A plane with a bomb on board had to land in Prague

yesterday 11:47 p.m • Updated · Russia launched another wave of airstrikes on a number of Ukrainian regions late on Tuesday, the Unian agency reports. A series of explosions was heard in the Dnipro and Zaporizhia, air defenses intervened in places. According to the first information, after a long pause, Russian forces used… Entire article

UK becoming the ‘sick of Europe’: how Brexit, coronavirus and war pushed the country into the past | Business

Britain is lagging behind other rich countries and its population is falling into poverty at a record rate, the article says. The country has still not recovered from the three blows it suffered in the 21st century. at the beginning: 2008 financial crisis, 2020 Brexit and the COVID pandemic. Inflation exceeds 11 percent. per year, … Read more

London hardens. The low-emission zone will cover the entire city

Great Britain continues to implement its plans on the road to carbon neutrality, and its capital, London, is a clear example of this approach. The management of the metropolis decided to move the recently expanded emission zone in the city center to other parts of the city. The only exception is the M25 motorway, which … Read more

The baby died 2 days after his first birthday. “She kept rubbing her forehead”

Andrew and Catherine Jeans from Wales told Wales Online about their tragedy. When their daughter Rose was six months old, doctors noticed that she had minor bowel problems. Everything pointed to dairy intolerance. A few months later, the girl came to hospital. Parents were concerned about Rose’s unusual behavior, who was constantly “rubbing her forehead … Read more

Princess Charlotte will be a duchess. He robbed great uncle Edward of his title

The new Duchess of Edinburgh will most likely be Princess Charlotte. It was originally thought that his youngest son, Edward, Earl of Wessex, would inherit the title from his late father, Prince Philip. But everything will probably be different. King Charles III is keeping the title of Duke of Edinburgh for his granddaughter Charlotte, writes … Read more

DPD courier found dead in car. He worked himself to death

Black Friday is a marketing event where merchants try to lure customers to very low prices. It is therefore the busiest shopping day. Couriers who deliver purchased goods to customers face enormous work pressure even a few days before this event. Forty-nine-year-old British courier from the company DPD, this high work commitment cost his life. … Read more

Great Britain buys Norwegian naval missiles | ABC News

– In the coming year, Norway will support Great Britain by equipping the Royal Navy with Norwegian missiles. These modern and efficient missiles will undoubtedly provide increased combat power to the British Navy and strengthen our common security, Gram said at a press conference with his British counterpart Ben Wallace on Wednesday. – Considered the … Read more

A London court punished activists for damaging the frame of a van Gogh painting — ČT24 — Czech Television

Two activists from the Just Stop Oil organization cling to the frame of the 1889 painting Peach Blossom in London’s Courtauld Gallery on June 30. They thus caused damage of around 2,000 pounds (roughly 56,400 crowns). Judge Neeta Minhas said the 18th-century frame had been permanently damaged. “The painting has significant historical and artistic value, … Read more

Apartment prices will drop by tens of percent, says the head of Babiš’s fund

Even though Andrej Babiš is running for president, he has only been a deputy for more than a year. After leaving the head of the government, is he involved in the strategic planning of the fund, or is he just looking at individual investment opportunities? At all. He is still quite busy, he has other … Read more

“We’re all going to pay a little more.” Britain plans to raise taxes

Trasa’s successor as British prime minister, Rishi Sunak, has vowed to rein in rising inflation even if it hits consumers and businesses in an already struggling economy. British Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt told Sky News that the emergency budget will be announced on Thursday and will hit the wealthiest more. “We’re all going to pay … Read more