years old. This marriage took place in Cirebon, West Java. The woman is known as Fia Barlanti. This 63-year-old grandfather comes from Tegalgubug Village, Arjawinangun District, … Read more

Maciej Orłoś to his partner: “They think I’m your grandfather anyway”

Maciej Orłoś i Paulina Koziejowska a few months ago, they admitted they were in a relationship. And although there is a significant age difference between them, as much as 23 years old, they seem to be in love with each other. Maciej Orłoś he has already had three failed marriages behind him. The journalist’s first … Read more

Frattesi / 1: ‘My grandfather is a Juventus fan! On the way there is the greatest emotion. Do they want me? Good to know’

Davide Frattesia talent of the Sassuolo midfield, spoke about Juventus and the transfer market to the microphones of Tuttosport: «Definitely the first leg match. My goal, the victory at the Stadium … and the thought of my grandfather Carmine, who was a die-hard Juventus fan. These are the first things that come to my mind. … Read more

Tokyo beauty director surnamed “Aisin Gioro” Feimei was stopped by her grandfather “the same generation as Puyi” | Entertainment | CTWANT

“Aisin Gioro” is the national surname of the Qing Dynasty, and it has the meaning of “gold”. After the fall of the Qing Dynasty, where did the descendants of Aixin Gioro with the blood of the royal family go? often cause concern. The director of an eye clinic in Japan was curious about the surname … Read more