Grid rental, Power | Has started a protest group against new grid rent: – It should not work

Several Narviks have joined the group. Ailen Smedvik says that she makes hot dinner only two or three times a month. In the basement the temperature is down to zero. Still, the electricity bill is high. Now Ailen and Monica Fagerlund have established a protest group in the hope of getting HLK to turn around … Read more

Fears Russia will attack power grid in Ukraine – VG

EXPOSED: Russia researchers see cyber warfare as part of Russia’s military strategy. The power grid in Ukraine could be a target for Russian military hackers. Photo: JOHN MACDOUGALL / AFP The United States and Britain have sent cyber warfare experts to Ukraine to help them withstand a Russian attack on digital infrastructure, reports The New … Read more

The world’s first “nuclear reactor that will not melt down” domestically produced high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power plants are connected to the grid for power generation-Scientific Exploration-cnBeta.COM

An important reason why nuclear power plants make many people feel unsafe is that once an accident occurs, the meltdown of the reactor will cause a huge disaster. This is also a problem to be solved by the new generation of nuclear reactors. A few days ago, Tsinghua University announced the world’s first “nuclear reactor … Read more

The grid company Linea calls the postponement of the grid rental model political «horse trading»

After the parliamentary majority informed that the new the grid rental model will be postponed until the spring, several electricity suppliers have announced that they will follow up the decision and postpone the process. The new grid rental model was scheduled to be introduced on 1 January, but on Friday the Labor Party, the Socialist … Read more

Earth on High Alert, 2 Hurricane Solar Storms Can Disrupt Satellites and Cut Power Grid

LONDON – Space physicists warn of two big storm emitted from the solar corona. Although the scale of the storm is not yet known, it is feared that it could interfere with satellite signals and turn off the power grid. Quoted from the site Express, Tuesday (12/21/2021), Dr Tamitha Skov, a space weather physicist, warned … Read more

Starting grid Abu Dhabi: Verstappen on pole, Ferraris far away

Abu Dhabi GP qualifying ends, last year. Max Verstappen in pole position, Hamilton at his side. The second guides will also have weight, but far away, like the Ferraris. The starting grid is as follows:> CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE STARTING GRID OF ABU DHABI < is the site of Formula 1 of the … Read more

“Speed ​​Touring Car Legends” will be released on February 25, 2022 to create a multi-level cross-platform race “GRID Legends”

Codemasters and Electronic Arts (EA) announced that they will “Legends(GRID LEGENDS)”’s global release date is set for February 25th. The main game mode of this racing game includes more than 300 races, a richer career (Career) experience, a plot mode called “Driven to Glory”, “Drift” and “Knockout ( Elimination” return and the addition of Electric … Read more

GRID Legends seeks to evolve its driving formula while telling a story of rivalries

The new GRID wants to be a turning point in the series, evolving the formula together with a new career mode inspired by the Netflix series F1: Drive to Survive. This is our first contact. The truth is that when I saw GRID Legends For the first time it seemed to me a very Electronic … Read more

GRID Legends Trailer: News on Different Vehicle Modes and Classes

GRID Legends, the racing game signed Electronic Arts and Codemasters (DiRT 5) is entitled to a gameplay video featuring a few cars! Still in development, GRID Legends is already well talked about. The multidisciplinary racing game is entitled to a gameplay sequence that sends heavy! The few images we had were already encouraging, but here … Read more

Grid Legends, the new racing game from EA and Codemasters, already has a release date

EA and Codemasters present Grid Legends, their new racing game that will arrive in early 2022. Everything you need to know about the game, in the note. EA and Codemasters announced that Grid Legends will be officially released in February 2022. This game will be available starting February 25 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox … Read more