Kratos hacks away in new God of War: Ragnarök gameplay video

With the impending release of God of War: Ragnarök, more details and images are slowly but surely appearing on the web. Currently mainly through Game Informer, as they have the magazine dedicated to the game this month. After having some details and screenshots before shared, we now have a new gameplay video for you. In … Read more

Home cleaning tricks | 10 things you can clean with baking soda | Hack | nnda nnni | ANSWERS

take advantage of this super hack. Each person has their methods, routines, and homemade tricks for home cleaning. However, there are many common ingredients that, in principle, are intended for a specific use, but that hide secret formulas and can be very useful for many other functions. We are talking about baking soda. So take … Read more

Australian hacks John Deere tractor software and uses tractor screen to game

The DefCon conference, which is held annually in Las Vegas and attracts security experts from all over the world, always guarantees spectacular hacks. Perhaps the most infamous is the act of the now deceased hacker Barnaby Jack, who in 2010 had ATMs spew out money. In 2015, two other experts showed they could remotely take … Read more

Belgian researcher hacks Elon Musk’s Starlink terminal

Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite system should one day bring the Internet to every part of the world, no matter how remote – cheap and fast. In order to receive this, you need a kind of satellite dish, the Starlink terminal. A Belgian security researcher has now hacked this for the first time, as the portal … Read more

KU Leuven researcher hacks SpaceX Starlink terminal

The vulnerability allows hackers to freely explore the network and install malicious code. SpaceX was informed and previously sent out a patch, but a completely new chip may be the only solution to close the leak. Lennert Wouters, researcher at KU Leuven, has created a hacking tool with which he can abuse Starlink terminals. He … Read more

With his hacks, Salzburger shows how easy it is to steal Teslas

04.08.2022 Barbara Wimmer The IT researcher Martin Herfurt cracked the unlocking and starting of Teslas via smartphone and NFC card. The Salzburg IT security researcher Martin Herfurt was originally a large one Tesla Fan. He has set up his own company IT-Wachdienst.comthrough which he offers IT security services, a Tesla Model 3 Bought as a … Read more

A hacker hacks the international star’s phone and publishes a picture of him completely naked

A professional hacker hacked the phone of David Frattisi, the star of the Italian national team and midfielder of Sassuolo, 22, and stole a nude picture of him, and then shared it through the Story feature on the player’s account on Instagram. Frattisi appeared in the picture completely naked, and he became aware after hours … Read more

“Hacks”, the successful HBO Max series, released the official trailer for the second season

The Emmy-winning series returns for Best Comedy. (HBOMax) The Adventures of Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) and Ava (Hannah Einbinder) were renewed for a second season after the success of its first installment and the awards it won at the Emmy. Hacks is a series about the catastrophic relationship between these two women, full of comedy, … Read more