The bride was unfaithful with her brother-in-law. The groom recorded it and played the video at the wedding

The groom revealed his partner’s infidelity right on the wedding day. During a screening of touching childhood photos, the couple took to the stage when a sex tape of a woman with her brother-in-law played on the screen. Fiancee cheated on her partner with her sister’s husband. The groom had known about the whole matter … Read more

They asked the media person, Sama Ahmed, about the reason for her running away from her groom on the wedding night? .. She answered without a shred of shame and with all boldness

The media, Sama Ahmed, revealed details of what was raised during the past hours about her escaping from her groom on the night he wrote the book and the wedding. Sama said, during a telephone interview with the “Hazrat Al-Muwatin” program, on Saturday evening: “My mother has been tired for a while and had a … Read more

The groom took revenge on the unfaithful bride at the altar: he exposed her affair in the most unexpected way

A 2019 video recently appeared on the TikTok website and has caused quite a stir online, reports. Footage shows a couple walking towards the altar during their wedding in Fujian, southeast China. When the youngsters finally get to the center of the stage, a five-minute video appears on a huge projector screen, according to … Read more

Marriage is considered the strangest on the face of the earth .. The groom marries the mother and her daughter at the same time and the surprise is who sleeps with him on the night of the wedding and has sex with her!! (shocking details)

How was a man viewed in the past? And how was his treatment of women in the forties of the last century? .. Lessons provided by “Akhbar Al-Youm” in one of its issues in 1950 under the title “For Men Only.” Perhaps the most prominent of what the newspaper reported in its issue of July … Read more

A famous media person blows up the artistic community and runs away from her groom on the wedding night.. When they asked what happened, she answered boldly and without shame.! !

The media, Sama Ahmed, revealed the fact that she ran away from her wedding in Sheikh Zayed, which sparked a lot of controversy about her leaving her wedding. Sama Ahmed said, during her interview with the media, Suhair Joudeh and Mufida Shiha, on the “Sitat” program, which is broadcast on the “Al-Nahar” satellite channel, on … Read more

A Bahraini bride could not contain herself on the wedding night and without an ounce of shame made a dangerous move in the bedroom and the groom lost the most precious thing he owned.! !

Like any young man, this Bahraini young man dreamed that his wedding would be distinguished from everyone, and that his first meeting with his wife would be special as well, but those wishes turned into a mirage, and on the night of the wedding he almost lost his most precious possession, and ended up in … Read more

Abhaya Hiranmayi | Singer ‘Abhaya Hiranmayi To New Life’; Don’t be shocked if you see the groom, this is not a wedding

Singer Abhaya Hiranmayi is a presence on social media. All the pictures, videos, Instagram stories etc. posted by Abhaya are carefully watched by the fans. Most of Abhay’s posts are proof of diversity in life. The singer recently shared a video

Signs of the hour appear in Saudi Arabia… A groom tied his super beautiful bride to the bed on the night of the wedding and asks his friend to break her virginity and the shock of her reaction that does not occur to Satan.! !

In an incident described as shocking, especially after social networking sites in Saudi Arabia buzzed with a shocking story of a bride-to-be from Tabuk, her life turned into hell two weeks after her marriage. In the details, the bride, named Nada (24 years), suffered from memory loss and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital two … Read more

The strangest marriage customs on the face of the globe .. The bride appears without clothes in a swimming pool and surprisingly what the groom does in front of everyone .. If she endures and accepts, she becomes his wife.!! (shocking details)

Marriage was not believed by reason, or that it could occur in any human society, as it reaches beating and burning with fire. China has topped the throne of the strangest marriage customs among 18 other countries, Including large and well-known countries, including small countries and islands that no one cared about, but they were … Read more

You will not believe what a Saudi groom did to his bride on the wedding night and made her run away without returning!! (shocking details)

2022/08/05 12:40 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Saudi writer Ali Al-Zamil reported a shocking story, of an incident that occurred between a married couple, in the early days of marriage, when the wife almost asked for a divorce from her husband on the wedding night, because of his clothes that he was wearing. … Read more