Attention! Warning came: This year earlier and more to be seen

An increase in flu cases is expected. According to the last minute information; prof. Dr. Zafer Kurugöl stated that flu cases were almost never seen during the epidemic period and said, “The level of immunity against flu in the society has decreased. That’s why we will see earlier and more cases of flu this year,” … Read more

This year’s nightmare is clear. Neither the coronavirus nor the monkeypox virus

It is known that there has been a serious decrease in respiratory tract infections as a result of the closure, social distance and mask use practices applied due to coronavirus in the last two years. It was reported that respiratory tract infections started to increase with the opening of schools and the cold weather. However, … Read more

Attention, this winter the flu is very strong! When should we be vaccinated? ‘We see the virus behaving strangely’

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> Grip; It is a seasonal disease that occurs with symptoms such as 39 degrees fever, severe muscle-joint pains, weakness, exhaustion, chills, headache and dry cough. It is effective for about 8-10 weeks during the winter months and directly affects almost 40 percent of our society. Influenza is a great danger, especially for people over … Read more

After he tried to blackmail his brother… Pogba’s brother is in police custody

French police have detained Matthias Pogba, brother of Italian Juventus player Paul Pogba, as part of an investigation into an alleged plot to blackmail the “Roosters” star. A source close to the investigations said that Mathias was detained at a police station in Paris with 4 others after being questioned based on an official summons. … Read more

Intel is looking for a way out of its own grip. Processors from Brno are helping him

Intel has released a new Pathfinder software tool for chip design that lets you build an entire architecture, test it, and send it to production. As part of the program, the people of Brno provide the design of one of their processor cores built on open RISC-V technology, an alternative to license-laden ARM technology. For … Read more

‘Under the Grip’, the highly anticipated new Netflix film that exposes toxic relationships

Series A film that promises to be very caliente but also revealing. The month of September has just begun and as usual, who says new month says new on Netflix. Among the latest documentaries, films and series that have just joined the catalog of the streaming platform, users will be able to find Under the … Read more

Are you one of those who say “I want to drink water all the time”? Attention! You may be in the grip of that disease without realizing it – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Health Are you one of those who say “I want to drink water all the time”? Attention! You may be in the grip of that disease without realizing it. Our body may be showing symptoms related to situations that we see as simple but are actually important. Listening to the signs in … Read more

So he didn’t take the napkins! Karlos Vémola leaned on Vojtěch Garba and then got a good grip from his coach

Karlos Vémola is still on course. A nice line of wrestlers is worth a match with him. Vojtěch Garba is one of the last people to publicly announce that he would like to fight the “Terminator”. Vojtěch Garba is a fighter of JMFS Ostrava and last flashed in the cage of the RFA organization, where … Read more


WHAT IS TOMATO FLU, WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS? As of 26 July 2022, more than 82 children under the age of five have been diagnosed with ‘tomato flu’ in India. It was stated that the first symptoms of the disease, which is defined as a rare viral infection, include high fever, skin rash and joint … Read more