Hacked to show Brigadier J, Kejari Garut website is now disabled

Garut – The website of the Garut District Attorney’s Office (Kejari) that was hacked shows the body of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yoshua Hutabarat or Brigadier J disabled. This hack is also still under investigation involving the Criminal Investigation Police. “It is temporarily deactivated,” said Head of the West Java High Prosecutor’s Office (Kasipenkum) Sutan Harahap, as … Read more

EMPRESS announced the imminent start of beta testing of the hack Dying Light 2

© Burglar EMPRESS announced that beta testing of hacking will begin tomorrow Dying Light 2. Beta testing requires the latest version of the game. Those wishing to participate in the beta testing can write to her in qTox. Most likely, the beta testing of the hack will take several days as usual. Dying Light 2 … Read more

Summary of vivo V25 Series, the most bang, OIS camera, beautiful, hack, come for sure !!

It’s time to upgrade again. vivo V25 Series Welcome Mother’s Day month. Big set. Full of options. Upgrade the main camera, OIS, anti-shake, 4K shooting 50MP front camera, new luxury design, chopped AMOLED screen 90Hz, this is just the V25 5G model, there is still a Pro version in the queue to launch again. Well, … Read more

I tested DALL-E 2

Thanks to Fooohx, reader of Korben.info and support on my TwitchI tested artificial intelligence live this week DALL-E 2 in beta. For those who missed the phenomenon, DALL-E is an OpenAI project that is capable of producing images from a simple sentence. There last time, I spoke to you about Craiyon which does the same … Read more

The FBI is sounding the alarm. Huawei can hack into our nuclear arsenal

US television has revealed details of a wide-ranging investigation by the FBI and US counterintelligence services into the security risk posed by Chinese tech giants Huawei and ZTE to US national security. It is not clear whether the Chinese actually managed to intercept and decipher any part of the classified communication. Huawei denies that it … Read more

The tricks that some are devising to hack gas stations and refuel for free

Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas (Getty Images) Gasoline prices are at record highs, prompting a spate of thefts made out of fuel. But while some thieves go from car to car opening the tank cap and siphoning the precious liquid, other more sophisticated ones have found a way to refuel for free at service stations by directly … Read more

Bandai Namco confirms hack | CEtoday

Japanese gaming giant Bandai Namco has been the victim of a cyber attack. “Possibly” personal customer data was stolen, the company admits in a statement. The internal systems of several group companies in Asian regions are affected – with the exception of Japan. Bandai Namco has produced numerous popular video games, including “Elden Ring”, “Dark … Read more

Fortnite: everything that is known about the 21.20 update | hack | trick | apps | battle royal | EpicGames | Mexico | Spain | SPORT-PLAY

Fortnite update 21.20 is about to be released. For now, the patch is not yet available on the Epic Games servers and everything indicates that it can only be downloaded on Wednesday, July 6. In the meantime, we tell you what all the news that the update will bring to the island. The most commented … Read more

How even world-beaten car owners ruin a car engine in the heat – Life hack

The most banal “summer” story, with which you can hasten the death of the “engine” of your car – do not warm it up. Yes, we are aware that there are two main “sects” of motorists – adherents of warming up engine and adherents of the lack of need for it. Both groups usually make … Read more