11 Daily Habits That Can Trigger Diabetes

BOLMONG PORTAL – Diabetes is a disease where the content sugar in blood very high. Diabetes is caused by hereditary genetic factors or due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Several factors caused disease diabetes. So, don’t ignore it and start a healthy lifestyle, one of which is taking care of eating. Also Read: Is Nicotine Really … Read more

The Dangers of Lack of Sleep Can Trigger Weight Gain, These are Bad Habits to Watch Out for

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Avoid Habits That Can Trigger Overweight

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4 Best Drinking Habits to Keep Blood Sugar Preventing Diabetes

Monday, 20 June 2022 – 09:34 WIB VIVA – We often consider what we watch for the sake of physical health. However, we often forget to think about intake drink which in fact can also increase calories and add blood sugar drastically! Drink calories, subconsciously, can raise blood sugar rapidly when these choices are out … Read more

These 7 habits reduce the risk of breast cancer! Here are those habits that are worth gold

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A car without commitment: a revolution in mobility habits

Mobility as a service (angl. MaaS – mobility as a service) is a widely discussed topic these days, and startups adapting this business model are trying to conquer the world as the FinTech sector once did. The value of mobility as a service sector is projected to exceed $ 40 trillion by 2030. Initiatives to … Read more