Astringent message posted on Astrava power plant page, Belarus says hackers | Business

“Working in the UAE is dangerous! A tragedy can happen at any moment, “the message in Russian and English appeared on the official website of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. It states that the message was allegedly written by power plant employees, who take great risks in disseminating this information. “But that is the only … Read more

Hackers use Telegram to distribute and control malware

With over 500 million users, Telegram is being used by hackers to remotely distribute a new malware called “ToxicEye,” reports Check Point Research, which tracked over 130 attacks carried out with the popular application. Picture Telegram is used by hackers /123RF/PICSEL Telegram, a cloud-based messaging platform, enjoyed an upsurge in popularity this year due to … Read more

Hackers blackmail Apple ›ExtraService

The hacker group REvil managed to get into the servers of the Taiwanese Macbook manufacturer “Quanta“To hack. As a result, they succeeded in designing and manufacturing plans for several current and future ones Apple– Steal products. Including the circuit diagrams for the recently revealed iMac redesign. Now they are threatening to publish it on the … Read more

Apple Suppliers Attacked by Ransomware, Hackers Threaten to Spread MacBook Design – One of the suppliers Apple, How Much Computer, became the target of cyberattacks. The company was reported to have been attacked ransomware. This attack allegedly came from the group hackers (hacker) from Russia named REvil. Based on reports, groups hackers managed to “host” a number of documents containing the design schemes of Apple’s … Read more

Hacked Apple Data, Hackers Ask for Trillions Ransom

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Hacker managed to break into the system of one of the suppliers who became a business partner Apple and stealing important blueprint files including plans for the two latest laptops, the Macbook and the new Apple Watch. REvil tries to blackmail Apple after one of Apple’s business partners, Quanta Computer, refuses … Read more

Cybercrime – Hackers Blackmail Apple

Posted22 avril 2021, 22:11 Hackers demand a ransom of $ 50 million or they will continue to post unpublished stolen documents. The hackers coordinated their ransom demand with the marketing event hosted by Apple on Tuesday. via REUTERS The Russian group REvil has achieved a resounding coup. Its hackers have stolen engineering and manufacturing schematics … Read more

Hackers extorted US$50 million from MacBook foundry

Apple MacBook REvil, which has been doing evil many times recently, has made another move. This time the target is Quanta Computer, the main OEM of MacBook. According to reports, the amount of extortion is as high as 50 million US dollars, and the deadline is April 27th.according to BleepingComputer、The Record with Bloomberg According to … Read more

«It’s any hacker’s dream»: Doyen’s computer expert on Rui Pinto’s attack – Football Leaks

21 April 2021 – 12:08 Witness confirmed in court that email password lists and numerous files were stolen The cybersecurity consultant hired by Doyen, after undue access to the sports fund servers, confirmed this Wednesday in which court that email password lists and numerous files were stolen, advances the Morning mail. The witness, heard by … Read more

United States – Nintendo attacks Bowser and his group of hackers

Posted20 avril 2021, 07:58 The American branch of the video game giant has filed a complaint against an organization that sold solutions to hack the Switch. Nintendo has sold some 80 million Switches since 2017. Getty Images via AFP Cult character Mario pursues his nemesis Bowser in real life! Nintendo of America, the American branch … Read more

They report several vulnerabilities in WhatsApp that would be exploited by ‘hackers’ to access confidential user data

Published: 19 abr 2021 20:19 GMT To prevent the threat, it is urged to update the platform to the latest versions. The Computer Emergency Rescue Team of India (CERT-In) has warned WhatsApp users in the Asian country about vulnerabilities detected in the instant messaging platform, which could expose confidential data, informs The Indian Express newspaper. … Read more