The woman died during the flight right in front of her children and husband

Time to say goodbye “For the remainder of the flight, Helen lay in her seat, appearing to be asleep. Although it was extremely traumatic for the family, everyone had time to tell her what they needed,” wrote her friend Jayne Jeje, who described Helen as a unique woman who was the driving force behind her … Read more

Groundbreaking study: People can drink milk thanks to disease and famine

Milk as a storehouse of proteins and vitamins: The healthiest are the unsweetened ones Our ancestors already drank milk during the domestication of animals approximately ten thousand years ago. Until now, it was also assumed that the production of lactase began to increase even in the later years of life, precisely at the time when … Read more

Princess Diana’s Ford Escort RS Turbo is headed for auction. It is still shrouded in mystery

Cars with origins in the royal family are highly sought-after artefacts among collectors. And it doesn’t have to be a luxury limousine. Model Ford Escort was introduced in 1968 and was produced in six generations until 2000. In 1985, the American car company presented the top version of the third generation with the name RS … Read more

“I haven’t seen that before. The Czech swallowed ibuprofen and finished the race with a fresh fracture

Czech motorcycle rider Oliver König started the second competition day of the World Superbike Championship in Most with a crash in the sprint, and in the second main race he also finished with a broken bone in his instep, just like he did on Saturday the sixteenth. By equaling the best result in his career, … Read more

A record number of Britons pull out their credit card | Finansavisen

Some analysts believe that higher prices are causing Britons to take out their credit cards more often. And their assumptions seem to agree with statistics that have just been made public. In June, loan growth using credit cards increased by 12.5 per cent compared to the same month a year ago. This is shown by … Read more

An exceptional heat wave suggests a dangerous future. Man’s influence on the climate is fundamental — ČT24 — Czech Television

The main cause is the increase in the average temperature on our planet. Since the middle of the 19th century, when humanity began massively burning fossil fuels, it has risen by roughly 1.1 degrees Celsius. Because of this, there is an overall shift in the occurrence of temperatures to the area of ​​high to extremely … Read more

Up to 140,000 crowns per customer. The study showed how expensive it is to sell a new car

Extensive research calculated the costs of an interested party who comes to a car showroom to choose a new car. It showed that there are different types of customers. An uninstructed motorist who absorbs information only at the dealer and requires several test drives. The other extreme is the interested party who finds out everything … Read more

Boris Johnson’s government survived

House of Commons of the British Parliament did not support the vote of no confidence to the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who resigned on July 7, the Guardian newspaper reported. The decision to announce a vote of no confidence was supported by 238 deputies, and 349 voted against. The majority of seats in … Read more

Interest in mortgages is not disappearing only in the Czech Republic. Having your own apartment is an unaffordable luxury in the West

Due to rising interest rates, interest in housing loans is declining worldwide. In addition to the Czech Republic, the United States, Britain and even Slovakia also report declines. In June, Czech financial houses provided mortgages for 19.3 billion crowns, which is 65 percent less year-on-year. Average at the same time, the mortgage rate reached five … Read more