Diving women’s three-meter springboard preliminaries Shi Tingmao tops Wang Han second, Canada takes 34th place

Original title: Shi Tingmao tops the women’s three-meter springboard preliminaries, Wang Han second, Canada takes 34th place On July 30th, Beijing time, the much-anticipated Tokyo Olympics entered the seventh competition day. In the preliminaries of the women’s single three-meter diving event held at the Tokyo Aquatic Center, many athletes made mistakes. Shi Tingmao ranked first … Read more

Song Jiang, Han Shaoxi, and Cai Zhongxie’s “The Unresistible Him” ​​are facing each other! Would you like to ride a bicycle sweetly, or cry on the famous Maserati? | Marie Claire

“The Irresistible” starring Song Jiang, Han Shaoxi, and Cai Zhongxie, has aired half of the show this week. The ambiguous relationship between Park Jae-yeon and Liu Nabi in the first half was clarified in the fifth episode. Liu Nabi, who didn’t want to be hurt anymore, decided to “turn off” temporarily to stay away from … Read more

18 years of grinding a sword and tears down the podium diving veteran Wang Han wins gold to prove himself | Sports

In the Tokyo Olympics women’s double three-meter springboard, the Chinese team Shi Tingmao/Wang Han won the gold without suspense. After the jump, the 30-year-old Wang Han cried with joy. For diving athletes, it is indeed not easy for Wang Han to enter the Olympic stage for the first time at the age of 30. After … Read more

Han Ji-hye breastfeeding, losing weight… It’s not easy to be a mother

[마이데일리 = 강다윤 기자] Actress Han Ji-hye shared her recent situation through her best friend Uhm Ji-won. In the MBC ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ broadcast on the 24th, Um Ji-won was shown calling Han Ji-hye on the way to a photo shoot. On this day, Han Ji-hye asked Uhm Ji-won, “What are you doing?” and … Read more

Song Kang and Han So Hee get a scare filming Nevertheless

As Nevertheless’s story continues to unfold, Song Kang and Han So Hee have fun filming and face unexpected things like this memorable scare. A visit to the preparations for the K-Drama It took everyone by surprise and both the cast and some of the staff reacted in amazement as they walked away, what was it … Read more

Park Jun-hyung ♥ Kim Ji-hye, 90 pyeong luxury Han River view house released ‘It’s wide enough to jump’ (all year)

Park Jun-hyung ♥ Kim Ji-hye, 90 pyeong luxury Han River view house released ‘It’s wide enough to jump’ (all year) 2021-07-23 21:21:31 [뉴스엔 김명미 기자] Park Jun-hyung and Kim Ji-hye’s luxury The house caught my eye. On the July 23rd broadcast of KBS 2TV’s ‘All Year Live’, the house of Park Jun-hyung and Kim Ji-hye’s … Read more

“I want to continue to be friends”… Han So-hee, ‘I know’ who is angry at Song Kang, who considers herself a ‘sexy’ (video)

JTBC ‘I know,’ [인사이트] Reporter Ji Mi-young = ‘I know,’ Han So-hee was angry at Song Kang, who only thought of her as a sex partner. In JTBC’s ‘I Know’, which was broadcast on the 17th, Yuna-bi (Han So-hee) and Park Jae-eon (Song Kang) were drawn in an invisible tug of war. On this day, … Read more

5 people including JTBC entertainment show Kim Yo-han – model Han Hye-jin confirmed in succession

Model Han Hye-jin © News1 Five cast members of JTBC’s ‘We Gotta Kick 2′, including athlete Park Tae-hwan and Mo Tae-beom, were diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). Model and broadcaster Han Hye-jin, who is appearing in SBS’ ‘Girl Hitting the Goal’, was also confirmed, and the broadcasting area was in a quarantine … Read more

Jeong Hyeong-don Han Yu-ra Seongbuk-dong Cafe Closing Day

Broadcaster Jeong Hyeong-don’s wife Han Yu-ra announced the closure of the cafe she was running. On the 10th, Han Yu-ra posted the last view of the cafe on her Instagram with the caption, “I have my last work today. Tomorrow our two pretty employees will have their last business.” Han Yu-ra, who has been running … Read more

‘I Know’ Song Kang X Han So-hee enters the game with a decisive inflection point

‘I Know’ Song Kang and Han So-hee’s romance hit a decisive point. JTBC’s Saturday Special ‘I Know’ (directed by Garam Kim, written by Jeongwon, produced by Beyond J Studio N, JTBC Studio/original Naver Webtoon), which aired on the 3rd (Author’s Emotion)) In episode 3, Park Jae-eon (Song Kang) and Yuna-bi (Han So-hee), who were in … Read more