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January 18 Theater an der Wien Giacomo Puccini’s opera “Tosca”, directed by Martin Kushey, will premiere in Vienna with Christine Opolais. This role for her is like Ariadne’s thread, which runs through her entire career – she is sung in Riga, Berlin, Baden-Baden, Vienna, London, Athens, Graz, etc. . What is it that binds you … Read more

China’s Economy Gokil, Grow 8.1% in 2021 But…

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China recorded economic growth of 8.1% throughout 2021, Monday (17/1/2022). This is the fastest increase in a decade. The figure was above the National Bureau of Statistics estimates. Previously, the economy was targeted to grow 6% last year. However, economic growth slowed in the fourth quarter (Q4) 2021. Overall year on … Read more

Is it true that shark teeth will continue to grow throughout their lives? These are the Unique Facts of Shark Teeth – If you hear animals shark, friends may imagine a large fish that lives in the sea and has sharp teeth. Yes, sharks are indeed one of the predators in the ocean, friends. Not only that, sharks are also feared and avoided by humans, because sharks are known to often bite humans. Although there … Read more

«I feel stronger, to grow up I dream of Federer as a tutor» –

from Gaia Piccardi «Sinner and I are spending a lot of time together, good for everyone also for Italy, I see myself in him. After Australia, I’m going to play in Rio, I’d like to take my Brazilian grandmother with me “ With abundant doses of vaccine in the body (in this interview we will … Read more

Business Activities Grow Positively Fourth Quarter 2021

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Bank Indonesia (BI) indicated that business activities grew positively in the fourth quarter of 2021 based on the results of the business activity survey (SKDU). This can be seen from the weighted net balance (WNB) which was 7.1 percent in the last three months of 2021 when compared to the same … Read more

[US market conditions]Stocks continue to grow, the dollar falls sharply-US CPI almost as expected-Bloomberg

The US stock market on the 12th continues to grow. US Consumer Price Index last December (CPI) Showed a significant increase for the first time in about 40 years compared to the previous year, but the content was almost in line with market expectations, so buying became dominant. It is expected that the rate hike … Read more

Video games continue to grow and in 2021 generated more than 2.4 billion tweets

FILE PHOTO: A man plays online game on a computer at an internet cafe in Beijing, China August 31, 2021. REUTERS/Florence Lo/File Photo The last few years have seen accelerated growth for the gaming industry, which saw its audiences expand significantly. This trend naturally impacted conversations on social networks and the data from 2021 reaffirm … Read more

The educational platform “Let’s grow in a museum!” Has been created for the Museum of Literature and Music. / Script

As the museum explained to the media, the new platform is designed as a virtual house with a hall, kitchen, living room, study and basement. When choosing a specific room, the visitor of the page is offered content appropriate to the room, as well as an illustration created by the artist Reinis Peterson, in which … Read more

How did you grow up? “Pong Kaphon” posted a childhood photo, met “Num Kanchai”, cursing him until he was not good.

Aftermath, National Children’s Day 2022, the famous ghost show host “Pong-Kaphon Thongplub” Post a picture of yourself with your best friend. “Young Kanchai” in childhood compared to personal instagram with a message saying “Happy Children’s Day Left is Pong, right is @kanchai #Children’s Day #Pongkaphon #NamKanchai After posting the picture to that side “Young Kanchai” … Read more