Violent frontal collision this Sunday evening in Agimont: a seriously injured helicopter

Published on Sunday, August 14, 2022 at 9:59 p.m. Par G.F. Around 5 p.m. this Sunday, a head-on collision occurred on the road from Philippeville to Agimont (Hastière). Three injuries are to be deplored, including one serious, who was airlifted. This Sunday at the end of the day, two cars collided violently on the road … Read more

Without mercy or pity.. an Egyptian young man practices vice inside the grave, and when they asked him why, the answer was shocking and unimaginable!! (shocking details)

Egypt witnessed a strange incident, which some may describe as stranger than fiction, where the Cairo Criminal Court is trying a citizen who dug up a grave in the Helwan area and extracted the body of a newly buried girl and raped her. During the investigations, the accused admitted that he deliberately set fires to … Read more

5-year-old child falls from house window

Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 8:55 p.m. A dramatic accident occurred this Wednesday evening at the Chaussée de Lille, where a 5-year-old boy fell through the window of a house. According to the first information, he is seriously injured. The Mouscron police and the emergency services intervened urgently, this Wednesday at the start … Read more

Joshua’s grave found, scientists believe Moses’ tomb is in Palestine

loading… The mosque and the tomb of Prophet Musa, are on the ground level. located near the dome to the northwest. The tomb is a square measuring 5.5 m. PHOTO/ JERUSALEM POST JERUSALEM – The discovery of the tomb of Prophet Yusya or Joshua in Khirbet Tibnah in the West Bank, Palestine. Make archaeologists eager … Read more

The ABG Orphan’s Sad Story Sleeping in His Father’s Grave for 2 Months

Boyolali – ABG in Boyolali with the initials BW (16) two months sleeping beside his father’s grave. The orphaned child also received attention from the Regency Government BoyolaliCentral Java. “Now the position is in a halfway house. Only this halfway house has a provision that it can’t be more than a few (15) days. Therefore, … Read more

New Jersey: – Mass grave found

The archaeologists first thought they had hit the jackpot when they found an almost perfect and incredibly rare gold coin from 1766. That was until one of the volunteer diggers said: – I think I’ve found a bone. Then everything stopped. The says Jennifer Jenofsky in a statement after the discovery. She is a historian … Read more

In a chilling incident.. a young man forgot his phone in a friend’s grave while he was being buried.. and when he called the number, the shocking surprise was that it turns her hair gray!

2022/08/05 It’s 04:40 AM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Death does not wait for anyone, as it knocks on every door, and does not seek permission to enter, for its entry is sudden, and we must prepare well for such a day. “Death” is a small word that means a lot. It brings fear, terror, … Read more

Viral rented room with the size of a grave, the rental price makes emotions

Malaysia – This woman uploaded a photo of a room that was rented out for RM 300 or around Rp. 1 million for one month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What made the photo go viral was because the size of the bed and room was super small, called a graveyard. The photo of the bedroom … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s first husband does not bode her and Ben Affleck’s love of grave: “She will marry SEVEN or EIGHT TIMES”

Jennifer Lopez she has always led a turbulent love life. In April last year, the singer parted ways with her fiancé Alex Rodriguezwith which she was associated for 5 years. A little over a year later, the singer unexpectedly cemented her relationship with Ben Affleckiewith which, moreover, 20 years ago she broke off the engagement … Read more

A groom digs up the grave of his bride after her death on the wedding night and returns her corpse to the house and has sexual intercourse with her throughout this period.

An unhappy affair ended with the death of the bride, before the wedding, but the strangeness did not stop at this scene, but the family commemorated her in a strange way at the request of the groom. The international media called the incident “the saddest love affair of the twentieth century”, a relationship that brought … Read more