Three weeks after deadly train disaster, trains are running again in Greece | Abroad

22 mrt 2023 om 11:38Update: een dag geleden More than three weeks after the deadliest train disaster in Greek history, the first trains in that country started running again on Wednesday. Since the accident on February 28, train traffic across the country has come to a standstill as railway workers have laid off work en … Read more

Victims of the illegal animal trade!3-month-old white tiger cub in Greece abandoned in trash can with metal needles hidden in hind legs, malnourished and weak bones

Victims of the illegal animal trade!3-month-old white tiger cub in Greece abandoned in trash can with metal needles hidden in hind legs, malnourished and weak bones Attica Zoological Park in Athens, Greece recently actively rescued a white tiger cub that was discarded in a trash can. When it was found, it was weak and dehydrated, … Read more

after protests, police chief sacked

He will not have withstood the crisis. The head of the Greek police has been sacked, the government announced on Saturday March 18, after the clashes between the police and demonstrators which have multiplied since the train accident of February 28, the deadliest in the country’s history. Constantinos Skoumas has been dismissed from his post, … Read more

Greek archaeologists strike after attack on colleague

APGreek archaeologists laid off their work for five hours today NOS News•Tuesday, 3:47 PM State archaeologists in Greece today quit their jobs in response to the violent attack on a fellow archaeologist. Last week, archaeologist Manolis Psarros was attacked by two men on the island of Mykonos for an unknown reason. After the men beat … Read more

No one can stand! Those who see the curved church of Greece cannot believe their eyes!

Visitors to the Curved Church in Greece are having a hard time. Those who enter the seemingly flat but sloping building have to hold on to the chains. In the building where it is physically impossible to walk upright inside, the visitors trying to walk by holding on to each other from time to time … Read more

Rail accident in Greece: I think the whole truth needs to be told. Even the uncomfortable one

Even before privatizations or the economic crisis, Athens did not shine for crystal clear use of European funds or for security. The highway Athens-Thessalonikito name one, was built only for the 2004 Olympics: before then, it was only one lane in a stretch where there were hundreds of dead. Even before the troika cuts in … Read more

Greece: new mobilization in Athens after the train disaster | TV5MONDE

The Greek Prime Minister has apologized to the families of the victims of the train disaster which killed 57 people this week. The head of the Larissa station, implicated, is heard by the courts. New demonstrations are taking place in tribute to the deceased and to demand the truth. The details of our correspondent in … Read more

Greece: the anger does not fall after the train accident | TV5MONDE

The anger does not fall after the train disaster which claimed the lives of 57 people on February 28. Since Tuesday, tributes and demonstrations follow one another. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis apologized to the victims and their relatives. On Sunday March 5, clashes broke out between some demonstrators and police officers, on the sidelines of … Read more

PHOTO AND VIDEO ⟩ “It’s a crime.” In Greece, new protests related to the railway disaster

The largest protests took place in Athens, where more than 40,000 people took to the streets of the city. Massive demonstration in Athens where tens of thousands of people protest the #GreeceTrainCrash chanting it was no accident, but rather a “government crime”. #Greece #Tempe — Savvas Karmaniolas (@savvaskarma) March 8, 2023 “It’s not an … Read more