Here you should go to survive global social collapse – Dagsavisen

It appears in a new study journal Sustainability has published. The study highlights the many dangerous developments in the world today. A collapse can take place either in the event of a major economic crisis, the effects of the climate crisis, natural disasters, an even worse pandemic than the corona, or a combination of these, … Read more

Queen Elizabeth worked in secret to escape climate legislation – Dagsavisen

The Queen’s lawyers are lobbying to change the draft law in the Scottish Parliament, according to documents newspaper The Guardian has gained insight into. The purpose of the change was to exempt the Queen’s private lands from an initiative intended to cut carbon emissions. The Queen is one of Scotland’s largest landowners, and the exception … Read more

Heavy covid leads to a reduction in IQ by seven points, shows a study – ČT24 – Czech Television

Taking into account factors such as age, gender, mother tongue and level of education, the researchers found that people with coronavirus infection had the greatest negative impact on their ability to think, think and plan compared to those who did not. “These results are consistent with reports of long covids, with brain fog, difficulty concentrating … Read more

“The real numbers on infections, why does no one tell them in Italy?” – Free Daily

Alberto Zangrillo attacks the so-calledthe journals who continue to have an alarmist line on coronavirus, when according to the professor, reality shows that the infections are contained and above all there are very few hospitalizations, especially in intensive care. “Despite the Prime Minister’s ‘crazy reopening’ Boris Johnson, for the fifth consecutive day, collapse of Covid … Read more

Macron sharply launched protesters, Javid apologized for words about shrinking fear – ČT24 – Czech Television

“What is the value of your freedom if you say ‘I don’t want to be vaccinated’ but infect your father, your mother or me tomorrow?” The head of the French state was quoted as saying by the AP. “And in the name of your freedom, you may have a difficult course (covidu-19) and you can … Read more

Australian parrots have learned to open baskets. Scientists are enthusiastic, locals suffer – ČT24 – Czech Television

A few years ago, naturalist Richard Major of the Australian Museum in Sydney noticed a wild cockatoo parrot opening a trash can in front of his house. The ornithologist was amazed by this unexpected ingenuity and began to study this phenomenon in more detail. It turned out that this bird was able to grab the … Read more

The West Bohemian spa triangle has entered the UNESCO list – ČT24 – Czech Television

Eleven spa towns together represent one item on the World Heritage List. In addition to the West Bohemian spa triangle, these are the cities of Baden-Baden, Bad Ems and Bad Kissingen in Germany, Spa in Belgium, Vichy in France, Montecatini Terme in Italy, Baden near Vienna in Austria and the City of Bath in England. … Read more

UNESCO may revoke World Heritage status from Stonehenge / GORDON

UNESCO explained to ministers that Stonehenge would then be included in the list of sites that are under threat. After that, it will automatically lose its World Heritage status. Stonehenge is expected to lose its status if a tunnel is built near it. Transport Minister Grant Schapps gave the green light to the scheme in … Read more

Unknown strain COVID-19 discovered in UK

Scientists have discovered a new mutation of the coronavirus The British Public Health Service has reported a new mutation in coronavirus B.1.621. Specialists from the British public health service (PHE) have identified cases of infection with a new mutation of coronavirus B.1.621 in the country. It is reported by Ukrainian truth with reference to the … Read more

Delta as the most contagious variant of coronavirus. The study confirmed a thousand times higher viral load

Its authors state that people who become infected with the delta are probably infectious to their surroundings before being infected with the original variant of coronavirus. On average, it takes about four days for the delta mutation to reach a detectable level in the human body, compared to six days for the original coronavirus variant, … Read more