Grocery Exchange, Kiwi | Here you need to check the price tag extra carefully: – Think the chains are taking advantage of it

– It is not one fat which low-price chain you choose, says Rune Nikolaisen. The online newspaper has examined the price of 29 fruits and vegetables at the discount chains Extra, Kiwi and Rema 1000. Our price test shows price differences of up to 42 percent on ordinary vegetables such as arugula, tomatoes, squash, parsley … Read more

Montreal: a man in his twenties stabbed in a grocery store

A man in his twenties was stabbed in the upper body on Saturday night during an altercation that took place in a grocery store in downtown Montreal. • Read also: Saint-Léonard: two injured in a collision between a motorcycle and a vehicle • Read also: Longueuil: a woman injured during a quarrel with a man … Read more

Grocery, Wholesale | Many experience that prices have risen sharply, but these figures show the opposite

The price of food and non-alcoholic beverages has fallen in total over the past year, according to Statistics Norway. Figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) show that the consumer price index (CPI), ie the prices of goods and services in Norway, has risen by 3.1 per cent in the last 12 months. In the category «food … Read more

The actress reported on the search for a grocery store

On Easter Saturday, the celebrity decided to go shopping. However, Anna Mucha encountered serious problems with finding open stores – which she did not fail to inform about on social media. She found bread, not the grocery store At one point, Anna Mucha happily informed the observers that she had managed to find an active … Read more

An armed man in the US organizes a shooting at a grocery store – Photo

A man armed in Colorado, USA, opened fire in a grocery store on Monday, killing at least 10 people, police said. Police arrested a middle-aged white man suspected of shooting, who was seriously injured but did not reveal his name. The shooting took place at the King Soopers supermarket in Boulder. Its motive has not … Read more

In Germany, quarantine was extended until March 28 :: Society :: RBC

Decisions on lifting restrictions will be made by the regions, the Chancellor noted. German Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz told the Zuddeuche Zeitung that restrictions must be lifted for those people who have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus. “Given that research now shows that vaccinated people no longer transmit viral diseases and therefore pose no … Read more

The boss of the grocery store was killed butchered, his body was covered with wounds, his hands and feet were tied with his head and covered with a sarong

BANGKAPOS.COM, — The boss of the material and groceries store died horribly. He was found murdered on Saturday (27/2/2021) morning. The victim is known to be Bisri Efendi (71), the owner of a material and grocery store located in Jatinom Village, Kanigoro District, Regency. Blitar. The murder of this material boss is still being investigated … Read more

How to save $ 500 a month on your grocery bill

Katheryne Aubert runs the website Its members realize tens, if not hundreds of dollars in monthly savings! • Read also: She made couponing a business! While it’s impossible to cut the electricity bill or the mortgage, consumers can reduce the cost of their grocery store, thanks to the couponnage. “They have the big end … Read more

Supermarkets cancel grocery deliveries due to snowfall | Financial

“We first looked very carefully at the situation, but it is irresponsible to take the road”, says a spokeswoman for Albert Heijn. “It is an extreme measure that we do not like to take.” Jumbo calls the situation “particularly unpleasant” for customers, but puts the safety of employees first. “We made exactly the same decision,” … Read more