BBC journalist on the Lithuanian group and the flaws of the system: “I can set up a company and say I’m Mickey Mouse”

BBC ir 15min investigation “Directors” from Fabijoniškii in London laundered and destroyed 80 million euros” revealed the circumstances of perhaps the largest money laundering case in the United Kingdom. The international criminal network, led by the Lithuanian Deivis Grochiatskis and the Russian Artiomas Terzian, stole almost 80 million. euros. In 2021, the Lithuanian was sent … Read more

Excuse me while I destroy myself. Rapper Slowthai opens up and sings on new album

The British rapper Slowthai is often described as controversial, direct or uncompromising. On the records, on stage and off, he does what he wants, harshly criticizes society, the system and himself, while also revealing his darkest places. And is it always pleasant? No way. That’s exactly what Slowthai intended on the new record called Ugly. … Read more

Solution for part of bankruptcy: HSBC buys British SVB subsidiary for a pound

Monday March 13, 2023 Solution for part of the bankruptcy bank HSBC buys British SVB subsidiary for a pound The bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank has caused unrest around the world. After the bankruptcy of the Silicon Valley Bank, the British government acted quickly: without spending tax money, the major bank HSBC bought the British … Read more

Rats have taken over the seaside resort. They grow to the size of cats

Castle Beach, a popular tourist beach in Great Britain, has been invaded by rats. Residents of the town of Tenby claim that the situation has been getting worse in recent months. Giant rodents dig burrows in the cliffs around the beach. There is even a risk that the tunneled part of the ground will collapse, … Read more

An unexpected transformation. The couple turned their family home into a public swimming pool

Husband and wife Bhavika and Mark Kane originally lived in Kellham, Nottinghamshire. In 2021, however, they decided to move more to the countryside. The ancient spa town of Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire caught their eye. Soon after their move, however, they discovered with displeasure that when they wanted to go swimming with their four children, … Read more

Adamczyk was stopped in Spain by a fall. The bumps weren’t there, the Czech woman wondered

Snowboard crosser Eva Adamczyk finished fifth in the World Cup race in Sierra Nevada. The reigning world champion won the small final after falling in the semi-finals and dropped one place compared to Saturday’s race. The 2021 world champion Charlotte Bankes from Great Britain won again, winning the second race in this Spanish resort. Radek … Read more

Orthodox Jewish schools in Britain do not teach English. Pupils are beaten daily

An unmarked minibus stops in front of a large wooden gate. Small children run out and jump in as the vehicle speeds away. It looks like some kind of covert operation. The youngsters act like they are hiding. Sometimes they are watched by an adult who is right at the gate. But this is not … Read more

Why Is Ireland Split Into Two Countries? Turns out this is the reason

Jakarta – The Island of Ireland which comprises the Republic of Ireland which is a sovereign country and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. Then why is Ireland divided into two countries? Let’s see the explanation. Quoted from Britannica, the Republic of Ireland had a difficult birth. Ruled by Great Britain since … Read more

Coronation of Charles III. approaching. Prince George is to have a special role

Great Britain will experience a huge event in just a few months. After almost 70 years, a new monarch will be crowned and the whole world will watch this ceremony. In addition to the king, the audience’s eyes will also be on the little heir to the throne, Prince George. Charles III he has been … Read more