Guardiola, other than Lautaro: the danger for City is the curse of Yaya Touré

ISTANBUL – Nothing will ever be the same indestructible power of Bela Guttman’s curse, the Hungarian coach who was fired by Benfica after winning two European Cups: he wanted a raise, they didn’t give it to him, he left slamming the door and above all hissing those terrible prophetic cursed words: “Without me, Benfica will … Read more

Inzaghi praises Guardiola before facing the Champions League final

Champions League June 06, 2023 Simone Inzaghi, coach of Inter Milan, praised Pep Guardiola, coach of Manchester City, before the confrontation that brought them together in the Champions League final. Inzaghi said: “In my opinion, Guardiola is the best coach in the world. I have always said this and will continue to say it. He … Read more

Ederson: Except for Haaland, everyone else was not a star when they came to Manchester City. We thank Guardiola – yqqlm

Original title: Ederson: Except for Haaland, everyone else was not a star when they came to Manchester City. We thank Guardiola The 442 website reported that Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson said that Guardiola would indeed temporarily change his tactics before the game in order to achieve the most perfect tactical effect. Ederson believes that, except … Read more

MADE IN ENGLAND: The title is in the right hands, City have a treble. There is one question mark for Guardiola

“Hats off to City! Three titles in a row is a great feat. During the season, it didn’t look like a golden hat-trick, Arsenal led for a long time. But then he had weak moments and constant pressure from a hungry City. Arsenal dropped a lot of points against the bottom of the table and … Read more

An unprecedented achievement awaits the “extraordinary” Guardiola (photos)

The exceptional Spanish coach, Pep Guardiola, is on the brink of achieving an unprecedented achievement by becoming the first coach to achieve the treble (league, cup and European Champions League) in one season twice, after his team crowned the English Premier League.City will play the FA Cup final against its neighbor Manchester United on the … Read more

Guardiola Leaves Man City If Wins Treble Winner?

CNN Indonesia Saturday, May 20 2023 21:40 WIB Pep Guardiola has the potential to bring Manchester City to a treble winner. (REUTERS/HEIKO BECKER) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Coach Manchester City Pep Guardiola reluctant to talk too far about the possibility of leaving the club if it won a treble winner. Man City has the potential to … Read more

Pep Guardiola said about his fight on the field with Kevin De Bruyne

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThere was an incident that shocked many television viewers when Manchester City defeat Real Madrid 4-0 by leg both semifinals Liga Champions on Thursday morning WIB, May 18 2023. In one of the moments when Manchester City carried out an attack, the manager Pep Guardiola want to improve position playmaker belgium origin, Kevin De Bruyne.

The Spaniard was unhappy that Real Madrid could counterattack and as a result he wanted to change positions to gain more control. The Belgian, after hearing Guardiola’s instructions, turned towards the bench and shouted “Shut up!” at the coach.

In response to his players’ shouts, Guardiola just laughed at the incident. The Spanish manager admitted that he was happy that the Manchester City players were angry. According to him, the anger of his players is a good thing. “I like the action with Kevin,” said Guardiola in a press conference, Friday, 19 May 2023, as quoted ESPN.

“We yell at each other and I like it. Sometimes it’s a little flat, I like this energy. It’s not the first time. You don’t see but he yells at me in training. This is what we need. After that he is the best,” he said.

City will be crowned champions Premier League this weekend if they beat Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday evening WIB, 20 May 2023. All of that could end 24 hours earlier if Arsenal lost to Nottingham Forest on Saturday night, but Guardiola says he prefers Mikel Arteta’s side to win at the City Ground.



“In my mind I want to feel we have to win to be champions,” he said. “We can’t control Nottingham. It doesn’t matter what happens in Nottingham, we have to do our job.”

Moving on, Thierry Henry defended De Bruyne…

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Pep Guardiola is too superior, so only 3 coaches have beaten him in the Premier League

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Guardiola is following in the footsteps of Ferguson.. two points separate him from storming history

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Guardiola is confident Haaland will regain his brilliance against Real Madrid

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola expressed his confidence that Erling Haaland will return to his best levels when the English team hosts Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final after the Norwegian striker failed to score in the first leg. Haaland scored 51 goals in all competitions this season, which is … Read more