Toyota Yaris Cross reaches the Colombian market in a hybrid version for $96 million

Automotive Toyota Colombia presents in Colombia the new Toyota Yaris Cross, a model that combines the experience and knowledge of the brand in terms of design and engineering in sedan and SUV vehicles, in addition to offering all the benefits of a hybrid Toyota. The company presents its entry-level hybrid SUV in Colombia, which is … Read more

Jeremy Grantham warns of a “superbubble” in the US and foresees a crash in the Stock Market

The financial historian and co-founder of the investment firm GMO, Jeremy Grantham, referred to the movements of the market and assures that the S&P500 index will be corrected by 50% as the risky behavior of many investors begins to fade. The british financier The 83-year-old is one of the most reputable gurus in the United … Read more

Traditional banking gives way, neobanks now have 25 million users

Colombia increases its commitment to neobancos and moves towards a culture of digital payments. This was determined by the most recent report by Minsait Payments, which highlights that traditional banks give up space in favor of new companies that operate in the financial and payments field. Although the bank continues to be the entity with … Read more

Bancolombia, Bbva and Itaú, among the banks that sell dollars in cash in offices

The results of the first round of the presidential elections and the rise in crude oil prices pushed the exchange rate below $3,800. However, if you want to buy dollars, you will realize that the drop in the price is not yet reflected in the price offered by the exchange houses, which reaches an average … Read more

Banco de Occidente, Popular and Falabella, those that offer the best rates for CDT

Betting on a Term Certificate of Deposit or CDT, as it is commonly known by its acronym, has become one of the investment alternatives that is adding the most customers to banking in the country. Although it has been considered an easy and safe option, now it is an almost immediate process for which you … Read more

The metaverse offers a world of career opportunities and job offers

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced the change of Facebook towards Meta, with the aim of turning the platform into something closer to reality than a social network, that is, the metaverso, the possibilities in the virtual world seem to expand more quickly than in the tangible. Today, people are no longer just looking to surf the … Read more

“We will enable a battery plant in 2023 to produce about 500,000 cars”

The way in which the human being develops is on the way to focus their attention on a sustainable and friendly lifestyle with the environment and society. Companies from all over the world have adhered to these consensuses. Among a long list is the renowned Swedish multinational Volvo Cars, which, according to Luis Rezende, head … Read more

Making a hamburger is now 40% more expensive than it was 12 months ago due to inflation

Month by month inflation has shown an increase. So far this year, the data has increased 5.66% compared to the first four months of 2021. Not only that, when analyzing the food figures, the panorama is even more worrying. Until April, the accumulated increase was 13.25%, and when analyzing the figure for 12 months, the … Read more

“Colombians will be able to invest from $10,000 in crypto currencies through Bitso”

In partnership with Banco de Bogotá, last year Name joined the cryptocurrency pilot of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia (SFC); And now the company launched its open platform for the public, through which Colombians can invest in assets such as bitcoin, ether, axie or tether from $10,000. Daniel Vogel, co-founder and CEO of Bitso, highlighted … Read more

Colombia’s number one banker isn’t afraid of the leading leftist candidate

Sarmiento Gutierrez oversees the country’s largest banking operation, Grupo Aval, and a $7 billion family fortune that ranks as one of the largest in all of Latin America. But Sarmiento, at least publicly, reveals little anguish over the outcome of this month’s vote. Soaring commodity exports are making Colombia the fastest-growing major economy in the … Read more