“Nothing personal. Files”: “Sadales tīkls” prematurely issues permits to connect power plants to the electricity grid

“Nothing personal. The Files’ look back at subsidized green energy fraud. At one time, the Ministry of Economy issued a permit for the construction of the “Rīgas energija” cogeneration station near the Deglava bridge. The state promised that it would buy electricity from it at an increased tariff, but the merchant undertook to use environmentally … Read more

State Grid Haidong Power Supply Company: UAV patrols the operation and maintenance of transmission lines to improve quality and efficiency

Original title: State Grid Haidong Power Supply Company: UAV patrols transmission line operation and maintenance to improve quality and efficiency State Grid Haidong Power Supply Company: UAV patrols transmission line operation and maintenance to improve quality and efficiency On July 28, the employees of the UAV class of the transmission and distribution inspection center of … Read more

A solar storm can cause problems with the electricity grid and satellites

Experts say a solar storm that recently swept the Earth could cause problems for satellites and the country’s electrical grid. The nearby solar eruption sent dense plasma snow to Earth and triggered geomagnetic storms in at least two U.S. states, according to weather data. July 1 hit CME is part of Skin rashes from solar … Read more

Prime Gaming is giving away Mass Effect Legendary Edition, GRID Legends and 30 other games

Prime Gaming is the video game service of the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. As part of the subscription -and at no extra cost-, users can access the section focused on gaming, which renews the titles every month that all members can download for free. This week anticipated the arrival of this year’s Prime Day … Read more

Solar Magazine – Grid operators: abolish netting scheme for solar panels, connect inverter to 50 percent peak power

Abolish the netting arrangement and also connect inverters to consumers at 50 percent of the peak power of the solar panels. Grid operators are making this plea against the full grid. The Dutch grid operators are proposing an extensive series of interventions with which the government can take back control of the energy transition. In … Read more

It is proposed to allocate 3% to the board of Amber Grid this year. more – 53 thousand. EUR Business

The shareholders of the company will decide on the budget of the Board this year and the remuneration of its members on June 23, Amber Grid announced through the Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange. It is proposed that from April 1, the members of the Board be paid 1.4–2.8 thousand. per month (before taxes), and for … Read more

The world’s electricity grid is facing the biggest challenge: even human lives will be at stake

Global electricity grids are facing the biggest test in decades as electricity generation is the largest in the world ekonomikose is currently completely constrained. Karas. Dry. Disruption of production. Historically low stocks. And yet the consequences of the pandemic. Energy markets across the planet have moved into a real meat grinder in recent years, and … Read more

New grid rent from 1 July

Get fresh Elbil24 cases straight to your inbox. Sign up for our newsletter now (Elbil24): Do you plug the electric car into the socket as soon as you get home from work, or do you wait until nightfall? Many people are in the habit of doing the former, and in the next moment they are … Read more

Complete Material Grid with Number of Questions

Jakarta – Computer-Based Writing Exam (UTBK) 2022 will be held soon. This year there are 9 materials in each test group that will be tested. Anything? Similar to previous years, UTBK will test participants’ abilities with the Scholastic Potential Test (TPS), English, and the Science and Technology Academic Ability Test (TKA). The total questions that … Read more