A guest on Russian TV wanted to attack “Nazi” Kazakhstan. The startled presenter takes a step back

“Let’s draw attention to the fact that Kazakhstan is another problem. Because the same Nazi processes as in Ukraine can start there,” Russian political scientist Dmitry Drobnitsky said on the Polnyi Kontakt program on Tuesday. Moderator Solovyov apparently liked the idea and immediately added: “And we have the longest border there.” Drobnitsky agrees and adds: … Read more

The guest of the day – Édouard Baer – Extract Télématin streaming

Édouard Baer is the guest of Télématin. As a true one-man band: actor, director, director or even radio host, he presents his new show “Le Journal de Paris”. A new creation that brings together characters encountered in the street and elsewhere. His idea ? Highlight talents and bring them visibility. These people will be recruited … Read more

Runner Nawal Al-Mutawakel, guest of the Beirut International Marathon

The head of the Beirut Marathon Association, Mai Al-Khalil, revealed that the former Moroccan runner, who held the gold medal for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics in the 400-meter hurdles Nawal Al-Mutawakel, will be the guest of the Beirut International Marathon, which is organized by the association next Sunday, November 13 in the Beirut Waterfront … Read more

Guest of the Liège Comedy Film Festival, Karin Viard in the archives

We finish our guest tour of the Lièg International Comedy Film Festivale with Karin Viard who, in 1996, a year before “Les Randonneurs” travels in Belgium where she plays in a play by Paul Emond “Inaccessible amours”. Thanks to “La Bande à Carlos”, we find her as if by magic in our archives where she … Read more

“I sell buildings”: this TPMP guest amuses the web with her very strange behavior

Once again, the show presented by Cyril Hanouna is still buzzing. This time, it’s for a guest who seemed to be in a trance. It was enough for the web to be unleashed. Ruby Nikara, a 22-year-old French influencer and rapper, was a guest on the show “Do not touch My TV“This Thursday, November 3. … Read more

The podcast on guest country Austria 2023: Episode 13 with Marie Gamillscheg

This time Katja Gasser’s guest in the meaoiswiamia literature podcast: Marie Gamillscheg. In this interview, the author, who was born and grew up in Graz and is about to move from Berlin to Leipzig, explains why she sees conflict primarily as being open-minded, reports that as a child she wanted to be a ‘vacationer’ and … Read more

Most popular of the month – October = cancer – concrete advice against cancer, and what the research says about diet & cancer; about nutritional supplements, as well as guest posts

Cancer theme in October, but other things also popped up on the top list Blog post of the month 📖 Which supplements against what? To use dietary supplements as biohack, for example against pollen allergy. And how do you test your supplements? https://4health.se/317-vilka-kosttillskott-mot-vad-med-ulf-kilmanand associated video clips: https://4health.se/testa-dina-kosttillskott-kinesiologi-med-ulf-kilman-hkt Pink ribbon – as it should be! 17 … Read more

Towards the status of a guest country at the Frankfurt book market. Latvian publishers look back at this year’s fair / Article

Latvian publishers have visited international book markets since independence, initially in the role of buyers. “This means that we take the best or the most valuable that we see from foreign publications, that’s how our readers get to know the world,” says Evija Veide, representative of “Latvijas Mediji” publishing house. This year in Frankfurt, the … Read more

Gad Elmaleh guest of France Bleu Alsace for “Reste un peu” in preview at UGC Strasbourg

Stay a bit screened this Thursday, October 20, 2022 in preview: Synopsis Gad Elmaleh, established in the United States for three years, returned to France without daring to admit to his family that he did so to convert to Catholicism. When Gad’s parents, David and Régine, hear the news, it’s a nightmare. Determined to bring … Read more